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Click the “Satellite” button for … Of those that crashed… �� � w !1AQaq"2�B���� #3R�br� There were two explosions as the aircraft began to disintegrate in the air and a third as it hit the ground. Crashed Great Dunmow En route to RAF Witchford. On the 28/29th April 1943 was a hugh 207 aircraft force on a ” gardening radish” mine laying %���� Searching for accurate location of Mitchell crash 30 August 1944 near Peper Harrow/Shackleford, not far from Godalming Surrey. Two gentlemen, a Mr John Arthur together with another gentleman who still lives in the Headley area, and who were youngsters at the time, separately claim categorically that a Wellington did come down on the heath on the night in question. The aircraft itself was reported as coming down near Headley Court and was burnt out. Forced landing at RAC Club (Woodcote) after repelling attack on RAF Kenley. Hi can anyone give me information on Russell Charles Denny ? Hi Derek, thank you for your enquiry. Click and drag to move the map around. Is there anyone out there who may have more information about this particular incident? 105344 DAT 115C Mawrth 2013 March 2013 MILITARY AIRCRAFT CRASH SITES IN … Great memories of playing in the Spitfire at Hooton. The Adobe does sound like a discription from what has been handed down but I have an open mind In the village of East Stockwith is a memorial to the crew. Use the slider or your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. I was shown the site many years ago by an eye witness to the crash but memory has faded. 2012/5 RHIF Y PROSIECT / PROJECT RECORD NO. Click Image to enlarge Hampden AD913 KM-K of 44 Squadron was airborne from Waddington at 20.45 on 2/9/1941, crewed by Sgts Knight (pilot),Spanner, J Stephens (sic) and Churchill, destined for Frankfurt. The 3 examples below are from early October 1940. Wreckage was often recovered and recycled, but sometimes an aircraft would hit the ground with such speed that it buried itself. While he was traning another pilot. Great site! Pilot baled out over Dorking, seriously wounded. Hi Martin, it is not a crash site I have visited – but maybe I need to, was not aware of it! Any chance this could have been a Spitfire with a Canadian pilot who crashed near combe, Woodstock? Wondered if anyone has any info on a crash that occurred on 27/08/1944 one mile n/w of Stowmarket in which my wife’s father was killed. I no longer have any family members who can remember. The crash site was close to Lampeter, Mid Wales. The fighter aircraft is buried around two metres below the seabed off the coast at Harlech in north Wales. Hurst says that a machine gun was found at the site in 1973. They will also often have social significance to local communities or the families and friends of aircrew. The grid reference is SJ764674, just North of the A535 and East of the A50. 21 Photographs of WWII Plane Wrecks & Crashes. I believe the Hampden crashed at Tyrrells Wood, not far from Headley Court.”. Does anyone know about this crash??? The 75th anniversary is looming and me being the Parish Chair for Birkin we are to erect a memorial to the flight crews at the crash site. I know that Uncle Arthur is buried in Holy Cross Churchyard in Taibach Port Talbot, his birthplace, with his mother and father. http://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-110/NJG1-Schnaufer.html. It crashed by the river chelmer great dunmow 20/3/1945. Ian. Any information will be gratefull received. My brother and I visited a plane crash site one evening in 1942. His nephew, Robert Elliott, has visited the site and said he was pleased the wreck had been scheduled. Was Flight Sergeant Denny a relative? Flight of Hampdens of 44 Squadron operation and because of low cloud base forced the aircraft to fly very low over the German and If you look on Google satellite maps, you can still make out the runways of what was RAF Blyton. Frederick Fraser. I feel inspired now to visit the crash site and add it to these pages. My father Cpl JR Matthews ran along the adjacent railway(Fraserborough to St Coombs)opened the hatch and pulled out the bewildered pilot. Archiving the history of Walcott-on-Sea, North Norfolk, at present researching plane crashes during WW2 I have researched the following B24 Liberator 29/4/44 [one killed the pilot] a Mosquito Bomber 13/9/44 [ all crew survived] and Whitley Bomber4/7/41 [all crew survived] I am sure there are more if any one can assist would be grateful. x��V�n1}_i����Q����H�P���VQ��@�JIHU��� e���VM@Z�9�3s�3�L��SN�"�4M8a����"V�)oӄ�>ާ�0��;�:�o��ˬ�2��;�%��q�|��Pv$�N�i�֣rKǥ�踥6� ��'��l��k^����YK�0�j[.ڠ�S�k��nȳ$���9�����p�Soj)èu��v��8�(�k� 5��6Ҿ܁B�N�r�&�qD The land owner who owns the field where it crashed had one of the propeller blades go up his potato harvester, still intact and with paint still on it.


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