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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We see you got an education from a poor hoody area of Cali. This aint a situation where a white cop who’s face is barely shown in the media who killed a black teenager. – CONAN Daily, Cecily Aguilar biography: 13 things about Aaron David Robinson’s girlfriend – CONAN Daily, Keon Devonte Aguilar biography: 13 things about Cecily Aguilar’s husband – CONAN Daily, Aaron David Robinson’s girlfriend Cecily Aguilar appears before Texas judge via Zoom; Vanessa Guillen found? His picture been up WTF are talking about Racist. They said Robinson killed himself as officers moved in to arrest him late Tuesday night . First take a breath and calm down, because you seem to be full of hate for the African American race. And the implicit threats about “one way to deal with your type” is exactly what I would expect from cowards like you, You will never actually rise up so the rest of us can deal with YOUR type once and for all. In October 2017, he joined the Army as a combat engineer. [11] On June 23, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, in whose district the Guillén family resides, met with Fort Hood officials to discuss the ongoing search for Guillén. She was arrested near Fort Hood and faces one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence. KILLEEN, Texas (WLS) -- Investigators believe Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen, who has been missing since April, was killed by a fellow soldier from Calumet City. Vanessa Guillen did not deserve this!". US Army CID announces one military suspect is deceased after taking his own life yesterday in Killeen, Texas, and a civilian suspect has been arrested by the Texas Rangers in connection with the disappearance of Pfc. Here are 13 facts about the Calumet City native: (This is a developing story. Guillen's family said through attorney Natalie Khawam said the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Division told her Robinson cleaned up the area where Guillen was killed, placed her body in a container and wheeled her out to his car. The Calumet City native entered the Army in October 2017 and was a combat engineer. I am a proud mexican american and I wont let this become a race issue, it’s a misogyny in the military and abuse of power issue. Jordan, Were there cameras near where the young soldier worked? Authorities said Robinson was from Calumet City… He was a person of interest in the disappearance of. Look at Aaron Robinson, he didn’t formulate a plan. Follow our live coverage of the unprecedented 2020 U.S. election here. He was primitive black male, rape and no game plan. ... Robinson, of Calumet City, Illinois… Authorities said that 20-year old Aaron David Robinson of Calumet City pulled a gun and shot himself as police were trying to make contact with … Go. You look like a fool…AND Eddie De is right. The media refuses to put his picture up because he’s black. COVID-19 Tracker: What We Know About the Virus in DFW and Around Texas, Officials Ask for Public's Help Locating Two Missing Henderson County Children, Copyright © 2020 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. [20] In the early hours of July 1, 2020, Killeen police located and attempted to make contact with Robinson, who produced a handgun and killed himself before he could be taken into custody. Now you shamelessly use this incident to spew a message of hate when men of all colors rape women. And besides, soon as that pen left the military contract, the government owns them. – Robert Kennedy. Open your eyes and people will see they are in it for themselves and are willing to fuck over people. IL reports 6,516 new COVID-19 cases, 68 deaths, Reward up to 20K in death of East Chicago girl, 8, hit by stray bullet, Judge orders mail inspectors to ensure 'no ballots left behind', How to watch 2020 election coverage from ABC7, Trump, Biden make final stops in presidential race; Election Day arrives, Joe Biden starts Election Day with visit to son's grave, Indiana 2020 live presidential election results, RELATED: Army officials disputes claims Vanessa Guillen was sexually harassed before her disappearance. Few, if any, of his predecessors can match his contributions to the common good. Vanessa Guillen at Fort Hood in a case that’s captured national attention. Aguilar was arrested by Texas Rangers and held at the Bell County Jail. It’s sick how the racists come on here and act like they give a flip about anything other than hate. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. What all you people need to do is stop the hate and racism. The girlfriend of a soldier from Calumet City appeared before a judge Monday on charges she helped him dismember and bury a female soldier he killed with a hammer on an Army base in Texas. It’s amazing in 2020 idiots think they can still sexual assault women and get away with it! Guillén was last seen around 1:00 p.m. on April 22, 2020, in the parking lot of her unit, the Regimental Engineer Squadron Headquarters of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment (3CR). Women are not protected enough in the military. It’s just sad his cowardly punk ass took his life and left the dummy, Cecily, to take the fall all by herself. Go to the FBI statistics if you want to continue to be ignorant of that fact. Spriggs is almost certainly out Sunday, though Ifedi could be cleared if he progresses through the return-to-play protocol. Robinson fled the Fort Hood military base on June 30, 2020. The roach that killed that young lady was not only a degenerate but a coward that hid behind a uniform, just like many of those brainwashed uniform nothings that patrol the streets in this country. Have kids they don’t support or take care of! Guillén had been missing since April 22 when some of her dismembered remains were found buried along the Leon River on June 30. Authorities said Robinson was from Calumet City, Ill. and joined the Army in … What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on. You’re a horrible American…. The Army named Aaron David Robinson, 20, of Calumet City, Illinois, as a suspect during a press conference Thursday. Late Wednesday afternoon, the Mexican American Legislative Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives