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It may take up to a minute to process. But I've learned a lot from him, it was definitely worth the pain. Thinking. The reviews are spot on about what to expect but i dont think you will understand until the first day. Weak in Math?You wont pass. Sesil Agopcan Cinar, Asu Ziylan-Yavaş, Saron Catak, Nilsun H. Ince, Viktorya Aviyente. It wont help your GPA but you'll be a better engineer by several orders of magnitude. WP Carey is fantastic and the Barrett Honors College is recognized across the country. Always a party to go to and down-to-earth people to meet. The internet is solid across campus, and there are ample quiet study spaces. Teaching . Exclusive Member Benefits for Students and Alumni. Help guide your fellow classmates by giving them the inside scoop! Slight accent(greek). It may take up to a minute to be displayed on the site. If you use an ad blocker, we're not getting that revenue that helps keep up and running. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2017, 24 (22) , … Dr. Mikellides is hands down the best professor I've ever had. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. The acceptance rate at Arizona State University is 85%. 11 pages. Tempe is fantastic as well, a lot to do!! They'll do the same for you. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 39396. Be careful on campus sidewalks, particularly when on wheels, sidewalks are in a sorry state. I would just suggest more inclusivity for commuter students, as that lacks. Arizona State University is a Public 4 Year university located in Tempe, Arizona. Attend office hours! Great at teaching, but ruthless when it comes to grading and his expectations. Hard work pays off, Hands down the most difficult yet rewarding class I have ever had in my life. By far the toughest undergrad course you will take as an ME major. Only class I've ever failed. He expects you to KNOW what you are doing. Do your best to get into a good group otherwise your group will drag you down. Were these reviews useful? He is great at explaining the concepts. The action you're trying to take is only available to logged in users. Dr. M is a super friendly guy and expects you to think. He is a tough professor, but if you do the work, pay attention in class, and actually -try-, you will learn a ton. (35 Documents), TEL 431 - Learning in Workplaces I am actually an online student, the opportunities have been fantastic and the courses amazing! partial home work or even 99.9999 percent of the homework is 0 points. ASU is literally full of opportunities, you can't run out of things to do, theres always something going on and Tempe is such a fun place to be!! ASU has a lot of Top 30 programs and opportunities for students. He assigned tough homework assignments, sometimes more difficult than I personally felt necessary. (9 Documents). MathSoc, the students' society of the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, awarded me 1995-96 Instructor of the Year. Don't take any of his classes lightly, they are alot of work but you will learn TONS. I learned more about engineering from just this one class than I have in my first two years. It is important to establish a relationship with him. Socially, this school is amazing. The University clearly does not care about the safety of their students. Mikey cant tell a lie, so if he says this will happen it will, or if he says do this or that he means it. Internships available in the Phoenix area. Great weather. Work hard, show him that you care, and you will be ok. Great class, and great professor. ASU is what you make it. Really wants you to learn the material. Are you sure you want to delete this note? An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Instructors generally care about the students' success, many have lots of industry experience. All the times in class when he says "leave if you don't understand this" is correct. The other aspects there werent much to write home about, but safety is an ALL TIME LOW. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. I don't know a single person that passed that didn't goto office hours. Beautiful campus and great resources! Will spend the time you need to understand. There's lots of things to do in Tempe. Forks up bb, There is a place for everyone to feel at home. you need to know calculus as well as you know 2+2=4 (and he'll even tell you that) do not skip and do not procrastinate. Fall 2018. The professor exhibited a great enthusiasm for the subject. Don't head into his class expecting to coast, and if you are having trouble, go to his office hours. Although ASU has a reputation to be one of the biggest party schools, it's honestly well-known for a lot of its programs. He is not a good teacher, though. Be warned. W. P. Carey is the best academic college ngl. There is literally something for EVERYONE no matter who you are or where you're from! You will meet amazing people. The staff are SUPER helpful and way nicer than at UofA. Mikellides gives the best lectures, is a tough ass at times only to get the most out of his students. Hope you had a good semester.We're all counting on you. I learned more from him then the rest of my classes combined. This is written in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic. Thank you for submitting your note. Plenty of places to study and do homework, the two main libraries are great, etc. Claudiney Pereira is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. He is proud of a high failure rate. Extremely difficult class, but best professor I evere had. Was wary going into the class b/c of the horrible reviews but was surprised to find that all his coursework is... standard calculus. Best-in-class benefits to help you succeed today and tomorrow. That's all. quizzes are problems based on the homework and are normally right after you hand it in so KNOW the homework dont copy. I feel like more in class activities can help. If I could safety any lower, I'd rate it -1000! (21 Documents), TEL 300 - Cultural Perception Arizona State University Child & Adolescent Development TEL 315 - Fall 2010 Register Now TEL315 L6 Physical Domain- 5-Stage Design Process Worksheet (2).docx. He could be impatient with students at times, but overall was more than willing to help students without outright giving them the answers. He is one of my favorite professors. Being smart does not make you a good teacher. Ads can be annoying, but they allow us to provide you this resource for free. Thermo is the hardest class I've ever had to take. He is also a nonresident research associate of the Commitment to Equity Institute at Tulane University. Arizona State University go on to earn a starting salary of $38,300. I believe a good teacher wants their students to pass. 150 He made learning fun, and very rewarding. That is the fundamental of engineering. Some school costs/charges are ridiculou$ though so take > 12units for best value. Serious students can do well and earn scholarships. I didn't have to study for Thermo2 b/c He taught the fundamentals to solve anything. Thanos of the M.E majors He will wreck you and challenge you far beyond any other instructor. He expects a requisite amount of knowledge that all engineers should have and the fact that this vilifies him astounds me. Your note has been deleted. Petrolle, DianaMorenoSandovalCueponcaxochitl, katherine striplin, NA, trego, TEL 215 - Intro to Child&Adolescent Development, TEL 201 - Intro to Child&Adolescent Development, TEL 315 This class requires an enormous amount of hard work and dedication. But whatever you do, don't live at Sonora, it's dirty and in a bad location. (23 Documents), TEL 410 - Leadership and advocacy in ed Fall 2010, TEL 315 Not many homework assignments are given, but the ones he gives take forever. He blames students when MOST of the class fails and brags about having a high failure rate. He really is a great teacher, but it's a hard class that you cant half-ass if you want to pass. (47 Documents), TEL 101 - Teachers College Experience (87 Documents), TEL 215 - Intro to Child&Adolescent Development … Tend to know the University before judgement. (23 Documents), TEL 313 - 313 I feel like there is a lot of material in the class and we should have practice exams before we take the real exam to be honest with you I love the professor but i got a C in 313 which is Fluids and i am not happy with the C and school wont let me repeat so I have to take MAE242 in Tempe Campus.


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