who killed kieran in scream season 2
I had to be careful. The killer respond by slicing his throat. Kieran says: "All right. Tommy Jenkins. Last season, everyone thought that Kieran was the killer. Piper and Kieran's killing spree made Maggie guilt-ridden, both because she knew she have a part at turning Piper into a bloodthirsty killer and because she indirectly hurt her beloved daughter Emma. I think it's worked out rather well. And they teased that a few times this season with dream-sequence deaths and stabbings. Ghostface His words "who told you that you can wear my mask?" Video Games This killer appears as a major antagonist in season 1 and the secondary antagonist of season 2 and the Halloween special. Well, this is the finale episode and the Scream killer can have more fun with them if they are not being held for murder at a police station. It may be the most unlikely hypothesis of all, but if we stop to analyze the whole situation we can understand that Gustavo was Kieran's accomplice all season. The big reveal for Season 2 of Scream was now official. This explains why he had no love for Kieran and stabbed him in prison to death for stabbing Brooke (and the pact between them was that Brooke would not be harmed), and Gustavo feeling betrayed eventually killed him. The showrunners tipped me off. Of course, between the first and second season, things changed. Killing Kieran was her way to fix the mistakes she did. Piper Shaw | So are you gonna tell me who you are?" Scream’s Big Reveal: [SPOILER] Is The Season 2 Killer https://t.co/hfW4FXuGfI pic.twitter.com/Sjct1ARTBO, — MTV Pop Culture (@MTVPopCult) August 17, 2016. Frame Brandon James for the murders of the high school teenagers. The big reveal for Season 2 of Scream was now official. Kieran Wilcox is a main character in Scream only to be a member on the lakewood six. The killer about to kill Kieran’s cell guard. Next up will be an October Scream special featuring two previously unaired episodes of the drama. It's funny not to know, to be back in that boat of not knowing. However, when they grew up, both fell in love with Maggie Duval. Roman Bridger | They did four installations and then a season of the show. ALL HAS BEEN CONFIRMED AND I’VE NEVER FELT LESS SAFE. Kieran managed to shoot his cousin Eli (Sean Grandillo) and hurt Emma, but Emma and Audrey eventually overpowered him during the attack. #MTVScream pic.twitter.com/eXL6LkcFC6. Have you seen any fan theories that hit close to the truth? As the father of Emma Duval and husband of Maggie Duval, he wanted to get even with the person who almost killed his daughter on one hand, and frame Brandon James for being his love rival on the other hand. But there's been a lot of suspicion that Kieran is not totally innocent. Luther Thompson | Type of Villain I was ecstatic. Eli lunges at Kieran, but Emma shoots him. THR chats with the season-two killer. Then there was the part of the Scream Season 2 finale episode where Kieran got a phone call in jail and someone told him he/she was mad that he was using “his mask” for their escapade.


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