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And I don’t want you to go, ever. And so I know there’s trouble. BETSHEB laughs at his actions. Get out of their day shoes and set off at a gallop, drinks whizzing down the gullet, talk gurgling up, hands wandering all over the place, anywhere will do, who cares.They have learned how not to care, how here to let go the reins. I’m not to blame for every thing that’s gone wrong in your lives. And my dress would fill up with light. turned all slimy like ham that’s gone bad, I’d peel off his shirt, lay him down On this page you will find links to eReserve digital copies of Australian play, script & monologue excerpts for use in Speech + Drama. One of the requests we receive most frequently, from actors, students and teachers alike, is the ability to search for monologues within plays. It’s my job to think. (He smiles and she smiles back. Before ya know it, ya got some girl up the duff and no money. Pip: This garden is the world. Here are a few shorter monologues for your consumption from Joanna Murray-Smith’s Honour. Mum hearing and throwing a mental…. Had a look at the inn where whatsisname wrote his opera. it’s not hard.” Though it is. All Rights Reserved. And when I see a baby in a pram…[beat.] There’s no algorithm or predefined formula we can draw on to identify a good monologue, it requires experience, insight and a lot of patience. But that day, when we’re wagging school and drinking sweet wine in the backyard she decides to come home. Whether you’re ready to own the audition room with a Shakespearean sonnet or embody a cranky, treasure-hunting pirate captain, we’ve got you covered. She spends the day with a screamin’ sprog and a fag in her mouth plonked in front of a daytime soap wearin’ her tracky daks all day, dreamin’ of bein’ swept away by some Fabio and she just gets… fatter. Now you’re dead. Whether you are an aspiring performer or playwright, we have provided links where you can purchase the scripts so that you too can enjoy the full skill and talent on display from some of Australia’s most talented playwrights. I’d smash his head in. I was ready to endure the heat or cold, to forget about comfort, to find something to fight for, something to believe in, to believe in so completely and worth dying for. And when a husband tells me he’s having his third boy I want to put my hand down his pants and rip his fucking cock off and squeeze it dry of any seed. Blender lasagne into custard so he could drink it. for Men. Tweet. Australian Monologues for Men and Women . Woman from Welfare says, “it must be hard. It is important to audition with a monologue you are comfortable with and so choosing a monologue written for your vernacular can help you act in natural and relaxed way. And when a pregnant woman walks past me on the street I want punch her belly and walk away when she falls to the ground and just leave her there to deal with it. Pin. Gary: If I think of what I was like, of that man, Gary, it’s like he was in another life, another time, in a bad dream. I love, I love, I love, love they think. I’m bored. Simply select an option from the search results and you’ll find information about the available monologues embedded within the information we provide about the play. And then, I don’t know how they did it but the water turned bright red. I would breath out, relax and they would sit and put a hand out somewhere on the table, it would contact my hand and ping down the arm would go, the message and it would run up the shoulder into the head, down whiz straight to the heart and zoom, zing the genitals aflame. Went on a tour of that poet’s house. Australian Plays acknowledges First Nation people as the custodians of Australia and its territories. We are sharing these for educational reasons and to help promote the work of Australian playwrights. I’d been waiting for it for a long time. I don’t want to see you again. I can say you represent all the things that are missing from my life: romance, laughter, space, clear dazzling light. Everybody’s richer, everybody’s more beautiful, and everybody’s got more… purpose. But I couldn’t let her down – and if I hear you mention either grapes or the Murray to her now, I’ll kick you so far they’ll have to feed you with a shanghai. And I’m not taking him back, not this time. Not even after all the sick saliva seeps into When a friend tells me she is pregnant I smile and hug and kiss and ask her dumb questions. Those kids, those kids are my blessings. Anyway, Carol says it’s not Nathan they’re after, it’s about your kids. I would wake up and dance I would jump off the end of the pier, free fall. Mum stuck her face in the compost pit and said ‘Vomit there, you silly girl’. No one who is happy needs to repeat, ‘I am happy’ a thousand times a day to convince himself. I shouldn’t laugh, should I? With more than 1700 plays to sort through, the process of hand selecting and cataloguing monologues began almost two years ago, under the watchful eye of director and producer Michael McLaughlin, assisted by writer and performer Fiona Stewart and our Literary Manager, Tom Healey. There’s been a fire. No, not greedy. I’m lonely. [Beat] I will never have children. And some guy took you off and did those things to you. If we stuck together like we said, you and me and Leanne, you wouldn’t be here. You know, beaten up by their dad, in trouble with the cops, pisshead mum, rough school. I don’t think I deserve them anyway. There’s some amazing things in there. Maybe we had a goddamn mission and that was to make this planet a better place for our inheritors than it was for us. These voices—from ages 14 to 84, from the 1880s to the near future—showcase the best of our national writing for the stage.Featuring monologues written by:Donna Abela • Jada Alberts • Angela Betzien • Andrew Bovell • Melissa Bubnic • Mary Anne Butler • Justine Campbell & Sarah Hamilton • Stephen Carleton • Katherine Thomson, Angela Chaplin & Kavisha Mazzella • Elizabeth Coleman • Patricia Cornelius • Wesley Enoch • Jane Montgomery Griffiths • Rashma N. Kalsie • Daniel Keene • Finegan Kruckemeyer • Suzie Miller • Kate Mulvany & Craig Silvey • Terence O’connell • Debra Oswald • Lachlan Philpott • Leah Purcell • Caroline Reid • Damien Ryan • Samah Sabawi • Stephen Sewell • Ninna Tersman • Alana ValentineImprint: Currency PressRRP: $26.99. But it’s like Carol says I only got to look at a man. Away / Michael Gow     -     catalogue link, Breaker Morant / Kenneth Ross     -     catalogue link, Cosi / Louis Nowra    -     catalogue link, Don's Party / David Williamson    -     catalogue link, A Hard God / Peter Kenna    -     catalogue link, The Sum of Us / David Stevens    -     catalogue link, Sweet Road / Debra Oswald    -     catalogue link, Third World Blues / David Williamson     -     catalogue link, Head of Library & Information Services: 03 6341 9920 Audio Visual: 03 6341 9921 Library Bookings & Circulation Desk: 03 6341 9822, Websites: St Patrick's College - Library Catalogue - College Archives - Staff Development, On this page you will find links to eReserve digital copies of Australian p. This selection also includes works from New Zealand.


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