usfa zip gun upgrade
Speaking of malfunctions…what is taking place right here? Due to the bolt speed, the ZiP only [mostly] works with the BX-1, 10-round mags. Zip is the future of fun.. because at some point in the very distant future, you might be able to have fun with it.. after you install a kit and do a f*in rain dance. Most other aftermarket magazines don’t have quite the correct feed lip geometry and/or share the BX-25’s feed rate problem. Well, I guess that it’s unfortunate that you didn’t get that training while you were in the Army. USFA ZiP .22LR Specs: SKU: USZIPNMB76 … Read More. The very best aspect was it was all supposed to be extremely very affordable. good luck finding a load that will kick the block back hard enough to eject properly. I would not want to carry a 22 as a concealed carry gun. Only problem I have now is finding the ammo to feed the Zip. The ZiP is actually comfortable enough to hold. I do want a lot more organizations would strategy the release of their weapons with the identical enthusiasm and the identical quantity of accessories and assistance as the Zip 22. Sounds dangerously like the “ship it, we’ll fix it with a patch at some point!” mentality that has been spreading through the computer games industry like herpes. The ZiP ships with two sets of recoil springs: stiff for high-test loads and light for target/bulk loads (factory-installed default). No Roger, I do not own one as of yet. I like innovation, but it’s sad to hear there’s so many problems. Oh yeah Doug, this is so much better than the USFA Single Action Revolvers you were building. If the gun worked, you could make a really exciting braced pistol, but regrettably, this by no means came to be. I will post on here once I hear back and get some time with it. The bolt (ZiP calls it the “recoil body”) is entirely inside of the frame. Just a little history of the past….no one was hurt but the gangs new what we had. I am excited about their hold open coming out. Well it’s certainly not another 1911 clone. So… not conclusive evidence or anything, but I couldn’t make it happen. Due to the low mass of the reciprocating parts, the bolt speed is extremely high and the spring rates are particularly important. So we put a miniature [email protected] popgun on your [email protected] popgun! All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Ain’t no one got time for that. Oh, it doesn’t look nearly as ridiculous, dangerous, and I’ll conceived as this POS. Wow! The little loop for your middle finger is critical for achieving a solid grip on the gun when you aren’t pulling the extremely heavy trigger. In the embedded video, I actually try to fire it out of battery at 10:15 into the vid. $219 with a BX-1 included. ZiP claims to have made multiple updates that have the newer production guns working properly. Very Important. Just aint out there at reasonable price Reminds me of that gun from the GRFS live action trailers, only tiny. Painting the front sight white would be a quick, cheap upgrade. It looks like it was invented so people will buy a tax stamp, I would rather buy a suppressor for a .22 that I know is going to work reliably. Just for lolz. A rail and a box of CCI Blazer 22 Ammo. No. The spring for lower vol ammo is in the ZIP. Wow, THAT’S endearing – a manufacturer that blames the victim. Your post-upgrade experience mimicks mine to a “t”. I really want a pistol that takes 10/22 mags. I have tried 3 different mags, the BX1 (two new ones), the BX25 (two new ones), and the HC3R (two new ones) with no luck. At least for a round or two, til it jams. The thought about a holster isn’t to conceal it by any means. um . As is, it just doesn’t run reliably enough to be fun; too much time’s spent dealing with difficult-to-clear jams and it only sort of runs with Ruger factory BX-1 magazines. It was returned post paid to CT where they updated. Almost makes one wonder if the whole thing wasn’t just a big hustle to squeeze money out of people foolish enough to buy one because it ‘looked pretty cool”, and the company named it what it did as a way of laughing at the poor suckers while they were on the way to the bank. And yes, I have and do serve my country. Yes. Forgot to mention in the write-up, somehow, but the ZiP has no extractor at all. Copyright © 2020 by But they’ve really got to make this thing work right first. It doesn’t deserve five stars. If you do buy one make sure it is of current production sr. # as it will than have the up dates. The police reacted real quick about the rumors and within a week New York City had taken them of the market. This gun will change your mind. The mangled brass I was getting was nothing short of extraordinary. It’s cool to have a rifle and pistol that shoot the same clips. I wonder if the poly bolt is to blame for some of the issues. –Steve. It’s like $20 and screws in on the left side of the gun. Seems like its purpose is built around fun. Fun when it runs, but frustrating and dangerous when it doesn’t. The ZiP™ was consistently plagued with failures to feed. Hard to find the ammo now. Lots of failures to ignite, failures to eject, or extract and a handful of double feeds. Chiming in from 2019, having just attempted to fire one. The 5.25” barrel does its job with all ammo brands tested. They can cut you up into more bite-sized pieces. So random thought if u put under the barrel of your rifle…. I also hope that you have not misread anything I have asked on this site which was AGAIN, if anyone knew of any holsters for it. On the plus side, the ZiP gun’s very accurate. On average, it would jam at least once per magazine, and this was a major improvement from pre-upgrade. That’s called the Ruger Charger, and it exists, and works. Its odd box shape