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have developed some very complex apps for customers out there running on thousands of devices Also banner of my Qt apps didn't work for other people's device in my country. For mobile apps: Flutter The debug information are not striped if its not signed, even in release mode, It was working before signing. The Berlin-Vegan Guide provides a quick and easy overview over vegan food and shopping possibilities. You can configure it in various ways for backups, fault tolerance, caching or conditional merging of databases. The Qt Company & Felgo Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. Play in 10 thrilling levels It operates with standard JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS 3. As our platform is a Saas, we thought It'd be good to have an API (We chose Ruby and Rails for this) and a SPA (built with React and Redux ) connected. Janne Kokko After much research and trying different tools, these are what I came up with that work for me today: For the client coding I chose Framework7 because of its performance, easy learning curve, and very well designed, beautiful UI widgets. QML 1.0 made. We have a couple of extra projects: One is an Employee app built with React Native and the other is an internal back office dashboard built with Next.js for the client and Python in the backend side. In the question "What are the best cross-platform GUI toolkits?" Jump'n'run games where you try to defeat enemies and reach the end of the level. It can be used to create mobile apps or games. the popular Cheekio Chimp book series and uses Felgo to create Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices – right on Amazon. I think to convert them to Flutter in order to reduce app size. In match-3 (tile-matching) games the player manipulates tiles in order to make them disappear according to a matching criterion, like 3 tiles of the same type. Having a game developer background I found the tweeks to make it run as smooth as silk. Even as your scripts become large, Ruby allows you to refactor your code easily and make it Object Oriented if necessary. Amarjit Atwal It also pleased us to use the integrated Felgo Game Network for gamification to implement features that were not on our roadmap for the first release. Postman. Since React makes no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, it's easy to try it out on a small feature in an existing project. quickly. The full source code of this game made with Felgo Multiplayer It's only 21MB. players from all over the engine. we were able to monetize our games and publish them to iOS & And I have big plans for a business app. I'm working as one of the engineering leads in RunaHR. All of it my own experience of developing cross-platform applications. I consider TypeScript to be one of the best creations to come out of Microsoft in some time. How about apps for embedded devices by the two? iOS is a bit more tricky cause of Apple's policies so it's not available on the App Store, but you can build it and install it yourself to your device. CYAN AG then a customer asks to support W10 tablets. No other tech has been able to allow designers and developers to develop such flexible, high performance, customisable user interface elements that are highly responsive and hardware accelerated before. this fun variation of Crazy Eights or UNO! And one side question. Luckily Qt provides this, too. I use Webpack and Babel to compile the JavaScript. into reality. new games rapidly. Thanks to the Felgo Team and their support, we were able to realize that with a single development platform. there will also be help from QtCreator to see what will be deprecated in Qt 6 / QML 3 As the first attempt to bring our online offerings to the app stores, we decided for the cross-platform capabilities of Felgo. We started to use Redis  for cache and other time sensitive operations. Pro. Clients can collaborate in real-time and see changes I make as I make them.


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