wayfarer dinghy plans
The boat weighs 183kgs and is a doddle to transport and tow. I had wondered about building a model too. This was an easy decision as we had previously worked with Phil Morrison. Sailing - The detail included veneering the ply decks and internal visible ply parts. google_ad_slot = "4005569898"; In 1995 when Hartley Boats was founded, the first boat we started to build was the Kestrel Race dinghy. I think I shall stick to my Firefly and Sovereign Lightweight combi trailer. The Wayfarer is a great boat for cruising, racing or training. As the deal would take several months to complete we decided we should buy a new Wayfarer from Moore’s, the existing builder and we should sail and test the boat to ensure we understood thoroughly all the qualities and benefits of the boat. JOIN US Wayfarer Communication Portal With Peggy Menzies, Download Wayfarer International Committee Constitution. Once a favourite boat of many sailing schools due to its size and stability, the Wayfarer has since lost out due to the more modern designs such as the Topper Magno, Topper Omega, Laser Stratos or RS Vision. You should have some method to secure the tiller into the rudder stock, as you can see on ours its a split or clevis pin, through a hole in each (Photo 47). The model is a static display at present but was designed for radio controlled use at a later date. One person should feed the mast luff in as the other person hoists the sail by pulling on the halyard (Photo 36). Notice:To all our customers near and far, we hope you are keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times. Perhaps I will have to look towards making a kit for home construction to practice on before buying the real kit for a full size boat. Before you do this - you should put the battens in the sail. Next, pass the jib sheets through the jib fairleads (Photos 20 and 21), and secure with a stopper or figure 8 knot (Photo 22). We realized that we have been running this blog for over four years now. Photo 10, Attaching the mainsheet block to the traveller, Photo 11, Mainsheet block attached to traveller. Interesting to note that although built in 1966ish the old boat will still measure with measurements in the middle of the tollerances allowed. We didn't rig a downhaul on this boat as it isn't usually rigged up with one, as it's a training boat. Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by aitchem, Oct 18, 2003. If I had the money, and the room to display it, I certainly would make an offer, Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total). The outer edges of the board are well rounded and the ply is 20 mm thick. At points along the boom are fairleads or eyeholes (Photo 30), and at the mast end of the boom is a jammer cleat which we have not shown (but are heading towards in Photo 31). Should it be needed we are able to deliver. Photo 42, Attach the kicking strap to the mast. Usually, this will involve tying the end of a length of rope to a fitting (on the side of the boom if possible), through the eyehole of the sail, and then down to a cleat. Bring on the Worlds at LESC in 2022. - Downhaul (5mm x 2 metres) Wayfarer Dinghy questions. It is having a rubbing strake fitted. Discover (and save!) 2021 North Americans, Tawas Bay, Michigan. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Photo 8, The rudder with the kicker and mainsheet. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_sacat=0&_nkw=combi+trailer&_frs=1, http://www.merseatrailers.com/product_list.php?top=Marine - Dinghy Combi&sub=Road Bases&category=4&show_menu= 2, http://www.wayfarer.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1265&hilit=trailer, Aberdeenshire (quite far from the Solent), East coast UK. The downhaul is harder to see, but is a length of rope from the front of the underneath of the rudder blade (as can be seen in Photo 48), with a length of elastic attached, which is pulled and fits on a catch or hook on the tiller (we can't show this as you can only do it when sailing to hold the rudder down). You may find it easier with a boat this size to get it on the water before you rig it, especially if you have pontoons you can moor up to. I’m off to Hartley’s tomorrow or Friday to pick up my boat, ready for a visit to Brancaster in a week or so. It looks very good. The only sailing dinghy to sail from the UK waters to Denmark, with numerous channel crossings and just last year three Wayfarers circumnavigated completely round the UK. We are processing and dispatching orders as usual even though our onsite store is currently closed. May not match the dimensions of 1162 though!! Photo Galleries - Thanks for all the help everyone. It is your responsibility to provide references to bona fide sources. 2021 US Nationals,  NC Governer's Cup, Kerr Lake North Carolina. Keep hauling until the sail is at the top of the mast - as the sail reaches the top you may find it easier if the other person lifts up the boom to take the weight off and make hoisting easier. If I were a builder I might be a bit wary. Launch and recovery is also made easy for a single-handed sailor with our simple ball-hitch adapter kit fitted to your launching trolley. If anyone has a set of drawings I would be most happy to buy them or pay for a copy or copy and return them. Yes I know I can take all the measurements off my boat but it is so much easier if you have a drawing to work from. The other end is taken around the sheave at the end of the boom (Photo 32), through the clew eyehole in the sail, and then secured to the end of the boom - there is a small notch in the back of the boom which when used with a knot in the rope can secure the outhaul (Photo 33). - Painter (10mm x 3 metres) The boats typically used to be rigged aft-main, although newer models are centre-main, and they are relatively easy to convert.


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