announced on Twitter that over 50 bipartisan Texas legislators are calling for a congressional investigation into Guillen’s disappearance and increased transparency from Army officials. I TOLD U N TOLD EVERYBODY THEY DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT NOBODY! There’s no reason to put down any race, because at the end of the day, we all live together in this world. Know about breaking news as it happens. FBI: Girlfriend helped Calumet City man dismember, bury missing female soldier in Texas Army Spc. Negros are NOT “people”. I don’t mean that in an abusive form for real, u just fit the definition. Aaron Robinson in Illinois. On July 2, Bell County officials stated Aguilar would be transferred to federal custody due to being charged with one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence by the United States Attorney's Office Western District of Texas. The other, Robinson’s alleged girlfriend, 22 … [3], Later that evening around 8:30pm, authorities re-interviewed Cecily Anne Aguilar, a local area woman who was the estranged wife of a soldier at Fort Hood. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A second term would bring more of the same. But, she deserves all that she gets because if you show me a body, I’m reporting you right then!!! [3][19] The area had previously been searched by Texas Rangers, detectives, and cadaver dogs on June 20 after a burn mound was discovered nearby. I don’t even get on these site because of hateful people, but when kids are reading these comments and crying I had to see what was going on! [19] Aguilar told police that Robinson told her about killing a female soldier on Fort Hood. Guillen’s remains were found on the riverbank June 30. But Foles has had tougher sledding — facing top-5 defenses with a short-handed offensive line, for starters. I know, because I searched for him hours after her remains were found. The truth hurts, and own to the facts. Christopher Columbus was a murderer and a rapist,so I guess he was human? Miller said it appeared the suspect "buried her, put lime on her, mixed up concrete, put that over her, put dirt over her, rocks and stuff.". My point: Funny how white people like you sit back and point the finger, “see, look at these violent black people” when you created and continue to maintain the oppressive racist conditions that a lot of black men find themselves in today. "My mother’s in bed with pills. The U.S. Come on cyber thug, or should I say COWARD!!! 13% of a population commits 53% of national crimes? [3] Tim Miller, Director of Texas EquuSearch, stated that it was the most sophisticated burial site he had ever seen. How about when your white forefathers were raping black women and young girls then killing them on the spot if they dared to fight back. Aaron David Robinson. Vanessa Guillen", "Calumet City Soldier Aaron David Robinson Was Main Suspect In Murder Of Fellow Soldier Vanessa Guillen", "Salma Hayek uses social media to find missing US Army soldier Vanessa !!! If you want to know the truth, then just wait for it. All rights reserved, pleaded for information from investigators. Not a race issue! The Female not supposed to be in military beside medical staff. Cecily Aguilar, 22, a civilian, told investigators Robinson asked her to help hide a body. Vanessa Guillén was a 20-year-old U.S. Army soldier who was murdered on April 22, 2020, inside a Fort Hood, Texas, armory by another enlisted soldier, Aaron David Robinson, age 20. Election Day also is National Sandwich Day and several restaurant chains are offering discounts and specials on Tuesday. Epstein and Weinstein are Jewish. According to the complaint, Robinson had enlisted Aguilar to help him dispose of Guillen's body after he bludgeoned Guillen with a hammer at Fort Hood. Soooooooooo, white people like you go over and enslave a race; transport them thousands of miles across an ocean in deplorable conditions; sell them into slavery to help build your country; start a civil war to keep them enslaved (which you lost BTW)–after they have been freed you do everything in our power to keep them oppressed and in a state of poverty such as segregation; poor funding for education in black communities; targeting affluent and middle-class black neighborhoods for destruction during the building of the Interstate Highway System; developing local zoning regulations and land-use policies that have kept white neighborhoods white and black neighborhoods black (and poor); police racial profiling; a justice system that’s significantly harsher on black defendants than white ones for the same crime; a probation and parole system that promotes recidivism; discrimination against blacks in hiring; signed gansta rap artists during the late ’80s and ’90s to destroy the positive vibe of true Hip Hop; flooded the black community with drugs like cocaine in the ’80s, etc. THEM THERE CREEPY HORNY He was accused of sexually assaulting Guillen. [4], On July 6, 2020, at city hall in Richmond, California, a memorial of candles along with tea lights spelling out “Vanessa” were displayed in front of a make shift altar. If People Can't Wear Masks For Medical Reasons, What Can They Expect From Businesses? [24] The mural portrays her with the flags of both the United States and Mexico, the latter due to her Mexican American ethnicity. Stand tall Hispanic America, These people don’t want you around any more then they want us around! "Por mucha precaución, nos hemos asegurado de que nuestra Guardia Nacional esté simplemente en un estado de preparación", dijo Pritzker. At 1:17 a.m. on July 1, 2020, Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace Garland Potvin, according to Killeen Police Department News. He snuffed out a young girl who wanted to serve her country and the media will probably paint him a misunderstood victim of RaCiSm. At the request of law enforcement, Aguilar placed a controlled telephone call to Robinson, who said "baby they found pieces" and texted Aguilar multiple news articles, to which he never denied anything in response. Before Guillén went missing, she had told her family that she was being sexually harassed by an unnamed sergeant at Fort Hood,[11] and that complaints by other female soldiers made against him had been dismissed.


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