winchester model 1895 serial numbers
It featured a non-detachable box magazine, which gives the 1895 its characteristic appearance. (1) The Winchester Model 1895 is able to function at a higher pressure not simply because of its box magazine, which my earlier post seems to state, but because of its whole design, of which the box magazine is but a part. If anyone knows more about that, I would appreciate the information. Why? (The same thing happened with the Model 1893 pump Barrel has been refinished, the remainder of the gun has not... Winchester 1895 .35 WCF caliber rifle. Barrel has 97-98% original blue. .30-06 Caliber (W10910). Most folks don't shoot varmits with an 1895, but, if you were so inclined, the .30-40 is easier-going in that role than the .30-06. Has a 28” barrel. Bore is excellent. The Model 1895, as then So, you are working with a rifle that, in repeated use, can safely handle the first end of production (c. 1940) with serial numbers around 426,000. You can always tell that it is a The design, however, remains the same, which is rear-locking. manufactured, was simply not up to the .30-06. Frame has 60% original blue. There were 6,000 Grade I (field grade) .30-06's, 1,000 High Grade .30-06's, Added to our showroom today is a restored Winchester Model 1895 in .30 U.S. headspace. (Cheek harder!) Barrel has 95% original blue. It is reported that an arms dealer in the 1950's bought 1895 carbines marked "7th Cavalry," which had been taken from Pancho Villa's men & stored in Mexico City for decades. Even Elmer Keith really liked it! | Friends of Billy Dixon You ask about pressure limits for the Made in 1903. As, Monday thru Saturday: 9am - 8pm These First Model, First Generation/Flatside Model 1895's are the weakest of all Other improvements included a two-piece firing pin Made in 1922. rifles before any of them are fired. Better steel was a key component. Bore has strong rifling with light frosting. The "Second Model, First Generation" takes in all the Model 1895's would handle the then "miracle" cartridge, the .30 Army/.30-40, The 1895 is top-ejecting, &, as a result, scope mounting must be to the side & can be awkward. Barrel has 95% original blue. .30-40 Krag (.30 U.S.). After about 7,200 Model 1895's were made, the slightly stronger scalloped receiver, which is the familiar one for the 1895, was introduced. Your email address will not be published. The chamber in the Ruger is just a tad tighter than in the well-used 1903 production Model 1895 .35 Winchester. The barrel has 90% of the finish. carefully examined, especially for headspace, by a gunsmith familiar with such So, I had a .270 rebored & rechambered to .35 Whelen. Rear sight is a Lyman peep sight. The .405 Winchester in the modern persuasion is an excellent rifle. | Wood is... Winchester Early 1st Year Winchester 1895 Flatside .30-40 (AW47). Barrel has 90% of the original blue. Model 1890 Model … alteration of the receiver from a flat sided configuration to the very familiar It comes in both flat point & semi-spitzer. Mr. When Winchester made the originals of these big levers - the Model 1895, the Model 1886, the Model 71 - was there a conscious decision to make the chambers just a tad generous? (2) The Brownings appear to have a bit more accurately dimensioned chambers. In the great rush to get to market with a repeater that alterations - I shall leave it at that, as the debate has raged hot & heavy There are lots of interesting corners to poke around in for those interested in the 1895's. Bore is excellent. (9) The .30-40 at SAAMI 40,000 cup offers a substantial pressure margin, when compared with the .30-06 at 50,000 cup. Again, anecdotal word is that .30-06 and .270 users who employ standard pressure You did not mention the caliber, but based on the barrel length and contour, it is most likely a 30 U.S. (30/40 Krag). U.S. Winchester 1897 manufacture dates. (I own, use, & like both; I am speaking of very subtle comparative advatages.) Some of those rifles were going to knock around for months in canoes up in the Canadian North. Number Produced . Please be very careful with high Made in 1926. Anecdotal evidence is that Second Generation .30-06 users have had no Scarce .40-72 caliber gun. to taking Browning's brilliant conceptual models (often supplied to Winchester fluted side) Model Generation. Repeating Arms Co.  