undercut drawing callout

Tunalover 6 Jul 05 16:24 microdesign,   My assumption about positional tolerances is that you are locating the feature itself, and calling up everything about its form, elsewhere.

It is essentially a control of a circular feature, and how much variation it has with the rotational axis. One of the ways is individual dimensioned length, widith and with a blank radii. As it is continuous, it has 2 separate surfaces.If I place a direct dimension on it, I would have to do it for all segments seperately, wouldn't I?If I place a +/- tolerance on it, It connot be dimensioned with basic dimensions, can it? microdesign (Mechanical)

That might have been more interesting.

Can it be done independent of the location? I have cosmetic threads specified in Part holes in the model. Limit Dimensions - In limit dimensioning only the maximum and minimum dimensions are specified. RE: slot call out drawoh,I agree with you. RE: slot call out

I would agree with hydroformer, but maybe that is because I also am familiar with automotive standards. templetonc (Aerospace) Folks-Honestly I don't understand why all this dialog (and thread) is necessary.

RE: slot call out The part must conform to both specifications. 27 Oct 05 17:15 ajack1 (Automotive) If you did not care about this, everything is fine. microdesign (Mechanical)

For example, the edge distance for a 4(.112)-40 screw would be (1/40*3)+(0.112/2)=.131 or a .262 diameter boss. Tunalover (Mechanical) You can't use +/- on a basic dimension. RE: slot call out

Tunalover,    Don't you mean Y14.5M-2004? The positional tolerance works from whatever datums you specified. If the feature were blind, you would have simply included the depth symbol (downward arrow). RE: slot call out If you use Y14.5M-1994 and Y14.100M (and the standards referenced within) and can't go wrong! RE: slot call out Pick the slot on one side and apply a dimension something like...   4X .500+.005/-.000. The slot may be there to allow compliance of the mating component. Perpendicularity - Perpendicularity is the condition of a surface, axis, or line, which is 90 deg. I would reluctantly recognize and accept the ANSI depth symbol and a numerical value applied to the length or the width of the slot. No arguing with the standards. RE: slot call out Dimension - A dimension is a numerical value expressed in appropriate units of measure and indicated on a drawing. ewh,   I don't know where FULL comes from either, although I have seen it used. 5-14, or 5-43 of ANSI 1994, or is that only usable in ref. Thanks again,drawoh, That is the conclusion I had come to also, but still some issues. Already a member? I never thought it would happen, but I must disagree with TheTick. I remember when "FULL" was dropped. Just the length x width (and tolerances) above a feature control frame to define positional tolerancing.Keeping in mind that these drawings are 'pictorial representations' and CAD is the MASTER. 5 Jul 05 14:46 I am not sure where it originated. microdesign,   Dimensions with +/- tolerances are a part of GD&T, and are described explicitly in ASME Y14.5M-1994. I can tolerance the top surface of a block to +/-.050", and apply a GD&T parallel tolerance of 0.005". Typed-in dimensions are bad practice in CAD, especially 3D CAD like SolidWorks. 11 Jul 05 18:57 Does this sound correct?

You can apply GD&T controls _and_ +/- tolerances.

TheTick (Mechanical) See how the Generative Topology Optimization extension automatically delivers high-quality, lower-cost, manufacturable designs. one side of the slot and then have a GDT control on the slot width relative to the side wall location?Thx,Davin RE: slot call out RE: slot call out Once the note is attached to the feature, everything is associative, and everything follows any drawing updates you do. Online Books & Manuals I agree. to the other side?I don't suppose a composite is appropriate, as the features are not identical and are coaxial.Ideally, I would like to use one control for one side of the slot, and then another to base one side of the slot on the other.

Flatness is a "stand alone" control. one side of the slot and then have a GDT control on the slot width relative to the side wall location?Thx,Davin 5 Jul 05 17:24 Seemed too obvious on the surface. H��W]s�8|ׯ�#ue"H�`�i'Yg+�U�ݗxh microdesign (Mechanical) JHG Only 1 face was slotted, and it has to be returned to have the far side slotted.

Engineering Forum microdesign (Mechanical) I was describing it. 27 Oct 05 17:38 That is: minimum hole size and maximum shaft size. For shafts (external feature of size) MMVS = MMS + Geometrical Tolerance For hole (internal feature of size) MMVS = MMS ??? There are a couple of different labeling systems throughout the world, so keep in mind which one the callout uses. A parallel tolerance is a strategy for controlling parallelism, while tolerating a sloppy width. Often, industry individuals use the terminology "Squareness" as a substitute for perpendicularity. 6 Jul 05 13:30

All Over - Indicated that indicated geometric or other specification applies all surface elements or features. in any combination have a common axis. Drawing callouts marked "KEY" define "key characteristics" that are considered especially important for fit, function, safety, or other reasons. There are ways to do it right. Your note should say NEAR SIDE but the words "THRU" or "ONLY" are are unnecessary. RE: slot call out SrGilberto (Mechanical) Engineering Videos RE: slot call out

The callout basically corresponds to the length and diameter of the screw’s shaft. Drawing Callout: Description: Runout is how much one given reference feature or features vary with respect to another datum when the part is rotated 360° around the datum axis. 28 Oct 05 15:53 You have to hide the dimensions of course! RE: slot call out I was not advocating the 1941 procedure. Features may be individual or interrelated. RE: slot call out You may also add, modify and/or delete dressup and 2D elements to these views. 22 Oct 05 22:49 according to the Y14.5 if it is not clearly illustrated as a thru 'hole' it should be labeled as "THRU". this standards stuff is better than Bible-bashing! Hello all!I wish to GDT a continuous (looped) slot, below a surface, which does not need special (tight) control on its location, but mostly needs control of the width independent of location.Is there a control for one wall of the slot relative to the other, when neither wall is a datum? THRU is by default for all features. drawoh (Mechanical) If it is smaller, it produces a "hotdog". JHG

12 Jul 05 09:54 Chris, Sr. Everyone,Thanks for all you comments.ProEdj Thus, if a slot doesn't show a sharp corner or a step between the radius and the straight edge it is by default interpretation, tangent and is also a "full" radius.Boy! 19 Oct 05 19:58 RE: slot call out RE: slot call out


The centrelines are only relevant to the specific examples in the standard. Hydroformer (Automotive) Excel App. 26 Oct 05 14:27 Just say "slot". this standards stuff is better than Bible-bashing! Heckler (Mechanical) A slot, by nature, would normally need different tolerances differing horizontal to vertical. I believe a slot is a hole. "True enough. 5 Jul 05 15:55 ISO 1101. It would have to be 4X, because you have 4 separate radii.I'm glad you finally described the feature you were talking about. *Hydroformer I just had 200 ft of square tubing slotted with laser, but I didn't put THRU because THRU is assumed unless otherwise specified. One of the main ideas of good drafting is that you do not control features that do not matter. 19 Oct 05 12:34

according to the Y14.5 if it is not clearly illustrated as a thru 'hole' it should be labeled as "THRU". microdesign (Mechanical) Chris, Sr.


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