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Much appreciated to you and all the staff. If you know these three knots, we think you should be good to go when it comes to braid to mono connections. However, when testing this in various ways I found the dropper loop failed before the modified Albright part. – If you think your angler friends or fishing networks would enjoy seeing this, please Tag them or Share this with them. Just pointing out typo i noticed. It’s only 55% as strong as the FG knot because it doesn’t spread the load as well as FG knot does. 1000 or 2500 reel and fishing mostly for trout up to 5 lbs and stripers maybe to 10 lbs? The braid constriction knots (FG and PR) are best for connecting a braid mainline to a stronger (and much thicker) leader. knots for 80plus pound mono to lure or swivel? I splice for elegance and because I enjoy it. I’m not sure what you mean by not clipping the tag end… it was clipped as normal, but the tag end got exposed after it broke because the breaks of the FG knot typically occurs about 25% into the coils which is why there was a bit of exposed tag end after the break. 1. Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. The single Zeppelin Bend may do better with larger diameter line. But all the splice knot tests which I have read involve lighter braid to heavier leader which is the reverse of what we use. It’s tying all materials together for me. This also results in a stretchy mono section which serves as a “shock” leader which helps prevent hook pulls. The improved Clinch takes a standard Clinch and and after running the tag end through the hole between the strands and the hook, it is then passed through the loop it just created. Please explain. With lighter lines, it is easy to damage your line when you tie the knot, making certain knots better than others. So I now just test a slow load because the winner will be revealed and that is the load type that is most often what gets tested while fishing… a properly set drag should ensure that a fish can’t break the line, so pulling out of underwater snags is what will often put the line under enough tension to cause it to fail. I would also like to see how the different ways to tie the snell knot test. Also when once you have a dropper do you think that it would be stronger to tie a hook onto it with the palamot knot or just putting the hook through the loop and back onto itself like in the video. The tests have been done using 10 to 20 lb PowerPro braid tied to 20 to 30 lb Ande monofilament and Seaguar fluorocarbon. Im surprised Sandiego jam was not close to the top of mono/flouro to hook connections. I use both approaches to connect mainline braid to a much heavier braid shock leader. – THE BEST FISHING KNOTS OF ALL TIME [RANKED STRONGEST TO WEAKEST], – HOW TO TIE THE FG KNOT IN UNDER 60 SECONDS [FREE CHEAT SHEET PDF]. Now that we’re past the first hurdle (acceptance), step #2 is to actually test our knots to make sure that you don’t lose the fish of a lifetime due using a knot that isn’t the absolute best for each connection in your line system. But the Uni knot beat them both. Sport Fishing Magazine may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. I use the FG when I’m using a heavier leader than the braid. I personally would not ever match the diameter size of a braid and a mono because their strength differences are so great. Splicing avoids this. Not sure how much difference it makes. The only combination that consistently beats the single line FG knot is the use of the FG knot to connect a doubled line formed by the Bimini Twist to the leader. I found that a while back with testing the traditional FG knot against the most popular doubled line options. Your are probably aware that the IGFA did a study on the GT knot. I tied two pieces of #6 mono together. Plus, it has very little stretch which enables the angler to feel even the lightest of taps on the other end of the line. You need to perform your own tests on the lines you like to use. This does not give the knot any added break strength, it only gives a little added insurance against slippage, which, if tied correctly, is not a factor in the first place. Hi Luke, I’m a big FG fan but some friends are raving about the Bobbin knot strength. What about the TN Knot in mono connection to metal ring or hook? The double uni like the name says is two uni knots. Put the line through the hook and back up parallel with the incoming line. Not yet. At one junction I tied a 3 Turn Surgeon’s. Thanks for any reply. The IGFA test in which the GT knot won was specifically for thicker lines (50 lb braid to 80 lb leader). Have you done any testing with a braid to fluorocarbon connections that are the same size? However, it’s a huge pain to tie and there is a lot of room for user error which is why I don’t recommend it. There are thousands of knots out there, but only a few that you will memorize or end up using often. Based on “their scientific data” the GT out performed the FG using a 50lb mono. The palomar knot is great for mono, but it has consistently underperformed with braid simply because it doesn’t have as much surface area to spread the tension load. Here’s what I found about the GT Knot after doing some research and testing on it: Weekly fishing reports and TRENDS revealing exactly where you should fish ever trip, Weekly “spot dissection” videos that walk you through all the best spots in your area, Exclusive fishing tips from the PROS you can’t find anywhere else. If getting by is the goal, then those knots can be a fit. Fish always drag your line against anything they come near, which abrades the line and creates weak spots. Yes, it did better than the basic uni knot to a single line, but it didn’t beat the