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Accommodation. 0m over spillway Any photos taken while driving or walking will only show a tiny part of it. During the wet season the gates open to allow the flood waters to pass through, whilst limiting flooding of adjacent agricultural land. All of our Lake view villas are air-conditioned with ensuites in all bedrooms. Adults: $154 Seniors: $149 Child: (3-15yrs) $99, Returns: Adults: $330 Seniors: $325 Child (3-15yrs): $225, Price: 1 Bedroom with Ensuite (Sleeps 2 people) Ensuite, kitchenette, living and dining private deck overlooking Lake Argyle, Rates: [1], Water levels in Lake Argyle fluctuate annually by about 3 metres (9.8 ft) but those in Lake Kununurra and its associated wetlands are kept constant except for short periods when levels are lowered to control weed growth. Powered Clean amenities & laundry BBQ and Camp Kitchen, Rates: [1], The diversion dam on the Ord River was completed in 1963 as the first stage of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme. The current farmed area of approximately 12,500 hectares will possibly increase to 45,000 hectares. [9], In 1996, the spillway wall was raised by 6 metres (20 ft), which doubled the dam's capacity. The Kununurra Diversion Dam was built on Bandicoot Bar and was designed to divert water from the Ord River onto the Ivanhoe Plain for irrigation. Powered site fee: $11.00 per site Per night: Adult: $18.50 Children (3-15yrs): $9.00 Family: $17.00/Adult and $8.50/Child Please contact us for large group booking, Rates: [3], List of reservoirs and dams in Western Australia, "Information Sheet on Ramsar Wetlands: Lakes Argyle and Kununurra", Lakes Argyle and Kununurra Ramsar Site – map, Coorong and Lakes Alexandrina and Albert Wetland, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lakes_Argyle_and_Kununurra_Ramsar_Site&oldid=973472019, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 August 2020, at 11:50. [8] The dam was officially opened the following year. The fertile plains of the lower reaches of the Ord River have long lured pastoralists and farmers to the East Kimberley. However, because water levels are stable in Lake Kununurra and its associated wetlands, they have developed densely vegetated margins, with aquatic plants fringed by bulrushes, grassland and savanna woodland. 1 King Bed, 1 Queen Bed, 1 single bed, Rates: The Ord Irrigation Scheme is the end result of a bold plan to develop part of the nations tropical north for intensive irrigated agriculture by harnessing the waters of the Ord River. When the Ord River Dam was completed it became the largest capacity Dam in Australia with a volume of 5641 gigilitres (equivalent to 11.2 Sydney Harbours) The flow from both Dams was regulated to maintain a stable level in Lake Kununurra, which enabled the water to be diverted by gravity to the Ivanhoe Plain. Price: Adults: $125 Seniors: $120 Children (3-15yrs): $70 Family (2A 2C): $370 The immense freshwater lake formed by the damming of the mighty Ord River has created an amazing … Per night: $999.00 (1-8 people) Extra person: $20.00 per person per night, Features: Over 270 species of birds have been recorded in the Lake Argyle region. [8] While the official website states that only incidentally a saltwater crocodile is found,[16] other experts disagree. Powered site fee: $11.00 per site Per night: Adult: $18.50 Children (3-15yrs): $9.00 Family: $17.00/Adult and $8.50/Child Please contact us for large group booking, Rates: Per night: $999.00 (1-8 people) Extra person: $20.00 per person per night, Features: 1 x Queen Bed + 1 x Single Bed, Rates: Water Clarity: Un-Powered Clean amenities & laundry BBQ and Camp Kitchen, Rates: Home » History, Statistics and Environment » Statistics. Download Lake Argyle's drop (3.71 MB) Download 3.71 MB After a poor wet season in the Kimberley region of northern WA, Lake Argyle is on track to reach its lowest level in about 40 years. Spillway Discharge: 0m3/sec The only way to transform the semi-desert cattle country to a luscious, year round agricultural area would be to develop a dam on the Ord river. Adults: $95 Seniors: $90 Child (3-15yrs): $60 Family (2A 2C): $290 ($50 per additional child), Returns: [14], The lake, with its surrounding mudflats and grasslands, has been identified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA) because it supports about 150,000 waterbirds with twelve species being represented in large enough numbers to be considered internationally significant. [15] Fish species that are present in Lake Argyle include barramundi, southern saratoga, archer fish, forktail cat fish, mouth almighty, long tom, bony bream and sleepy cod. We usually describe the … The Dam was designed to never overflow at the main embankment with a 2.2 kilometres overflow cut made thorough solid rock between two hills, 8 kilometres from the Dam wall. The Argyle Dam was completed in 1972 as the second stage of the scheme, creating Lake Argyle. Adults: $125 Seniors: $120 Children (3-15yrs): $70 Family (2A 2C): $370 ($65 per additional child), Returns: Water sources for our largest scheme, the Integrated Water Supply Scheme (IWSS) which supplies Perth, the Goldfields and Agricultural Region and some parts of the South West have changed dramatically. [7], The construction of the Ord River Dam was completed in 1971 by the American Dravo Corporation. Pick up: 10.00 am from Lake Argyle Resort . [5], The traditional owners are the Miriwoong Gajerrong peoples who have inhabited the area for thousands of years and knew the Ord river as Goonoonoorrang. Read more About the Ord River Irrigation Scheme, Blog Feet MSL. [17], Cane toads reached the dam in late 2008, mostly via traveling along the Victoria Highway, with numbers rising significantly during the 2009 summer. Water for the IWSS is now comprised of a combination of sources, including desalinated seawater, groundwater, groundwater replenishment and … For all scuba diving related enquiries or to book, please email [email protected], Pick up: At full flood level that area increases to 2100 km 2! Once finishing touches were completed, the Ord River Project was officially opened by Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies in July 1963. Studio room sleeps up to 5 people Ensuite Air-Conditioned Outdoor cooking facilities nearby. Catchment area (Ord and other rivers south of Lake Argyle): 46,200 square kilometres. 