If you were given any 1895 of your choice, which caliber would you choose and why? Over steel, but that caution and moderation were in order, because the design Ken Waters did extensive load development with a Second Generation High Your email address will not be published. A total of 100 1895's were sent to the Philippines, tested there, & deemed inferior (for military use) to the Krags. T. Riekers Sporting Agency & Gun Works | Steve's The .30-40 also is a rimmed cartridge, with the accompanying headspacing advantages. Has 24” barrel. His gunsmith provided a tight, very accurately dimensioned chamber; the original chamber was, in comparison, sloppier. I vacillate between the 30-40 and the 30-06, but I've read that the 30-06 can stick in the action. Total production of Model 1895's is stated to be 426,754 - as always, give or take a few thousand. always, Winchester used up available parts, so you may see a Flatside with a something in the 44,000-45,000 psi range. There were various custom options, as was usual with Winchester at that time, but fewer than with, say, the Model 1886's. Approximately 95% original finish with some field wear. I strongly advise that any First Generation Frame is light brown to gray patina with mottled specs of blue... Winchester 1895 .30-40 caliber rifle. The .303 British was added in 1898 & sold quite well in Canada. Sunday: 10am - 6pm Early flat side variation. Fundamentally, the length of the unsupported bolt was too long. There were some "kinks." labeling, but made by Miroku in Japan, as were the Second Generations. Much, perhaps most, of the early sporting use of the .30-06 was in Model 1895's. It is, however, absolutely not the same action as the 1894. This is the "Second Model." (4) When Winchester/USRAC/Miroku made 1895's in .270 Winchester in the 1990's, I was not interested in a chambering that was (1) unoriginal and (2) for an excellent long-range cartridge that would benefit greatly from the scoping that the 1895's top ejection made awkward. One bad guy shooting from behind a large pine tree was drilled through the gizzard by a military "solid" round that shot through the tree. Octagon barrels are very rare in 1895s and .38-72 caliber is one of the rarest in Winchester 1895s. Bearing serial number 8764, this legendary lever-action rifle was originally shipped in 1915. Winchester, and, most recently, in several runs of .405 Winchester. I recommend this conversion highly. The Model 1895 carbines were the "official" longarm of the famed Arizona Rangers. Made in 1925. The rifle was designed around it. Very nice sharp gun and a scarce takedown variation. This was the first sporting rifle for a smokeless cartridge in America. A well-used original can be "tired" - with headspace issues, wider chambering (both of which stretch cases; the former of which can be dangerous), possible holes drilled for old offset scope mounts, internal rust, stock alterations, cracks, or general wear, etc. (i.e., .30-40 Krag  / .30 Army). The side sight has been added. Number Produced. With the complete serial number, the date of manufacture can be determined. I have experienced this same thing myself, as I had a Ruger No. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button. 1895's has never been perfectly agreed upon. These are the current production Model 1895's, put out by USRAC, with Winchester Simpler mechanism; less to go wrong. Again, speaking personally, I think that the pick of the litter among the 1895 revivals is the 1984 Browning .30-40. All model 1873's manufactured after serial number 525923 are considered modern and are subject to all the BATF Federal guide lines including back ground checks. Eventually, this led to excessive Frame has 85% original blue. Very good overall condition with sling. In re-reading the above I believe I should make a few corrections & additions. Bore has... Winchester 1895 .30-40 Krag caliber rifle. These are questions & speculations only. Other cartridges were introduced, as follows: the .35 WCF (1903), which is a grossly underrated & highly effective big game cartridge, the .405 Winchester (1904), which gets the lion's share of the press (pun intended), the .30-03 (1905), & the .30-06 (1908). Ken Waters wrote an excellent article on the Browning .30-40 for "Handloader" in 1985; it is worth looking up. locking of the bolt was completely at the rear, as opposed to about two-thirds (11) Though the .30-40 is not a big bear cartridge, neither is the .30-06. This example came to us in 2015 for restoration work, and has since been a popular attraction among our show rifles. The changes made, which converted the "First Model, First Generation"/Flatside


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