FG knot tied to a single line. What I’ve seen is that the IGFA tested a bunch of knots(50) and gt came out the beat even over various fg style knots. You’ll probably have to Google it or follow this link: https://news.orvis.com/fly-fishing/videos-tie-jacks-knot. I got a little bleary eyed reading all the comments and responses. Strongest Fishing Knots Connecting Braid to Leader. Hard to explain. Something this knot does, is the line breaks above the knot every time ,never seen another knot do this, I have 2 books on fishing knots this knots beats ever single one of them with all type of line….I’ll try to make a video……. Thanks. What about line strength? I am very curios as to its strength. on most reels. The San Diego Jam knot is a solid choice. I don’t see that you have a braid to braid knot? I am due to retest some things, a good winter afternoon activity, but generally a 15-20# leader to swivel will use 5 turns, 12# more like 6, 8-10# 7 turns, an 6# and under needing 8 turns…YMMV…. The great Vic Dunaway taught me the elegance of the Unit Knot forty years ago, and since that day, I have NEVER had a Uni Knot fail even one time, in forty years of hard fishing. Although the clips make lure changes quicker, the non-slip loop knot takes me only about 15 seconds do tie that the time benefit that I could get from the clips is minimal. Especially so for braid. I have not yet tested the various snell knots. I’m a bass fisherman just getting into salt water inshore fishing after moving from Alabama to Florida. How about testing the FG knot against the best ( according to your tests ) braid to swivel and mono to swivel knots to see which is a stronger connection? It’s nice to see that it was above 10 lbs, but the FG knot broke at an avg. https://youtu.be/TASzTlhfouY . I also try to use the same diameter braid to mono most of the time. Can you test the centauri knot? But it could also be useful if you like to use connect your braided line directly to your terminal tackle (although I do not recommend tying directly to your lure or hook using braid because fish can see it so much better than mono/fluoro… instead, use a ~20 to 30 inch leader in between your braid and lure/hook). All rights reserved. This video claims that IGFA tested many knots and this simple GT knot came out the strongest ! For leader to lure knot, I use the Non-Slip Loop knot even though it’s not as strong as the uni loop or the rapala loop knots… the core factor that matters is that it’s still not the weak point because it’s tied on a line that is 2x+ stronger than the mainline. I’ve read that it is a good snug knot for tying heavy mono or fluorocarbon directly to a hook. Can’t find it, I use the surgeon knot for dropper rigs. I was disappointed when the line went slack and reeled my line in. There is a variation to a Uni called Fish-n-Fool knot. My assumption for beefing up the strength of the Dropper Loop Knot would be to use more turns because they’ll help spread out the load across more surface area. Some knots will slip for one line but not another, and this is especially true of braid!l Once again, I have not found any make of line that does not work well with the Uni Knot, and that cannot be said of all other knots. Yes, the snell version of the uni knot is most likely going to be stronger than the normal one given that it gets some friction help from more expose to the hook shank. My results have been excellent, I’ve used it for over 30 years exclusively as a knot for lures and hooks, both fresh and salt water, and it stood up to a redfish longer than the 48 quart ice chest. Considering a lot of people use heavy fluoro as a pike leader, it would be very good to know which knot is best. Have you done any testing of it? Just wondering how this faired in your testing. When tying a larger diameter line to a smaller diameter line like is often the case with braided fishing line to monofilament you are going to want to put 3-4 more wraps on the braided line uni knot vs. the mono uni knotthis will make the braid uni knot large enough to meet up with the mono uni-knot. After testing hundreds of fishing knots over the past couple of years, I’ve learned one very important lesson…. This post shows you how to find the GPS coordinates and info for every Virginia artificial reef. Luke – A suggestion – Have a separate section on Site called KNOTS- put your favorite knots (By now we all know what they are) in Alpha order . Could you test the Shins knot ? Strength, practicality? I would like to see tests done against this grouper knot. If your drag is set incorrectly, you could risk losing a fish, so don't... Want to know more fishing spots in Virginia? Then pass the line though the loop formed at the top of the knot (i.e furthest away from the eye/swivel) and pull tight. Thanks. They’re either asking me if it’s really the strongest rated knot, or telling me I’m crazy for thinking the FG knot is stronger. But based on what I saw when tying it with light lines, it should be avoided because there are better options that are much quicker to tie. Looked at my leader and it was almost frayed from the fish running against the bridge. I do modify the original knot by finishing it with 4 alternating half hitches in the braided line. Would love your thoughts, please comment. on average. ultra thin hollow core braid. Did you test this version? The larger the difference in their diameter, the better the braid can dig into the leader and lock into place. I haven’t done many tests on line that strong, so I can’t say for sure. Works great,very nice. The IGFA testing that shows the GT knot as stronger than the FG knot requires tying it with the braid already started with a bimini twist.


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