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Specific obstacle designs may vary by course and by year. The second suggestion is that young men would go to neighbouring villages, steal other men’s wives to marry themselves. Which looks more appetizing....the chest or the cereal? Additional information is available on wife-carrying.org. Wife Carrying originated in Finland, and its history is based around the 19th century legend of Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen, or “Ronkainen the Robber.” There are three stories as to how the sport was created. All rights reserved. (AP Photo/David Keyton), FINLAND’S ENTIRE GOVERNMENT RESIGNS AFTER BREAKDOWN OF AGREEMENT ON WELFARE STATE REFORM. Wife Carrying 2016 – Australian Champions: Adrian and Amanda Betts, 2007 – Australian Champions: Anthony Partridge and Angela Moore, 2019 - Olivia and Jerome Roehm (Delaware), 2009 - Matt Evans carrying Jatinder Gill (the prize was their combined weight in beer - 120 kg), 2013 - Mike Witko carrying Lindsey Finn (Mike went on to take 3rd place carrying Hattie Archer in the World Championships in Finland), 2015 - Jonathon Schwochert carrying Charlotte Xiong (this race also saw Joel Hicks carrying "Tiny Tina" a male friend in drag who was 7'4" and 22 stone), 2016 - Jonathan Schwochert carrying Charlotte Xiong (this race saw Joel Hicks carrying two wives simultaneously but coming last), 2017 - Jack McKendrick carrying Kirsty Jones, 2018 - Chris Hepworth carrying Tanisha Prince, 2019 - Chris Hepworth carrying Tanisha Prince, North American champions Ehrin and April Armstrong were featured as guests on a first season episode of. Margo Uusorg and Sandra Kullas hold the world record time for this competition, finishing the 253.5-metre course in 56.9 seconds in 2006. Outfit It is preferable to wear clothes which won’t be stripped off in full speed running and which are easy to hold on to. North American Wife Carrying Championship Founded in 1999 at Sunday River Resort in Maine, the North American Wife Carrying Championship has been held annually in mid-October at this location ever since. Happy days :-), Normally I don't put my wife by herself on my Flickr pages, but I have run out of photos of myself until this weekend:>), Juna Artistic Tattoo Exclusive Tallulah Tattoo for TlalliTlalli Event, Taxi♥: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MAGNETIC%20II/57/96/26, blog♥: goukislash.blogspot.com/2020/06/my-bewitching-wife.html, music ♥ : www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr8GBzTsWqM. Can you maneuver through the water hazard? The entry fee is $25 per couple which includes Official Wife Carrying t-shirts. maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MAGNETIC%20II/57/96/26, goukislash.blogspot.com/2020/06/my-bewitching-wife.html. Dave and Lacey Castro. Paulina Dedaj is a writer/ reporter for Fox News. Life The wife carrying is an attitude towards life. Carry-Thee Contest in Clarksville, TN - August 17, 2019, Iowa Wife Carrying Championship - October 26, 2019, Canada Wife Carrying Championships, Lac La Biche, Alberta - August 2020. The contestants have to pay attention to the instructions given by the organizers of the competition. North American courses are typically run on uneven ground with some level of elevation change. Plus the top three teams get medals. For our event, we give away the wife's weight in beer, and 5 times her weight in cash. These are the following rules set by the International Wife Carrying Competition Rules Committee: While the International rules are the basis for all competitions, rules and prizes do vary for each competition. How the wife is carried is the competitors' choice, though most use the "Estonian carry" where the female participant holds the male around the waist and tightens her legs around his neck, thereby freeing his hands. The North American Wife Carrying Championship is a U.S. They push their way persistently forward, holding tightly, generally with a twinkle in the eyes. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. Trademark 85775335 and used here by permission. "After the second obstacle I thought I wouldn't make, but it's a great result," Kirkliauskas said, adding, "my wife, she is the best. Fresh air and Sunday morning coffee under the porch with my very cute and beautiful wife. Teammates are not required to be legally married. 