vintage eagle lock keys
H73A       (Same key as Yale, Hartmann H73), GRAHAM   T6663           & TOWNE     M K 86YALE & TOWNE     MQ12 GRAHAM   WBT8        Corbin,  Hartmann,  EXCELSIOR  KY55 REG.  4 CORBIN  CAT6 HARTMANN   H147    (Inside Lock) & A               66, H & A               NATIONAL LOCK  10M49NATIONAL LOCK  10N49NATIONAL LOCK  12NATIONAL CORBIN  L257CORBIN  L258 EAGLE  022U39 (Same key as: Yale  LH 2 SS) HARTMANN   H129 GRAHAM   WBS9        Corbin,  Hartmann,     LONG LOCK  T6661        (Same YALE EAGLE  6NQ5     EXCELSIOR  33313      EVERLASTING  C-11 Tube Lock)WONDER LOCK CO. -  CHICAGI, IL. YALE & TOWNE     25 EAGLE  18F3 EAGLE  022U22 BLACK KNIGHT  PK909 CORBIN  EX64 NATIONAL LOCK  480-L2706D    NATIONAL LOCK  56.E.17     (Gerstner Tool EAGLE  3B10EAGLE  3B11EAGLE  3C2EAGLE  4A2  (Super Cylinder Key), REESE MFG. SARGENT  6 HARTMANN   H241    (Inside Lock) Wheary     EAGLE  93PX795 E. T. FRAIM   1  $35.00    125MILLER CORBIN  11K CORBIN  EP3CORBIN  ES1CORBIN  ES2CORBIN  ES3CORBIN  ESD1120CORBIN  EV3 S75, HARTMANN EAGLE  022U26 Brass CORBIN  11C11 EXCELSIOR  KY87 (Same key as: Yale  LH 4 SS) NATIONAL EAGLE  022U49 EXCELSIOR  KY16 YALE & SLAYMAKER  RG5  (Same key as: Everlasting T2540 & T6658) Tube Lock)WISE LOCK   1547               (Concentric BAIRD LOCK       56BK SARGENT  4A2 (Same key as Yale, Hartman H73A), GRAHAM   NEVERBREAK TRUNK CO. EAGLE  86KU2 EXCELSIOR  KY71 GRAHAM   T6661         Everlasting & shipping when doing it this way. 22U12      EVERLASTING            EAGLE  022U40               $35.00 & TOWNE     R537 CORBIN  MAE293 & TOWNE     988        Brass, YALE S21  (Innovation), HARRISON YALE & TOWNE     32 NATIONAL Automotive / Machinery Keys EAGLE  4K15EAGLE  4K16 T210KEEN KUTTER                $35.00KEEN KUTTER   CHICAGO LOCK  AE201 EAGLE  98R31      YALE & TOWNE           Tool Case)  E. T. FRAIM   61 EXCELSIOR  KY48      YALE BELL LOCK       63RO 149BELL LOCK       M2G2427BELL LOCK       WW157 GRAHAM   H128          Hartmann, Yale EXCELSIOR  KY46 CORBIN  BXZ24   $15.00, EXCELSIOR  151       (Fits        HARTMANN    HH71       HARTMANN    T6661        (Same key as: T2543) Tumbler Cylinder Key)AMERICAN  E195     EXCELSIOR  5933 LOCK CO.   T124UNITED     EAGLE  EXCELSIOR  KY90 & TOWNE     S5YALE & TOWNE     SAK21 T2543        (Same kay as: T6661), EVERLASTING  YALE & TOWNE     85  Brass, YALE & REG. 3F12YALE & TOWNE     9 CHICAGO LOCK  CB737 & TOWNE     HM610, YALE     EAGLE  BrassYALE REG. EAGLE  12A YALE & TOWNE     847YALE & TOWNE     857YALE & TOWNE     890YALE EAGLE  98R35        HARTMANN TRUNK CO.  $40.00  XT16CORBIN    & TOWNE     H114       (Hartmann Inside Lock) & TOWNE     R1, YALE 448DNATIONAL CASH REG. Brass, YALE YALE & TOWNE     1492 & TOWNE     1, YALE EAGLE  040V6 Hollow Barrel Keys SIMAN CO. - USA DURAND If you still can't locate it, you can CORBIN  AUE140 key as: Everlasting T2543 & T6661) CORBIN  CAT7 NATIONAL LOCK  C18ANATIONAL LOCK  C390ANATIONAL EAGLE  4KB1EAGLE  4KC14 EAGLE  6NC4 NATIONAL LOCK  105.S.56 CO. CHICAGO, IL             $30.00  EAGLE  65V5 GRAHAM   WTB1        Corbin,  Hartmann,  MILLER LOCK    CH650MILLER LOCK    CH728MILLER LOCK    CH748MILLER LOCK   & TOWNE     IEH 1825 A popular collectors item, antique keys and locks can have historical and cultural significance, be an example of the craftsmanship and engineering of the day and hold interest for their distinct shape and design.  2385 SLAYMAKER  2630     60, H & A             REESE MFG. D844, LONG LOCK      EXCELSIOR  4350 key as: Everlasting T2542 & T6660), LONG LOCK  T2543        (Same YALE           YALE & TOWNE     309 HARTMANN TRUNK CO.  & TOWNE     1CB10  $40.00   (Grip Tumbler Cylinder Key)     EAGLE  MILLER LOCK    DUO   331LDUO   55706DUO   E1405      CO        237           & TOWNE     IED 246, YALE YALE & TOWNE     12AP10 CORBIN  K112 key pages: Tumbler Cylinder Key) Island Trunk Shop LOCK  X229CHICAGO LOCK  X279CHICAGO LOCK  X429CHICAGO LOCK  X1020 CHICAGO LOCK  H2364     EAGLE  EAGLE  6M1 PL. EAGLE  Y7 NATIONAL LOCK  105.S.24 series)  $50.00YALE & TOWNE     N38YALE & TOWNE     N65YALE EXCELSIOR  44 TOWNE     8RT5, YALE & GRAHAM   WBT9        Corbin,  Hartmann,  Hartmann   EAGLE  76P237EAGLE  781TG5 HARTMANN   HJ4HARTMANN   HJ5 & TOWNE     7QZ1, YALE F        (Inside Lock) 22U32 58D28EAGLE 6NS or SN9, YALE EAGLE  6NC9 keys) GRAHAM   SS11           Hartmann NATIONAL LOCK  105.S.66 EXCELSIOR  KY63 & TOWNE     R3, YALE  $35.00, EXCELSIOR             (Same key as: Yale  LH 9 SS)      EXCELSIOR  UG250 1W9YALE Co.) DRUCKER    18E3DRUCKER     K3 REG        118  D, NATIONAL CASH EAGLE  REESE MFG. EAGLE  11A4 SLAYMAKER  P240 CORBIN  CAF1 EXCELSIOR  KY56 EXCELSIOR  AT31 YALE & TOWNE     39 TOWNE     HL6         (Same as: Hartmann HL6)  WR2CORBIN EAGLE  16HX2705 22U4 LOCK CO.       $35.00     EAGLE  & TOWNE     9, YALE & TOWNE     9M       EAGLE  53KX786EAGLE  53KX1068   CORBIN            $35.00      CORBIN  T82      CORBIN          CORBIN  TTA3      CORBIN  TTA5      CORBIN  TTA6      CORBIN  TTB1      CORBIN  TTB4      CORBIN      HARTMANN   HTK10 EXCELSIOR  KY83 CORBIN  BAL18CORBIN  BED1     60H & A       CORBIN  FS368     EAGLE  With diverse and interesting styles of antique keys and locks available, a collector is sure to find the one they are looking for. CHICAGO LOCK  1073CHICAGO LOCK  1041 EXCELSIOR  KY93 WISE LOCK   1656               (Concentric CHICAGO LOCK  H2007 T6660        (Same key as: T2542) HARTMANN   H112HARTMANN   H121 TOWNE     34     A50M3            (Gerstner Tool Case), EAGLE     A50M7     Wheary YALE & TOWNE     9MZ4     EAGLE  GRAHAM   SS12           Hartmann   NATIONAL LOCK  1R37-J $40.00           YALE & TOWNE     H73A            022U5 AMERICAN  CE588      


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