what is primal fear in psychology
Fear pushes your whole system into overdrive because, as far as your fear is concerned, there are only two outcomes to the current situation: either get of here alive, right now, and you can take a nap later, or it won’t matter because you’re dead. The video mentioned earlier was of the Arch Bishop forcing Aaron, Linda, and another man to perform sexually. Although Marty could not change the plea mid trial, he did try to work in Aaron’s dissociative disorder to give the jury an idea of his insanity. Key terms: Competency, pro- bono, psychological evaluations, plea the 5th, amnesia, interrogations, lie detection, dissociative disorder, testimony, multiple personality disorder, lies and deception, insanity plea. Martin talked of how he believed in the basic goodness of people. Also, later in the film after Vail has found out about Aaron’s “disorder”, he realizes he cannot change the plea in the middle of the trial so he must resort to putting the psychiatrist on the stand. Martin attempts to anger Aaron with the hope that it will trigger the appearance of “Roy”. All of this comes at a cost. People usually suffer from dissociative identity disorder because of a traumatic life event, according to this website as well. What I came to learn was that since he plead the fifth they were not longer able to plead not guilty due to reason of insanity. Ever wonder what your personality type means? Aaron is a quiet, lonely boy who tells Martin Vail that he loses track of time and has blackouts. During court she had stated he had the disorder and that Roy committed the crime, not Andrew. Specifically the representation of the prosecutor’s role, alongside the role of the defense attorney was depicted well. 8  Pages. Martin mentions that due to being found mentally insane, he will probably spend a few months in a mental institution and then be released back into society. Now that Vail had this new evidence (the porno) he wanted someway to get it included into the trial, but he would not be able to do it mid trial, for it would be inadmissible evidence. The most interesting part of this movie was when the prosecution was asking Aaron questions and basically saying he was guilty of the murder. The Archbishop went from being regarded as holy to sexually satanic. This tape also gives Aaron a motive to kill the bishop, which not having a motive for the murder works towards the defendants advantage. In the last hearing Martin uses a key in psychology to aggravate Aaron to turn into Roy when Janet is questioning him. My parents are lawyers so I have seen the kind of talk that happens between lawyers like when they are at the bar talking about the case. I also was confused when the prosecution brought up the evidence of the book in which the numbers carved into the archbishops body stood for. The way media portrays crime and the person being accused of the crime has a very strong influence on how the general public sees the accused and the crime committed. Martin Vail ends up taking the case and works on the defense. 4) after he was caught running from the scene of the crime and as Aaron states he did not do it and that is when Martin, his Attorney who has already decided to take the case pro-bono realizes they have a real case. The prosecution wanted to charge Aaron with the death penalty. It is judged that Aaron would never be capable of the accused murder. Adolphs R. The biology of fear. The jury of course is shocked and finds him not guilty by reason of insanity. Even though we know by the end of the film that Aaron was ultimately faking the disorder, the symptoms are nevertheless similar to what people with this disorder most likely experience. Though it was fairly obvious that Aaron was using means of reverse psychology to lead not only Vail but his psychiatrist Molly to believe that he was exhibiting signs of MPD, he wasn’t the only one using reverse psychology. Vail is even fined $10,000 for being in contempt of the courtroom. These interpersonal relationships create conflicts of interest when the attorneys are in the courtroom. It became apparent that Aaron suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Legal Terms: jargon, prosecution, defense, insanity, competency to stand trial, jury, multiple personality disorder, social impairment , forensic psychology. When Vail first takes the case, he seems very confident that Stampler committed the horrific crime that he was being accused of because he was at the scene and covered in blood. Aaron was able to act like two different people and completely pull the entire thing off and nobody knew the entire time. He makes sure that he looks appropriate and not like a criminal by dressing in a suit and looking innocent. By the middle of the movie Veil met with a colleague of some sort, at a local bar and explained to him that he believed everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Because of these extenuating circumstances, Venable finds it very difficult to trust Vail. As the film develops, events cause Vail to expose the more sincere parts of his motivations; as the outcome of Aaron’s trial looks grim, Vail literally portrays another side of his personality and we see a man who truly believes in the innocence of Aaron.


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