what happens after public housing interview
Once your name comes to the top of the waiting list, our Compliance Department will contact you and set up an appointment to complete your application and submit the necessary documents. The public housing authority uses the information on the form to determine whether the apartment or other property you want to rent is up to the standards of the Housing Choice Voucher program. Should you refuse the unit that is offered to you it may cause your name to be removed from the waiting list. Council house? Applicants who do not respond within the given time frame will be terminated from the waiting list. If you are deemed eligible, you will be shown the first unit available meeting your bedroom number requirements. Social housing interview! H��W[o۸~����R1"u? 2020 All Rights Reserved, NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York. ES�6ͫ>�"���}kv8v�T45W�.�/���Sf]�_ɚ���̺(���$/����B�'{�#��L~Ӄ�K]]G�>utut�%[0��܊�S�A�m�[ea]������������5 Again, we recognize the personal nature of the information we require. This is known as purging, and is done to process applicants as efficiently as possible. The FMHA is the landlord. Usually, the housing office will confirm waiting list placement by mailing letters to applicants, or allowing applicants to log in to an online portal. Upon availability of the required apartment size, the Tenant Selection and Assignment Plan (TSAP) system automatically selects applicants for a vacant apartment based on their certification date and priority. endstream endobj startxref If you need further assistance please contact our receptionist at 304-363-0860 ext 102. %%EOF Your application will be screened for suitability for admission to confirm that your family’s past behavior will not adversely affect the financial stability or the health, safety, or welfare of other tenants, Authority staff, or an Authority development. Your application needs to be completely filled out with ALL requested information and returned to our office. To see the answer to the question you are looking at please click the question. Many applicants get rejected because of the high demand for housing assistance, despite being eligible for the program. If we are trying to contact you and don't hear from you within 10 days we will consider your file closed. %PDF-1.4 %���� Attend final in-person eligibility interview. Once your completed application has been received at the Housing Authority office you will then be placed on the waiting list according to the date and time your application was received and any preferences that may apply to the household. You can mail, fax, or drop off your application to our office. ;���zJ�7�V�'�'{���;�+��F�Us Contact the office you applied through to find out how to officially update application information. Assistance to Needy Families), Real Property (actual income if rented, or fair market value, less and unpaid balance on any loan(s) on the property, less reasonable costs incurred in the sale of the property if owned and not rented). On-site maintenance is provided along with lawn service, roadway snow removal, and monthly exterminating services. Current Income Limits for Public Housing: Yes. Usually, online applications are processed more quickly than paper applications.


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