wellcomm early years big book of ideas
WellComm can help you to turn this around. “It’s crucial we do everything we can to get children off to the best start and that begins by identifying communication needs as soon as possible. “After assessment, we put in place immediate interventions for those who don’t achieve the green band. The activities can also be used at home so that effective support is provided whether or not a child is referred to a Speech and Language Therapist. For further assistance please contact ACER Sales Support Team on +61 3 9277 5656 or email sales@acer.org. “Being able to offer practical help to children straight away is fantastic. child achieved a Green colour-code) in The Big Book of Ideas . The WellComm Early Years Toolkit enables teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs and Early Years Practitioners (no specialist speech and language expertise required) to quickly and easily identify children needing speech and language support, and provides a means of monitoring the success of strategies used to enhance communication skills. CDS gives us the opportunity to work in an intelligent, targeted, professional and thoughtful way around each child. Mathematics; Reading; Science; Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar; Teaching Resources; Research. WellComm is a tookit designed to help early years settings identify children from six months to six years old who might be experiencing delays with speech and language. Warwickshire County Council and Quinzone EAZ in Birmingham aim to make children’s communication skills a priority in schools and homes across the country, What’s really innovative about WellComm Primary is that you don’t need any specific speech and language expertise to use it – you just pick it up and go, Head of Service, North Star Inclusion Advisory Team, WellComm Primary was shortlisted in the Educational Resources Awards 2020 in the Primary Resource or Equipment - Non ICT category, How Oakfield Primary School in Rugby is using WellComm Primary, WellComm Primary has been shortlisted in the Teach Primary Awards 2020 in the SEND category, 1st Floor, Vantage London, Great West Road, Brentford, TW8 9AG, Copyright © 2017 GL Assessment, All right reserved. Across Lancaster, early years staff in pre-schools, nurseries and child-minding settings were all noticing a worrying trend amongst the children who were joining them – a more prevalent delay in language development. hidden19 Prospect Hill Road Melbourne VIC 3124, AustraliaABN: 19 004 398 145, hidden (+61) 3 9277 5656 (+61) 3 9277 5450. You can register within your account via My Profile > My Qualifications. Angela continues: “We distributed 18 WellComm toolkits to early years settings and I worked very closely with a speech therapist, Gillian White, to train around 50 members of staff. “The immediacy of results is one of the biggest advantages of WellComm. “WellComm is a very visual tool so we can carry out the screening in the child’s first language by using native language staff, parents or even students from university to guide the child through the questions. The complete speech and language toolkit “When we discovered our children struggled with the meaning of ‘many’ and ‘few’,” continues Angela, “we used a story about Percy the Park Keeper. With Sure Start funding, our initiative got off the ground in 2011.”. We ran two sessions, the first to look at the basic premise of WellComm and the second after staff had had a chance to use it for a while.”. The WellComm Early Years toolkit enables you to quickly and easily identify children aged 6 months to 6 years who may benefit from speech and language support and then the ‘Big Book of Ideas’ details play-based activities to support children’s … Please login or create a new account to register your qualifications. Delayed language skills set the scene for under-performance later in life, yet many primary school children have unidentified speech and language difficulties. “Usually this happens about two weeks after they have started but there are some exceptions. Both toolkits come with an age-appropriate ‘Big Book of Ideas’ providing a total of over 150 instant, play-based activities so you can take action straight away. We also like the fact it is simple to re-screen to check they are progressing. We have also put prompt sheets up for staff to refer to in different areas of the nursery. The instant reports are quick to digest and use an easy to understand traffic light scoring format. It can then help put immediate interventions into place, while waiting for a more formal assessment. Screen in 20 minutes “WellComm Primary is simple and quick to administer. Common gaps included being unaware of ‘he and she’, not knowing the difference between ‘first and last’ or ‘many and few’, and not understanding the senses. This way we have been able to uncover if any communication issues are down to a language barrier or a child’s developmental needs.”. That’s why we welcome practical tools, such as WellComm, which give nurseries and schools a tool to make children’s language a high priority.”, Mary Hartshorne, Director of Impact, I CAN. “It’s imperative to arm children with the ability to express themselves adequately and, with WellComm, we always know what stage we’re at in reaching this target.”, • Helped quickly identify two, three and four year olds with speech and language development issues• Resulted in a 27% increase in children who screen at the right level for their age in just eight months, after appropriate interventions• EAL children could be tested in their native language• The Big Book of Ideas ensured intervention resources were readily available to move children forward immediately.• Traffic light system meant it was easy to spot where children were struggling and monitor progress• Showed ways of developing the curriculum to support speech, language and communication in a meaningful way through an increased awareness of children’s needs.• Evidence based assessment which supports referrals to speech therapy services and enhances language programmes in place for children with speech, language and communication difficulties, “PASS has given us a good indication about where their barriers might be – and big barriers are their self-regard as a learner and perceived learning capability.”. Now, all three and four year old children entering nursery settings are screened to establish a baseline. We realised that WellComm could help us achieve our targets by showing the starting point of children’s communication and then showing the impact our work has on progress, Using GL Assessment data with educators and leaders to drive high achievement, 1st Floor, Vantage London, Great West Road, Brentford, TW8 9AG, Copyright © 2017 GL Assessment, All right reserved. His adventures with ‘many rabbits’ and ‘a few squirrels’ helped children become familiar with the concepts, and we reinforced this with flash cards on the walls. Knowing this has meant we are able to tailor what we say, perhaps in the questions we ask the children e.g. The activities in The Big Book of Ideas mean we’re able to start making an impact with school-based interventions – such as attention and listening games – straight away.”, Beccie Hawes, Head of Service, North Star Inclusion Advisory Team, “Children’s early language is fundamental to learning, literacy, social and emotional development. “At Appletree, 17% of children have special education needs and 20% don’t speak English as their first language. Yet in some areas more than 50% of children start school with language difficulties. At Stoneygate, we have 80% speaking English as an additional language and a third having special educational needs. “We found that many children didn’t understand the word ‘isn’t’ as staff have always endeavoured to use positive language with them. Green means no intervention is currently required, amber means extra support and intervention, and red means consider referral to a specialist service for further advice and give extra support and intervention. WellComm Early Years and the new WellComm Primary toolkits enable you to quickly and easily identify children needing speech and language support, which can make a crucial difference to their confidence and attainment. The WellComm Early Years: Big Book of Ideas provides over 150 age-appropriate, play-based intervention activities enabling teaching staff/practitioners to deliver appropriate and focused activities to target pupils with language difficulties, enhance skills of those developing within the normal range and provide guidance for group-based teaching. Setting report • Generates an analysis of the percentage of children achieving Red, Amber or Green


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