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Singer. She lost her voice while writing this article singing along to all the songs featured in this article. "Way Back Wednesday: Seo Taiji & Boys – "Nan Arayo, "Turbo returns after 15 years as trio, tops charts", "Tony An congratulates fellow H.O.T. I was hoping to see the inclusion of songs by some other key artists, especially after you referenced Han Dae Soo, for example, Jeon In-Kwon from Deulgukjhwa. They achieved much success through their original music. They sang their way into the hearts of many ladies with their soulful R&B sound. I couldn't find a youtube link but (we're) probably not missing out on much. 04 December 1992. Judging from the other Korean music publications I've seen: 'Endless Supply of Pain' is their most popular album. I'm not sure what the title is about. DJ DOC was known for their rebellious ways, and their bad boy tendencies led them into trouble at times. This happens more often the older I get and especially when this time of year comes along. Thanks for your comments. Check out their debut song and a personal favorite, “I Know.”. Given that the Park government banned so many “unhealthy songs” (at the climax in 1975, 222 South Korean records and 261 foreign songs were banned on grounds from “negative influences on national security” to “pessimistic content”), it promoted “healthy popular music” itself and President Park even wrote and composed some of the so-called “healthy songs” (which had cheerful lyrics and melodies and praise of the country) himself. I am just beginning to explore your blog, but really enjoy your writing and knowledge and hope that I can comment more in the future. This list specifically consists of singers, who debuted between 1990-1995, whom I consider the “sunbaes” of 90s K-Pop that paved the way for today’s idol stars. This is relatively manly stuff right here, but only just about. I remember sitting in front of the television set watching “Gayo Top 10” dreaming of singing and dancing onstage, mesmerized by Kang Susie and Yang Soo Kyung. Park Jin Young, perhaps more familiar as JYP, made his debut in 1992. His song, “Bounce” even won the “BC-UnionPay Song of the Year” in the Mnet Asian Music Awards of 2013 despite competition from the K-pop idols. That sounds awesome and it’s wonderful that you are inspired to share so much on this blog! The one I am watching now is very unique…”Coffee Prince” and it has a lot of unique indie folk sounding music in it ‘s soundtrack as a well as a record producer character. ( Log Out /  The world of K-Pop faced a tragedy when Kim Sung Jae passed away in 1995. Female singers included Hye Un-i whose popular debut song, “You wouldn’t know” (당신은 모르실거야), brought her to stardom. In 1988, he sang “Seoul Seoul Seoul” (서울 서울 서울) in three languages (i.e., Korean, English and Japanese) to celebrate the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. I don't like the album, it reminds me of one of the guys towards the start of this list. His distinctive voice set him apart as a solo artist, and he broke many records with the sales of his albums. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Various Artists - A Tribute to 신중현 (Shin Jung-Hyeon). I've only listened to 1집, 2집 and 'Behind Time 1925~1955 A Memory Left At An Alley', this album would be 3집. List of South Korean idol groups (2000s) List of South Korean idol groups (2010s) List of South Korean idol groups (2020s) References Last edited on 10 October 2020, at 17:36. Finally, a break from dance-pop. He is highly prolific and has worked with many other artists including Toy and IU. Kim Gun Mo earned the nickname of the “Korean Stevie Wonder” for his vocal talent as well as his skills on the piano. My favourite Korean rock album. Listened to it a while ago but didn't like it. There is still no other singer who can compete against Lee Joon’s voice (in my opinion), and no, I’m not talking about the MBLAQ Lee Joon… Jung Jae Yoon (Jae Chong), the leader of the group, is a successful producer, and the lead vocal of the group, Kim Jo Han, continues his music career as a solo artist. Singer. I've had this album on my hard-drive for some years now but never listened to it. Solid has a diverse selection of hits from R&B to ballad to dance. I’m too old to dream about becoming a superstar now, but those songs I used to sing and dance to are still a significant part of my life. “Evolution of K-pop Series – An overview” dated 25 February 2015, “Evolution of K-pop Series – Birth of K-pop to 1940’s” dated 27 February 2015, “Evolution of K-pop Series – 1950’s and 1960’s” dated 4 March 2015, “Evolution of K-pop Series – 1990’s (Rise of Modern K-pop) dated 9 March 2015, “Evolution of K-pop Series – 2000’s and beyond” dated 11 March 2015, John Lie, K-pop: popular music, cultural amnesia and economic innovation in South Korea, Oakland, California: University of California Press, 2015, Jonathan M. Hicap, “2013 MAMA: G-Dragon, EXO, Cho Yong Pil bag top awards“, Manila Bulletin, 2013-11-23, Written by Wi Tack-whan and translated by Sohn Ji-ae, “Cho Yong-pil, K-pop legend“,, 2013-06-03, “Cho Yong-pil’s 1st album in 10 years sweeps charts“, The Chosun Ilbo, 2013-04-24, Daniel Tudor著, 胡菀如譯,《韓國: 撼動世界的嗆泡菜》,台北市: 聯經出版事業股份有限公司,2013年版, 266-270頁, John Lie, “What is the K in K-pop? Despite his early association with rock music as an electric guitarist in a rock band, Cho Yong-pil’s initial popularity came from his trot songs which were popular in both South Korea and Japan. I have tried before to explore early examples of Kpop and Korean folk influenced music and found your blog through a Google search today. One of such “healthy songs” written by President Park was “My Homeland” (나의 조국). Beautiful folk music, more of a traditional Korean vein, but it isn't 국악 (gugak), maybe a modern evolution of it —I don't know. Im Yoon-ah. She started as a fairly standard ballad-pop singer with her first two albums; 3집 is more tranquil, mostly soft-folk with traces of her dance-pop past; 4집 continues the evolution: eliminated dance-pop and the introduces bossa nova; 5집 (this album) is more-or-less standard folk/rock music, but extremely good at that; 6집 is my favourite album of hers: electronic-folk —very soft, beautiful, and uncommon from RoK. He was also known for his unique fashion and funny dance moves. I don't think 1993 was my year. I prefer his album 2집-part2 over Insensible but none of his albums are bad, so it would be very, 정원영 (Chyeong Won-Yeong) - young mi robinson. It's a bit annoying that Seo Taiji gets most of his albums on this list, but some artists such as Kang Sang-Eh only have 1 —which isn't even his most popular or best. A member, Yang Hyun Suk, is the CEO of the successful Korean entertainment label, YG Entertainment. What led me to your blog was Kdrama, to tell the truth. The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 448 total. The group not only introduced different genres, but it also created its own culture setting trends with the release of every album.


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