vw subaru conversion cost
Good news! and Mountain Bus Werks labor. Fellows Speed Shop Ltd are Subaru Engine Conversion specialist in Classic Volkswagen’s, also producing our own Brakes and Steering. If it’s not a Subaru, let’s make it one! This engine produces great power throughout its RPM range and produces enough power even on heavier rigs at higher elevations. Parts are readily available in North America and are more cost effective than the Vanagon stock parts. Syncro 4X4 van, 500$ more, don't ask why. This is obviously likely to be an old, high milage engine - probably something like a 2.2 from an early ‘90’s Legacy. Ask to see Morty, one of Subietech’s official mascots and our constantly evolving prototype for all new Subaru-VW options. One off fabrication and development is expensive due to the labour involved. For the purists, even though it fits, it doesn't. More power and newer engines cost more money! They are based on the simplest installation - an early ‘90’s Legacy engine into a T25 / T3 / Vanagon. Subaru+VW. Over £ 1500    You’re looking at seriously powerful production (such as low milage WRX STi), tuned or racing engines for over £ 1500. Be extra careful with turbo engines. What converting to Subaru power costs depends on many factors. Although we try to ensure that any conversions we do are approached more as holistic systems rather than simply looking at power outputs, with the Subaru conversion it is not possible to source new parts since, by definition, these engines and their management systems are used. Which vehicles will you do a conversion on? Whether you want a bigger, upgraded motor in your Subaru or a Subaru in your VW/Porsche, we’ve done it. For more than a decade we have been offering the solid reliability and driveability of Subaru power plants for your Volkswagen Vanagon camper or tin top. Whether you pay for your conversion to be built as a ‘one off’, or buy ‘off the shelf’ components. Quality Subaru Conversions for Vanagons. Remove Vanagon Engine 5. Our aim is to make them perform and handle better without losing their unique character. If you are embarking on a SubaruVanagon, Busaru, or Bugaru Subaru engine swap, you have come to the right place. Also check eBay. View installation locations and contact for information about pricing and schedule. Total £1200 ish plus engine. Final Elements Aircooled Vanagon Total about £ 1500 ish, plus engine. (Ask about other VW year/model conversions, and/or Subaru transmission swaps)(Ask about EJ20/EJ25 turbo and H6 EZ30D and EG33 SVX conversions), ~SmallCar Engine mount~Rocky Mountain Westy Engine Mount, ~Adapter Plate w/9in Flywheel (Manual)~Adapter Plate w/Flex plate (Automatic), ~Rebuilt VW 4sp Transmissions ~Rebuilt Reversed Subaru 5speed Transmission, ~SmallCar aluminum 5qt oil pan~Subaru OEM shortened oil pan, ~9in VW Clutch kit (Manual adapter plate)~Subaru OEM Clutch kit and Flywheel (Reversed Subaru Transmission), ~Reversed Coolant Manifold~Coolant Hose Kit~Coolant Reservoir Bracket~Plastic Coolant Reservoir Tank 86+ Vanagon~Aluminum Expansion Tank for Conversion~Stainless Steel Coolant lines~Thermostat, ~Accelerator cable kit Auto or Manual 8mm or 6mm~Quiet Power Steering Pressure Hose (if power steering is available )~Fuel hose 7.5mm~Fuel Filter~Cone Air Filters~Mass Air Flow Adapters~Hi-Torque Starter (VW trans)~OEM Subaru Starter (Subaru reversed 5sp), ~Stainless Steel Header Fits all EJ25 and 90-95 EJ22 Duel port heads ~Stainless Steel Exhaust Kit With OEM Cat. All of our engines are sourced from Subaru of North America which receive a factory spec overhaul that Subaru's stringent quality standards. We highly recommend that when going with the Subaru Conversion to consider rebuilding/overhauling the transmission at the same time. Motor swaps start at $15K, which includes a fully rebuilt motor, ECU, wire harness modification, exhaust, clutch kit, coolant system and aluminum expansion tank, shortened oil pan, adaptor plate, engine mounts, and a full warranty. They are based on the simplest installation - an early ‘90’s Legacy engine into a T25 / T3 / Vanagon. They also tend to give a neater, more professional final installation due to being designed for the purpose, rather then made as a one off, and a better fit, as they are made in fixtures, etc. Welcome to BUSARU. Inexpensive and easily available maintenance items, Engine Rebuilt for Vanagon Specific Applications, *Mileage depends on driving style, weight of Vanagon and transmission gearing. Longitudinal data. We also do Subaru motor conversions for Karmen Ghias, Bugs, and Porsches! You could easily spend £ 15000 on a race spec engine, for which you could probably get up to 1000 bhp. We specialize in motor rebuilds and motor swaps. Our conversions are designed for any tech, anywhere, to be able to see what is happening. *each partner facility has different pricing based on their location and overhead costs, call your nearest shop for its pricing. **Does not include donor car AKA motor, ECU, or wire harness. Obviously the costs will increase for mire complex installations: Minimum Cost:   If you obtain a very cheap engine, buy only the essential parts (such as a bellhousing kit), make everything which can be fabricated as one off’s yourself (engine mounts, exhaust, etc, etc), and use scrap yard parts wherever possible, it ought to be possible to install a Subaru engine in something like a watercooled T25 for under £ 1000, INCLUDING THE ENGINE. Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter, rjes.com v1.11, Copyright © R Jones, R J Engineered Solutions, 2002 - 2008, What does it cost to convert to Subaru Power. Go on, it's cheaper than a phone call. Stock tuning produces between 165-175hp and around 170ft-lb of torque. £ 250 - £ 1000    Mid price range engines are likely to be more modern units, with prices increasing with capacity, specification, and ‘newness’. The main ones are: The following is a guide to some of the costs. This incredibly powerful and quite reliable engine is great for road trippers who are looking to pull hills with ease, drive at highway speeds, and be able to comfortably drive at high elevation. Subaru conversion for your Vanagon Westfalia 1983-1991----Last update: ... be aware of all possible optional/ variation in price for each type of van, some conversion can cost more on some specific year and/or if you van is in bad shape!!!!! VW Subaru Engine Conversions Although this 1971 Volkswagen Beetle is still powered by a flat-four, the engine’s displacement and output has increased. 1. It is key to buy rebuilt engines only from shops specializing in rebuilding Subarus to handle the additional weight and aerodynamic drag of the Vanagon. Heavy modifications and conversions to new systems can place strain on older systems that have not been modernized or replaced in your beloved van.


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