ukulele caged system pdf
Chord tones—the notes that make up a given chord—are an essential aspect of improvisation because they provide “target points” on which to begin and/or end your improvised lines. Wherever a CAGED shape sits, the corresponding pentatonic scale will offer you a few additional note choices that are safe and will sound good in most circumstances. ~DB Music is 80% physical/technique, 19% mental/theory, and 1% magic/luck. Copyright 2010-2020 High Country Guitar. But mainly, they are really just intended to be visual aids—they just help you visualize where the notes sit on the fretboard. Great learning accelerator! Imagine a keyboard; the notes go in one direction and there is only one way to play each pitch. Free PDF Scales Collection. More about me. Of course, it will take more time to fully assimilate the concept into your playing so that it’s available to you on the fly, as you are improvising. The “spelling” is to the right of the link and based off of the root major scale. Again, these are known as chord tones, and provide target points for your improvised lines. G/Em D/Bm There are actually 5 shapes for minor chords that can be used just as CAGED is used for major chords. Since the fretboard of an ʻukulele is a crazy matrix, it’s very useful to have scale charts available for reference as you study. This lesson explains where the CAGED system came from. It's important to realise that the CAGED system was not 'made up' by anyone, it is just the basic logic that f... Introduction to The CAGED System which breaks the guitar neck into five areas of study. This isn’t to say that you ALWAYS have to target chord tones in your lines, but it will just about always sound good if you do. The G Shape chord is not commonly played but is the final part of the puzzle and makes sense in so many ways beyond the chord shape (for scales and arpeggios! These same patterns can be used for ALL THE MAJOR CHORDS! It’s a bit hard to look at for my eyes, but the information is all there, provided you have an internet connection. And they don’t conveniently spell out a word as simple as CAGED, so it’s a little harder to remember. Pentatonic scales are just about always good for a go-to scale when you want to play a lick or melody that is right in the pocket, with no “questionable” note choices. The Dm shape probably looks familiar to you too, although you may not have actually used it before. Every major key has a relative minor key, and every minor key has a relative major key. One of the limitations of CAGED is that it doesn’t apply directly to minor keys—it takes a little bit of mental gymnastics to get there. Ab/Fm. Truthfully, the basic concept of CAGED can be learned in, literally, just a few minutes. First of all, learn the 5 anchor chords around which we will visualise the Aeolian scale shapes: F/Dm The CAGED shapes provide a quick, easy-to-understand way to visualize the chord tones for a given chord. This is a bit of an extension of the CAGED shape itself, and gives us a few more note choices, all of which are part of the chord that the CAGED shape represents. Over time, you can expand that bag of tricks. The first two measures of each staff shows the scale in it’s lowest position starting from the root and the last two measures are an octave higher. The guitar is unique amongst instruments in that it isn’t linear. :). These shapes are easy to visualize and will provide you an easy road map. A detailed and expansive guide to the notes on the fretboard, this collection contains a whole book’s worth of charts and instruction – for free. See more ideas about Guitar chords, Music guitar, Playing guitar. I often say that CAGED is like a map of the U.S. Interstate highway system. The A Shape of the CAGED System is a very common barre chord form, second only to E Shape. Baritone Ukulele CAGED Jig (NEW): This tool shows how to use the shapes of C Major, A Major, G Major, E Major, and D Major chords to play G Major chords all the way up the fretboard using the Essential Baritone Ukulele Edition's Key of G Major page.


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