vz 33 bayonet

A steel bayonet blade may be attached, if desired. This example, made in 1940, is the final variant to carry the VZ–24 designation until post-War production resumed in 1946.

The scopes are outfitted automatically with a f-range from 2 to 11.
The first thing that I do on any of my vehicles is always the green base colour. On 25 February 1930 a contract was signed between CKD and Vickers-Armstrong to purchase a further three sample Carden-Lloyd Mk.VI's, one trailer and one trolley for the tankette and at the same time purchased a license for their production in Czechoslovakia, until 1 December 1939. On the basis of these suggestions the machines were purchased and taken over by the army. 33 ("rifle model 1933", sometimes referred to as krátká puška vz. [15] Paraguay also fielded some vz. [22], In 1954, Czechoslovakia shipped some vz. This included the power units and other items from the Praga cars or armaments. This example was made in 1923 by Československá zbrojovka a.s., Brno.

They requested rifle modifications and that the 400 mm. Because of the fact that CKD built four tankettes it is likely that the price of the fourth was divided amongst the price of the first three that were delivered to the army.

Scabbard (frog stud): CZ Trademark "E3 (Lion) 46".

Need to find the correct motorized road wheels. The puška vz. CKD later donated this final fourth one to the Iranian emperor in order to sell the AH-IV and the TNH-P tanks.

Don't be shy with this step. For example on 10 October Czechoslovak infantry supported by two vz.33's surrounded and captured a Szabadcsapatok group (a Hungarian insurgency unit) whilst in the latter half of October two infantry battalions supported by an armoured platoon destroyed a battalion strength Szabadcsapatok in the woods near Salanek, the armour penetrating the forest and surprising the Hungarians in their camp. The vehicles were registered on 21 July 1930, specifically being taken into the test vehicles group in the Military Technical Institute. After 1945, some of the Colombian carbines may have been modified to fire .30-06 Springfield. However they saw some use as non combat vehicles, especially as transport vehicles has been noted. Therefore, engineers dismantled the tankette and studied all possibilities for adjustment and exchange of some mechanical parts for domestic production. [8], The significant lighter weight of the vz.

[12] Salvador bought 5,6000 carbines in 1937[13] and used them until they were replaced post-WW2 by American weapons. Tankettes were constructed of various sizes, ranging from 1.5 to 3 tons with a crew of one or two men. All of the aforementioned issues forced a major rebuild of the vehicles superstructure. 33. The real mount places the ZF-41 scope in a very specific location on the rifle; re-creations are either too far forward or too far back from the original. The designation of the new machines was given as CL-P (Carden-Lloyd-Praga). On returning to Czechoslovakia they enthusiastically recommended the tankette as an ideal light armoured vehicle for inclusion into infantry divisions. Compared to the vz. Approximately 100,000 VZ–23 bayonets were made for use by the Czechoslovakian Army, before production of the VZ–24 bayonet began. Brown to leave an equal balance of all three colours in an intentionally smoothed edge blotted pattern. The VZ–24 rifle and bayonet resulted from input by Czechoslovakian cavalry forces, who found that the VZ–23 rifle and bayonet were not well suited for cavalry use. Folding knife bayonet permanently attached to the, Knife bayonet for use on the 7.62 mm. During the partial mobilisation in the spring of 1938 the tankettes were assigned to strengthen the border units (to the sum of 23 platoons).

[19] The carbine model was very similar to the vz. The scabbard dates from the Post-War pre-Commmunist period. The hilt and pommel are in the white. blade of the VZ–23 bayonet be shortened by 100 mm., resulting in the VZ–24 bayonet with its 300 mm. "tgf" was the Czechoslovakian Letter Code for Zbrojovka, Brno. After 15 March 1939 the Germans appropriated 40 vehicles from the Armoured Regiments in Bohemia and Moravia along with all three prototypes. The blade and crosspiece have a phosphate finish. Conversely some of the parts originating from trucks made replacement and repairs much easier. xii) Once the whole piece is dry to the touch apply another layer of varnish to fix everything in place. The VZ–22 bayonet copied the Austrian M1895 inverted blade profile, but used a Mauser style hilt. For their own troops they provided great support and a good boost to morale. CKD offered a price of CZK 130,000 for each tankette whilst the army demanded a price of less than CZK 100,000 be offered. For example Tancik voj. Because the insurgents did not target the tankettes, none of them received any damage. The first series of 10 pieces were completed in the factory by the beginning of January 1934 but representatives of the Ministry of Defence only took them from the factory in Slany on 6 February 1934 (registration numbers 13.430 to 13.439). 24 rifle. These exercises however, confirmed all of the fears that were loudly proclaimed by the military establishment. The start of serial production had significantly adjusted due to a collection of complications that had occurred, not least of which was the unsatisfactory work of the Polda Steelworks who were responsible for the manufacture of the armour plates. Another version, the Vz. The army, still disunited over the role of the tankette, still resisted the submission of a large order.


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