unalaq vs ozai

Assuming its twilight (ie. Due to his connection with the Spirit World, he always believed himself to be better suited to rule both the Northern and Southern Water Tribes than his older brother; this ultimately made him self-righteous and callous in his approach, as evidenced when he removed his brother from succession, willingly putting the entire Northern Tribe in danger in the process. Noticing they were being followed by dark spirits, the party sought out a cave where they would camp overnight.
He listened in on a conference call between the other three members of the team and made his presence known when Amon was about to say that he wished the chief to be excluded from their plans. Northern Water TribeSouthern Water TribeRed Lotus (formerly)Vaatu Immediately afterward, Unalaq took a walk with Korra, his brother, and Tenzin throughout the festival grounds, all the while commenting that the spirituality the South once had was dissolving. I think Ozai handles Unalaq's abilities better than he does AS, while Unalaq has a good matchup for AS. not night or day) and they are near a water source, Ozai is just more powerful. When Tenzin stated that he planned to journey to all the air temples with Korra, Unalaq promptly dismissed the idea as useless, as he believed only he could provide Korra with the training she needed to become a complete Avatar. Battle taking place in … [9] Instead, Unalaq betrayed the Red Lotus and cooperated with Fire Lord Zuko to construct a top-secret prison in the western tundra of the North Pole, specially designed to use the intense cold to negate P'Li's firebending abilities. She was able to capture the Southerners and rescue her uncle. That being said, Unalaq is in a ton of danger anytime, especially while touching water. Upon reaching the frozen spirit forest in the heart of the South Pole, Unalaq instructed Korra to venture in alone and unlock the portal. As he was flung to the end of the corridor, Team Avatar rushed off to save Tonraq.[7]. Unalaq explained that opening the portal was just the first step to get the South back on the righteous path, and more work needed to be done before the two tribes were truly reunited again.[10]. ozai 13 vote(s) 72.2% unalaq 5 vote(s) 27.8% Selina Kyle.

[16] Not long after that announcement, he was approached by Wan Shi Tong, whom he had previously befriended, and informed of Jinora's presence in the spirit library. Unalaq traveled back to the Tree of Time in which Vaatu was trapped, and apologized for his failure, as he believed the Avatar to be dead and was unable to open the Northern portal without her. My biggest issue comes down to one thing, Korra's AS. Completely focused on opening the portal, Unalaq ordered his daughter to leave her brother and to keep bending, stating Desna's need for a healer to be of secondary importance. He impressed me more. Unalaq reminisced about the original traditions of the Glacier Spirits Festival while attending its modern rendition. Though the Avatar reminded him that the solstice had ended, Unalaq reasoned that opening the Southern portal had strengthened her energies, which would enable her to accomplish her task. Unalaq was the second known head of state to usurp power over their older brother, the first being Ozai. In addition to his enhanced bending, he displayed the ability to project Vaatu's tendrils from his mouth, which he used to extract Raava out of Korra. [16] Thanks to his allegiance to Vaatu, he was granted control over dark spirits, which he used as his vanguard against his enemies. [19] By luring Korra into opening the spirit portals and thereby causing Harmonic Convergence, he was also indirectly responsible for a shift in the world's energy that caused the reemergence of airbending and the rebirth of the Air Nation. The full moon gives waterbenders a pretty good sized boost. When Korra was subdued with the assistance of several guardian spirits, he began to perform his spiritbending upon his niece, encircling her with water with the intent of destroying her soul. Unavaatu has proven to be above Korra in the Avatar State, who scales above Aang in the Avatar State due to having the knowledge and power of all the past Avatars, and all Ozai could do against Aang in the Avatar State was run, and even that he couldn’t do forever. After Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tonraq, and Tenzin failed to defeat or calm the spirit, Unalaq interfered and performed a complex waterbending maneuver that instantly calmed the spirit down, basking it in golden light, and eventually caused the entity to disappear peacefully. Unalaq returned to the Spirit World, where he awaited Harmonic Convergence. Unalaq was the only major enemy to be a blood relative of the Avatar. Korra later visited Unalaq, explaining that many Southerners were opposed to the occupation and threatening civil war. Chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes[6] (formerly)Dark AvatarKorra's spiritual mentor (formerly)Waterbending master Unalaq's face replaced that of Ghazan's and he told her that the time of the Avatar was over, urging her to give up and enter the Avatar State. He emphasized the importance of spirituality to the young Avatar, and offered to teach her again. Unalaq forced Tonraq to reveal his past to Korra. When the group returned to the Southern Water Tribe, they found the Northern Water Tribe naval force docking in the ports outside the city.

Well, I won't argue, but I will note that this is a bit odd, because Unalaq is essentially a more intelligent, waterbending, spirit-obsessed version of Ozai. When Unalaq discovered that his own niece, Korra, was the reincarnated Avatar, he believed that he could use her to help him open the spirit portals and traveled to the South under the pretext of requesting Tonraq's permission to train Korra spiritually, but his brother declined his offers. Ozai is bloodthirsty and wouldn't hesitate to kill Unalaq. I think one of the last factors to consider is Ozai's lightning. Unalaq went with the owl spirit back to the library, where he confronted the young airbender. This is just my opinion. Which means Unalaq dies really fast. As they made their way toward the Everstorm and the South Pole, Unalaq explained to Korra that he intended for her to open a dormant spirit portal. If this fight was just "Ozai vs regular Unalaq", I'd agree with you.

I thought that was impressive, but not quite enough for me to put him as equivalent to Unalaq. If the two different AS are in fact different in power, I think Ozai probably has the edge.

To this end, Unalaq nearly destroyed Republic City before being defeated and killed by his niece. Unalaq threatened to destroy Jinora's soul in order to coerce Korra into opening the Northern spirit portal. After a brief struggle in which he was able to hold his own, he was eventually overpowered by his niece's airbending. Unalaq will definitely make him struggle and will probably take some wins because he's clever and patient, but I don't think it's quite enough. Unalaq opposed Tonraq's decision to accompany them on their trip to the South Pole. That night, a dark spirit attacked the area where Korra and several of her friends were sleeping. Korra allowed her father to take part in Unalaq's journey, so long as he would not interfere with her training.
Both of them are powerful, but in raw power, I give the edge to Ozai. "Rebel Spirit" To this end, he devised a plan to remove Tonraq from the succession so that Unalaq himself would be next in line to the throne.[7]. Ozai was 45, and Unalaq and Tonraqs kids are around the same age as Zuko was in ATLA. I don't think Unalaq has showcased that level of raw power as the Dark Avatar, but I don't think either will stomp the other simply due to a difference in raw power. However, before the conflict could evolve, it was defused by an arriving Bolin. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. [7] When deprived of other sources of water, Unalaq was able to effectively utilize a water skin in battle. Unalaq was the only major enemy to be a blood relative of the Avatar. Even though his attempt to destroy the Avatar and usher the world into an era of darkness was consequently thwarted, Unalaq succeeded in reuniting humans and spirits and thus changing the world forever. However, the Chief dismissed the potential threat his brother posed as being irrelevant, concerning himself mainly with the protection of the Southern spirit portal, requesting more troops to be sent that way. Unalaq ordered Desna and Eska to capture Korra, as only she could open the Northern spirit portal.


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