war thunder shell types
Sub-Calibre AP rounds are, essentially, what they say on the label - the penetrator itself is of a smaller calibre than the gun barrel, using a 'sabot' to make up the calibre difference. All rights reserved. APBC is found on some early Russian vehicles, but is relatively uncommon otherwise compared to APCBC. In 1937, as a result of these trials, RLM ordered a development of new 20 mm cannon shell with increased explosive force at the expense of fragmentation effect. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Smoke shells are available to various vehicles throughout most tech trees, however their effectiveness is somewhat limited compared to dedicated smoke launchers. Their effectiveness is similar to that of an equivalent HEAT round, however due to their low muzzle velocity they can be inaccurate at long ranges. Another improvement over standard APCR, this shell is purely the dense penetrator, as the softer casing (sabot, in this case), falls away Soon™ after firing, leaving just the penetrator to continue on, without the drag of the outer shell. APDS is first made available on post-WW2 British vehicles, and is available to most vehicles in possession of an L7-derived cannon. Regular 20 mm Minengeschoß had filling of 18-20 g of PETN, while typical contemporary 20 mm shells of other nations had merely 6-10 g of explosives. Kinetic rounds penetrate and deal damage based on a number of factors; shell type, projectile mass, round velocity and material hardness. When you know what means what, you won’t have to reference this guide, you can just wing it, and know what the shell is by the name. When to use this: Same conditions as the other special penetrators, long ranges and against thick armour. Anti-Emplacement rounds are designed specifically for combatting emplacements, however have proven to have some anti-tank value. Shrapnel is exclusively useful against lightly armoured targets, and shouldn't be used against front-facing armour of any other tank. The result of this development was a new type of shell, called Minengeschoß (aka „mine shell“). Despite this, it can still be used for ranged engagements against light tanks and medium tanks with insufficient ERA or composite protection, as particularly late HEAT-FS rounds have extremely high penetration power. When to use this: Instead of APCR, as it’s just a more effective shell. While the concept sacrifices some structural integrity and thus penetrating power, the destructive ability of an APHE round is nearly unrivalled. A 17 pounder for example starts with normal AP, then upgrades to add a soft cap, then the next adding a balistic cone to the capped shell. Minengeschoß had slightly delayed detonators, allowing the shell to pass through target’s outer cover without explosion, then triggering the explosive in a moment, when two-thirds of shell were already past the outer skin. The thing with these shells, is no HE filler, and they only make a small hole. 17pdr and 20pdr weapons. a little more than one-second burst from a single cannon) were usually sufficient to destroy a B-17 when shooting from astern, and only 4-5 shells when performing a frontal attack. When to use this: When you don’t have any better options, ————————————————————————- APCBC- Armour Piercing Capped (Ballistic Capped) #AP3. Fast. Minengeschoß was particularly effective against fuel tanks, tearing them open and often setting the highly flammable aviation fuel on fire. Generally, solid AP does not stop until it has exhausted all of its force and is capable of passing through an entire vehicle if this energy is not fully expended. Increased explosive effect also required different fuse to be mounted. High-Explosive rounds are a simple shell packed full of a high-explosive material, primarily designed for anti-infantry and anti-emplacement applications. It's ideally used against targets where angled performance is required and HE filler is preferable. Prologue. Under the right circumstances, solid kinetic rounds can penetrate multiple vehicles along their trajectory. Solid AP rounds are a kinetic munition that utilise a hardened metal (often steel) shell with full-calibre diameter. After doing some research, and looking around, I think I have a comprehensible enough knowledge to at least advise people on which shells they should be taking and using in specific situations. HE-VT rounds are available to some later anti-air vehicles, such as the OTOMATIC, or some light tanks, like the Begleitpanzer 57, and are capable of destroying aircraft or helicopters if the round passes within close proximity of the target. The main advantage of smoke shells is that unlike ESS or hull mounted smoke canisters, they can be launched anywhere the equipped vehicle can aim, allowing for strategic placement for pushes or flanking maneuvers, or simply firing at an enemy vehicle to force them to move from their position. Main components of this shell, are the standard AP cap, with a HE segment, in the centre. Tank Shells Guide - War Thunder ammo types explained - … This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Mass, shell type and hardness are constants, but velocity reduces with distance travelled and as such at longer ranges kinetic rounds will lose penetration ability and in some cases post-penetration efficacy. Very similar shells could be then found as an ammunition for British ADEN 30 mm autocannons or French DEFA cannons of the same caliber. Their proximity fuse will detonate only above a specified altitude, so they can be used normally against other armoured vehicles. All being solid shot, you will in most cases take the one with the highest penetration. Different missile types are effective in different applications - some have anti-tank properties, while others are effective against air targets. Lethal effect of MG 151/20 mine shells was further increased by mounting multiple cannons. Seeing all the “APSFIDUTOG” crap on the shells initially threw me off, and left me just taking full loads of whatever looked the best. I’d reccomend not using it on anything smaller than the 122mm guns, and even on the long barreled 122mm (D-25), it’s extremely strange, and often does minimal damge.


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