why did shamal infect hibari
Uninterested, Hibari calmly strikes down the first Blizzardroids that attack him using a Cloud Flame-enhanced chain shot out from his tonfas, much to Adelheid's surprise. According to Fuuta's ranking in the fanbook, he is ranked 1st in the Mafia to be able to protect his village even if a monster appears. In Reborn! He has a deep connection with animals, though, which shows not so much a more sensitive side but an ability to be compassionate and kind that is simply not directed at people. It wasn't until Gokudera freed him that he was able defeat both Chikusa and Ken, Mukuro's subordinates, and finally Rokudo Mukuro as well having received the cure for the sakura disease. Katekyo hitman REBORN! Hibari's skill was acknowledged by Mukuro, who took advantage of his Vertiginous Cherryitis in order to easily defeat the Disciplinary Committee chairman. Dying Will Flame Underground information Unconcerned with the ring, Hibari was more interested in fighting with Dino and took off with him for a training journey [7]. 58 kg[1] character CD, debuting in ninth place in the Oricon charts. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls. He has full confidence in his own strength and power, and dislike to work together with anybody due to feeling bind and restrained, making him refuse or won't easily take suggestions from others into consideration. Back in the future, Hibari and Dino faced off against Daisy at Namimori High. Shamal stumbled back, surprised as Hibari continued his onslaught. He then has Roll go into Needle Sphere Form and the copies inside the castle grow and shatter it. The two were evenly matched, though Genkishi gained the advantage when Hibari had no more rings to spare. He has an odd serenity to him that balances the violence and a malevolence in his composure. His catchphrase "I'll bite you to death!" Athena Asamiya | His pride is Namimori Middle's Disciplinary Committee and the iron hammer for those who are against its order. Both are shown to be close together in the future as well. He was confident when Jager was unable to short warp his weapon, but this proven to be. Ten Years Later Real 6 Chouka, Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Statistics Hibari(Katana) All RacesDMG: 13 Delay: 190 Lv. After being sent back to the past to train, the Guardians meet Giotto, who revealed that the 10th Generation Guardians had yet to inherit the true power of the Vongola. character CD, debuting in ninth place in the Oricon charts. DS Ore ga Boss! ", Hibari was instructed by Dino on how to ignite his ring during his ring conflict tutelage. Dino thinks of him as a reliable Guardian for Tsuna. Character Card Game/Volume 4, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Though often unsuccessful, he is always seen hitting on one woman and then instantly moving on to flirt with the next woman that passes by him. 169 cm[1] Behind the scenes information Hibari is a young man with an average height and short black hair with a fringe that joins at the center of his face. Student of Hanzō National Academy Saikyō Family Taisen. Hibari is one of the main protagonists from the Senran Kagura video game series. Birthday character CD, debuting in ninth place in the Oricon charts. Her outfit is reminiscent of a student in gym class. Despite facing a more experienced opponent, Hibari forced Dino to take their battle more seriously. Katekyō Hitman Reborn! On November 7, 2007, a character CD entitled "Sakura Addiction," featuring Mukuro and Hibari, was released, and became the most successful Reborn! Kyoya Hibari (雲雀 恭弥, Hibari Kyoya) He uses a pair of collapsible steel tonfas as a weapon (the tonfas also have hidden compartments containing spikes and a grapple).Kyoya is the leader of the Discipline Committee, or Prefects, who all happen to be a group of delinquents loyal to Kyoya. Reborn is even able to quell Hibari's rage by using the possibility of him fighting Mukuro again. He inherits many traits from his mother, and is half-italian and half-japanese. Despite seeming flighty and lewd, Shamal can be serious and cunning when the situation calls for it. His hair is also shorter, having been cut to appear messier, and with hardly any fringe. He agreed to do as much in exchange for Ryohei never asking him to join the boxing club again. As Adelheid revives her Blizzardroids again, Hibari quickly defeats them and continues trying to break the castle, but Reborn comments that if Hibari continues at this pace he would run out of stamina. He strives to pay them back as soon as possible. wrong when Jager short warp and appear behind Hibari, dodging Hibari's Vongola Gear. – Inflicted with diseases that individually could kill him, but combined they cancel out each other…which is why he’s still alive and lives for the moment Zodiac sign Identification Hibari was featured on the cover of the eighteenth volume, the volume number being the same as his shorthand. However, they are shown to have a closer relationship in the future, as Kusakabe addresses Hibari by the nickname 'Kyo-san' and Hibari addresses Kusakabe with the nickname 'Tetsu'. He had fought unconsciously against Mukuro towards the end of their fight and was so broken and weak that Mukuro could not use his possessed body to fight Tsuna despite the fact Hibari had overpowered him with it himself [4][5]. Hibari, cannot accepting the result and still want to fight, destroys his own Boss Watch and thus eliminates Team Fon from the Representative Battle. Later, during Reborn's trial of leadership, Hibari was defeated by Reborn (along with the rest of the Vongola Guardians).


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