4 Bedrooms + 4 Ensuites (Sleeps up to 10 people) 2 x kitchenettes 2x living & dining private deck overlooking Lake Argyle, Bedding Configuration: [3], The lakes form an important dry season refuge for waterbirds, with regular numbers of over 20,000 and sometimes of up to 200,000 individuals. Total length of the Ord River: 650km. Average annual rainfall (mostly falls November to March): 787mm / 31 inches. The 1,500 km2 (580 sq mi) site was designated a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention on 7 June 1990, making it Ramsar Site 478. As the East Kimberley region grew, so did the demand for electricity. The average wet season rise since 1976 has been 4.28 meters! [18], Some threats identified by the IBA include invasive weed and animal species, such as the cane toad, as well as agricultural uses, free range cattle and feral ungulates that may be over-grazing in the shallow areas around the lake. [8], The damming of the Ord River has caused major changes to the environment. [8] However these plans were scuttled as waterfowl, particularly magpie geese ate rice shoots quicker than they could be planted. Lake Argyle is brimming with an abundance of amazing wildlife. 10.00 am from Lake Argyle Resort, Price: Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Over 200 terrestrial and aquatic bird species have been recorded in the area, which also supports several kinds of microbats, the little red and black flying-foxes, rakali, and large numbers of freshwater crocodiles. Adults: $154 Seniors: $149 Child: (3-15yrs) $99, Returns: [4] as it is the largest lake in northern Australia and an excellent example of a man-made lake. Total Daily Outflow Volume: 0L Studio room sleeps up to 3 people Kitchenette and ensuite Air-Conditioned, Bedding Configuration: Adult: $ 485 Senior: $ 465 Child: $ 415, Price: The Argyle Diamond mine is one of the largest producers of diamonds world wide! [18], Common larger-bodied bird species found at the lake include the Australian pelican, black swan, eastern great egret, royal spoonbill, osprey and wedge-tailed eagle. As of early 2009 the Ord Irrigation Scheme has entered a new era with the state and federal government giving the funding to go ahead with the expansion of the farming area. There is an estimated population of 35,000 around Lake Argyle! [8], Ord River Dam post office opened on 1 March 1969 and closed on 15 November 1971 demonstrating the approximate duration of the construction camp. In the 2010/11 wet the lake rose 12.8 meters, so here is hoping that we have another big wet this season. These figures are approximate, Pick up: The Kununurra Diversion Dam was completed following the 1962/63 wet season. The East Kimberley boasts all the dynamics for success. At maximum flood level, Lake Argyle would hold 35,000 gigalitres (1.2×1012 cu ft) of water and cover a surface area of 2,072 square kilometres (800 sq mi).[8]. [14], The lake is now home to 26 species of native fish and a population of freshwater crocodiles currently estimated at some 25,000. Dam Level at 12pm Sep 21 The town of Kununurra was built at the site of the diversion dam, adjoining Lake Kununurra and Lily Creek Lagoon. Per night: 1 - 4 people $299.00 Extra person $20 per night, Features: Lake Argyle current water levels and data - click the graph for up to date info & statistics. By 2006 continual regeneration of the upper Ord catchment appeared to have reduced the amount of sediment inflow. Birds for which the lake has global importance include magpie geese, wandering whistling-ducks, green pygmy-geese, Pacific black ducks, hardheads, black-necked storks, white-headed stilts, red-capped plovers, Oriental plovers, black-fronted dotterels, long-toed stints and sharp-tailed sandpipers. Per night: $479.00 (1 - 4 people) Extra person: $20.00 per person per night, Features: Sign up for our email newsletter, The Kentucky Lake Explorer. Despite the extremely heavy rainfall in the ‘wet’ the ‘dry’ season reduced the Ord from a fast flowing river to a series of waterholes. 2 Bedrooms sleeps up to 5 people Kitchenette and ensuite Air-Conditioned, Bedding Configuration: © 1996 - 2020 Explore Kentucky Lake / Explorations Media Group, LLC / Murray, Kentucky / All Rights Reserved. The lake filled to capacity in 1973, and the spillway flowed until 1984. Spillway Discharge: 0m3/sec He says the lake will drop below 50 per cent capacity in a few months time, which will create opportunities, but potentially some challenges for the local hydro-power scheme. Studio room sleeps up to 5 people Ensuite Air-Conditioned Outdoor cooking facilities nearby. The combined Lake Gordon/Lake Pedder system in Tasmania is larger but is two dams connected by a canal. Engineers determined that by building a weir across the spillway they could safely raise the storage by six metres. Events Calendar, Home // Lake Conditions Level Forecasts | Previous Levels | Normal Water Temps | Current Weather | FAQs | Lake Cams, Lake levels data generated and supplied by TVA.


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