style was eye-catching, and the style was a thing no 1 had ever genuinely accomplished ahead of. It’s a comfortable reach for me now (size L men’s gloves), but any longer and it would become a stretch. If they had tested it at ALL, they’d have found that the design just didn’t work as it was drawn, and they’d either drop the whole thing, or make serious modifications. Your food tasting bad is not related to how it looks . Its style is its own, and it gets five stars for that. It’s a weakness, I know, but I have a thing for Bizarre guns, useful or not. A little history of guns goes a long way. Since it has no extractor, I wonder if it is ammo sensitive like a Beretta 21A, which pretty much only runs reliably on Stingers. There is no provision for locking the bolt back. It actually made it through a couple of BX-1 10-round magazines in a row without a jam. It will work for lefties but not so much. Please keep going with it and you can realize success once and for all. Same as any other .22 pistol, really. It’s interesting, very starship trooper in appearance. Near-muzzle loading operation used to be extremely popular, example: One might be able to see the potential if not for all the flaws. I’m also trying to figure out the purpose of this firearm. 1 of the weapon’s shortcomings was a poorly placed charging deal with. HA! The gun was an abject failure, and clearly, it deserved to be. He’s a good guy. Did it multiple times, in fact, with the same results. Innovation is nice, but what it the point? There is a 200 rd break-in period, and there is also notes on the website about reassembly that I missed post-upgrade (there needs to be some space around the triangle charging rods). Trouble is, it’s usually accurate. how do you charge /reset it? Where’s the trigger? Honestly one wonders who are the trolls? It was the only video on an account owned by a John Smith. I’d rather have that amount of ammo in my home storage. I was briefly on their site but, must have missed what you are trying to direct me towards. As long as I use the CCI Blazer it runs. He commented a rather extended post that reeks of advertising speak. That moves the bolt back behind the first round in the magazine and then feeds it into the chamber when you snap your finger off the rod. Given that I’m an early adopter, I can’t get too upset and have to think they’ll get it worked out. I bought a Tec 22 about 15 years ago and when I first got it, it wouldn’t feed and kept jamming. This is theoretically handy if you have a bum primer or some sort of other failure to fire requiring you to reset the striker with a round in the chamber. There have been even a lot more reports that the Zip gun would fire out of battery, generating a hazardous circumstance. Much needed!! This is the creators of Doom, Duke Nuke ’em, and Halo trying to design a real gun. I do want a lot more organizations would strategy the release of their weapons with the identical enthusiasm and the identical quantity of accessories and assistance as the Zip 22. Came back upgraded with a box ov CCI Blazer 22LR (Can’t find any in my area.) the MPA master piece arms MPA22T is a piece of shit also, What does a MPA have yo do with a ZIP? I was shooting Federal Automatch, which is supposed to be higher velocity and rated for automatic guns. it may be me but seems like you get to pick the caliber of hole to go through gour hand if you were to actuly mount this thing…. I guess I am just lucky than. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They work just fine and accuracy with them was very good, despite the front sight being harder to find than an honest man at a gun control convention. Form comes before function here. Yes, when my rifle runs dry I can instantly switch to a .22LR pistol… Come on…. Sights:   Black plastic, no dots. Is that the front? While it actually fits in the hand okay, it isn’t what you’d call comfortable. I wasn’t the only 1. Instead of notching the frame for a bolt-mounted charging handle like you might see on a 10/22 or other semi-auto rifle, ZiPFactory decided to put two charging rods out front, right over the muzzle. You can “tune” your action to your ammunition’s power level. But the gunmaker has branched out and built a new brand: ZiPFactory. Mel Brooks has found his guns for Spaceballs II. But they still shouldn’t have put them onto the market, whatever the cause. However, to carry it when not directly firing it or if one chooses to use it for transition drills, you /they WOULD need some sort of holster. A cursory glance at Youtube showed tons of problematic Zip guns. After the Upgrade Kit, some polishing, some graphite lube, extremely careful assembly, a handful of ammo brands to test and some encouraging words, I had the ZiP running better. I like the fact that it uses Ruger 10/22 mags since I own 3 10/22’s. That pin that sticks through the hole in the recoil body is the striker itself. Also, the gun was low cost, with an MSRP of $199 and a typical value of $175.00. In the IT field it’s called a ‘picnic’, and 90% + of user issues are picnics. Faulty ammo or not the response given by the CEO/Inventor of this POS is unacceptable! Plinking. Keep in mind that resetting the striker with a live round in the chamber means putting your fingers/hands right at the muzzle (hopefully it wasn’t just a hangfire!). Strap it to your right temple, put a GoPro on your forehead and pretend you’re a robot assassin from the future. OVERALL *  Anything less than that is shoddy design (even ignoring the foolish ergonamics, styling, “tactical applications” joke, dangerous layout and danger of firing out of battery because the striker doesn’t disconnect when the bolt is cycling).


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