2018 - Vytautas Kirkliauskas (Lithuania) and Neringa Kirkliauskiene (Lithuania), 65.1 seconds. However, the most popular is the Estonian Carry in which the wife hangs upside-down with her legs around the husband's shoulders, holding onto his waist. Canon 30D, timed remote, and Tom's Tripod. The fastest two teams from the qualifying round then compete head-to-head in a final heat. The track has two dry obstacles and a water obstacle. Looks like she knows what's best once again and I should have worn for Saturday night in Manchester but I thought it was too short. Voigtländer Nokton Classic VM 35mm f/1.4 MC II + Fujifilm X-E3. Because the final heat is determined by time, qualifying teams do not necessarily have to win their initial heat. The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. REGISTER TODAY!!! Last time we came down to Port Alma and the reason for today's trip is that much of the edge of the road was lined with massive quantities of pink tinged salt in strange formations and was quite a fascinating sight. Ecorun India, a society for creating environmental awareness organized Wife Carrying Race in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, Asia on 1 January 2011. A Bollywood movie named Dum Laga Ke Haisha had "wife carrying race" in its backdrop. Wife carrying in Asia is also called matukinina. Eroticism You can sense the excitement in the air during the wife carrying competition. She also has black body painting as a expression of sorrow. Bezoek bij een familie gekleed in de traditionele kledij van de Chimbu-stam. We couldn't grout this weekend just gone, as we were busy seeing Electra on Saturday, and then we went to my folks late Saturday night so we could spend Sunday with the family for my mum's Birthday. The popularity of wife carrying races has spread outside Finnish borders, with national competitions held in Australia, Poland, England and the United States. Giving away their day off? Get ready, carriers and wives! The race format varies slightly from the World Championship in that there is no minimum weight limit for the wife, and the winner is determined by a head-to-head final race rather than being determined only by the finishing time in the competitor's initial round.Additionally, the North American course is run on uneven ground with elevation changes, as compared to the World course, which is predominantly flat. Some other tools known to be beneficial are a bunch of birch switches, swimming glasses and swimming slippers. The weight of the female contestant plays an important role in the competition as the winners get to bring home the wife's weight in beer. The list below is the official set of rules and regulations for the North American Championship and are followed by most state and regional qualifying events. Organizers say male contestants could "steal a neighbor's wife" if they don't have a female companion. The amount of beer the winner receives is determined not by a scale but by putting beer on one end of a teeter totter and the “wife” on the other until it balances. The first modern day wife carrying event was held in Finland in 1992 and foreign contestants were admitted in 1995. To prove their worth, men had to compete through a difficult course with a heavy sack (or woman grabbed from neighboring villages) on their back. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Must be 21 to enter. The fastest two teams from the qualifying round then compete head-to-head in a final heat. 1997 – Jouni Jussila (Finland) and Tiina Jussila (Finland), 65.0 seconds. [2], Wife carrying contests have taken place in Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, India, Germany, the UK and other parts of the world besides Finland and nearby Sweden, Estonia and Latvia, and the sport has a category in the Guinness Book of Records.[3][4][5]. ", Lithuanian couple Vytautas Kirkliauskas, right, and Neringa Kirkliauskiene celebrate their victory in the wife carrying race, a 278-yard obstacle course, during the 24th world championships in Sonkajarvi, Finland, Saturday, July 6, 2019. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. Helmets are not required for the carried competitor. The wife carrying is good for your relationship. But today, not only did we start out in a pea souper of a fog, the first this winter, got trapped by the roadworks on both this and later the main highway south but, apart from the salt already won as depicted in the shot, all of the roadside formations and real pillars of salt had entirely disappeared. If your style is “the wife dangling upside down”, you have better to remember that in the water pool the wife’s head is likely to go under the water. I wonder what happens if there is a lot of rain, does the salt get dissolved and run back to the ponds and they start all over again?


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