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"They're doing a better job than I could, and I've got plenty to do running Berkshire," he said. $650,100, Charity Auction Winner Bids Big Money For Steak Lunch With Billionaire Buffett", "uk.reuters.com, Warren Buffett lunch sells for record $2.11 mln", "cnbc.com, Warren Buffett Charity Lunch Auction Ends with High Bid of $2,110,100", "Buffett hopes lunch auction again draws big bids", "Cost to lunch with Warren Buffett: $3.5 million", https://www.economist.com/business/2010/06/17/keeping-up-with-the-gateses&hl=en&gl=us&strip=1&vwsrc=0, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYNYYQTMGuI?t=10124, "Buffett donates $3.4 billion to Gates' and family charities", "Warren Buffett donates $2.8 billion ... again", "Buffett Boosts Commitment to Children's Family Foundations", "Doris Buffett's Learning by Giving Foundation: 'It All Started at Davidson, "How Warren Buffett's fortune is going directly to those in need", "Transcript of second McCain, Obama debate", "Obama appoints Buffett as economic adviser", USA Today: Schwarzenegger taps Buffett as finance advisor, Warren Buffett Endorses Hillary Clinton and Calls for Higher Taxes on Wealthy, "Warren Buffett Challenges Trump to Show Tax Returns, Says He's 'Afraid, "Donald Trump says general election may be 'rigged, "Buffett Just Released His Own Tax Data to Hammer Trump", "Warren Buffett: Will judge Trump by results but 'unlikely' he'll vote for him in 4 years", "Warren Buffett: Here's why I haven't been criticizing Donald Trump", "Warren Buffett On CNBC: Health Care Is Like An 'Economic Tape Worm' (WATCH)", "The Cost Conundrum – What a Texas town can teach us about health care", "In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning", "Plain Talk: There's class war, and rich are winning", "Warren Buffett fires back at Donald Trump's comments about his taxes", "Buffett tells Senate Finance panel 'dynastic' wealth on the rise in U.S.", "Buffetted. [68] The operation included special incentives: He received an option to buy three billion shares of GE stock, at $22.25, over the five years following the agreement, and Buffett also received a 10% dividend (callable within three years). Some best-selling, or otherwise notable, books about Buffett: American investor, entrepreneur, and businessperson. Both papers lost money until the Courier-Express folded in 1982. Peter Buffett, 54, wants to empower women and girls worldwide through education, collaboration and economic development to end violence against women. [159], Warren Buffett continues to help fund and support his family's individual foundations which include Susan Buffett's Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, Susan Alice Buffett's Sherwood Foundation, Howard Graham Buffett's Howard G. Buffett Foundation, and Peter Buffett's NoVo Foundation. There he met Lorimer Davidson, GEICO's Vice President, and the two discussed the insurance business for hours. "[156] On December 9, 2010, Buffett, Bill Gates, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg signed a promise they called the "Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge", in which they promise to donate to charity at least half of their wealth, and invite other wealthy people to follow suit. Neither would Mr. Trump — at least he would have no legal problem. Let me summarize what I've been saying about the stock market: I think it's very hard to come up with a persuasive case that equities will over the next 17 years perform anything like—anything like—they've performed in the past 17. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider In his will, Buffett has specified that any shares he hasn't already pledged to charity at the time of his death will go to his Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. [173] In response to Trump saying he was unable to release his tax information due to being under audit, Buffett said, "I have been audited by the IRS multiple times and am currently being audited. [39][40] Buffett had obtained a 50% return on investment in just two years.[41]. Additionally, Buffett feared that inflation levels that occurred in the 1970s—which led to years of painful stagflation—might re-emerge. The meeting has drawn critism from some right-wing alarmists, with some fringe elements believing the group to be a part of a secret sterilization society. Warren Edward Buffett (/ˈbʌfɪt/; born August 30, 1930)[2] is an American investor, business tycoon, philanthropist, and the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. [8] He has been referred to as the "Oracle" or "Sage" of Omaha by global media. He went on to graduate from Columbia Business School, where he molded his investment philosophy around the concept of value investing pioneered by Benjamin Graham. That's the nature of bubbles – they're mass delusions.[82]. [176] Buffett compared health care costs to a tapeworm, saying that they compromise US economic competitiveness by increasing manufacturing costs. These included Utah's Intermountain Power Project Unit 3, Jim Bridger Unit 5, and four proposed plants previously included in PacifiCorp's Integrated Resource Plan. [160][161] Warren Buffett is also supportive of his sister Doris Buffett's Letters Foundation and Learning By Giving Foundation. [59] Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway suffered a 77% drop in earnings during Q3 2008 and several of his later deals suffered large mark-to-market losses. [116], Buffett worked with Christopher Webber on an animated series called "Secret Millionaires Club" with chief Andy Heyward of DiC Entertainment. "[104][105][106], His 2006 annual salary was about $100,000, which is small compared to senior executive remuneration in comparable companies.


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