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SkyDiving at Efes

It is an unexplainable feeling to open your arms from a height of 12.000 ft and float in the air. Trying to describe this feeling to you would be useless.

If you are wondering about this feeling, what you read, what you see may excite you up to a certain extent, but it is not possible to live that feeling closely even if the best writer writes about it. That's why I will tell you about the decision process, what I feel before and after the jump, and how and where you can do it if you want to jump.

To fly, to be high in the air has always been an exciting action. I think even the idea of getting on board of an airpalane and going somewhere is amazing. The traveling, seeing new places is not as exciting as the feeling of being in the air. As a action loving person, I have dared myself and experimented with anything that involves jumping from the air, including free fall. I enjoyed the bungee jumping, SCAD (free fall over 30 meters) and even the trapeze. Skydiving has always seemed a more difficult and distant dream.

How did I find myself looking at a view similar to the one of Google Earth from a tiny plane at 12.000 ft?

Last week, Ecemen has sent photos on whatsapp while jumping from the plane. I said: ‘’How is it possible? I want it too. I wanted to do this for years! Where is it done? ’’

I did not know that there was such a center within an hour from İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport in Turkey, and that skydiving would be that easy withan istructor, without going through any complex training. I was so excited. Everything was so sudden. We immediately formed a team: Ece, Hazalve and me. The tickets were bought, the place to stay was set. Our ultimate goal was Selcuk.


After this point, things were developing like this:

From İzmir Airport we came to Selçuk Efes. Ece has convinced us to explore around a little. Indeed, hanging out with the instructors, chating with people who make this adrenaline-laden action routine by jumping on regular bases, and watch their videos, prepared us psychologically for our jump. Looking at the world every day from a very different height must make the world of this people very beautiful (was I thinking) .The children running around, the cute little dogs, the students attending the course, the colorful parachutes, the stories told... The atmosphere was spectacular.


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