ucmj article 88 vindman
On pay per view….help pay down some of that debt. And the call being kept in a different place..they have to know when someone tries to access these call transcripts?? The Military- Their SHOCKING inaction over Vindman’s testimony + admitted conduct tells us that THEY ARE IN ON THE FIX/COUP. Pelosi, your son’s corruption in Ukraine is becoming exposed & with it YOUR OWN corruption over the course of your political career. The creation of these “interagency” governance structures is inherently malignant as they consolidate power in the vanities of the unelected and their non-executive branch sponsors. @sundance the new info about the 1st call readout being diff from transcript….might this have been the reason when Vindman said he wanted to make changes to the second call be the reason?? None of the senior level military leadership should be trusted. Yanokovitch also seems to have been recruited by the CIA at a very young age. What a travail my heart is in over all of this, likely all Trump supporters also. Because- Ciaramella went to Schiff, with his leak, and Schiff thought his own identity would be protected. I liken you to the Captain of the Titanic Nancy. Foreign ‘field grade’ officers are in command positions they can use to influence those under them but are not so high in rank that they may have interests in the current regime they won’t be willing to compromise. It is not enough that God is on our side. […]  In response to questions from reporters, the White House said in a Friday statement that “the NSC’s Ukraine expert” prepared the April summary. Apparently your hanging out on numerous occasions with the CA pedophile, your confirmed kinky garb that you wore to at least 2 of his parties, it is all coming out. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. They have an economy the size of Italy. Understanding Article 88 (Contempt Toward Officials) of the UCMJ. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Question is: who isn’t pushing it and why? Since Schiff accidentally released the whstleblowers name, why is almost if not all media not repeating his name. President Trump, is Lt. Col Vindman’s superior. It sounds crazy but the committee that recommends who the President appoints into the bureaucracy has to be functioning before the election as you canot begin to vet and appoint thousands of people after the election. To this day, his messages to the people are prescient. During my 13 years in the Navy, I have seen others court martialed for far less severe offenses. If the swamp wasn’t extremely concerned, they wouldn’t be in red alert survival mode over the past 3 years! If we have a strong economy and normal relations with Russia, maybe the federal government wouldn’t need to be quite so big. Reporting possible illegality on the part of an official in the NCA isn't anything like that; military officers … But we win, see. James 5:16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. Beyond the concealment of criminal activities, the larger systemic motive for anti-Trump resistance within the beltway is the fear Trump will sweepingly act to modernize the agencies, DOS and CIA in particular, to gut the institutional bloat and cull the infiltrating sprawl of thousands of added positions rogue interests have created or caused to be created in other federal agencies as part of the official (and clandestine) agenda to permanently install governing “interagency” fiat usurpation of the federal government, protected from Executive Branch control by cohort political and syndicate interests that have infiltrated or otherwise formed within Congress. To be convicted of an Article 88 charge, the official or legislature, against whom the service member spoke, must have been in office at the time the offense occurred. (Weather casts- ok. I think PDJT’s tweet foreshadows events to come. The Joint Chiefs and military services? Similarly, expressions of opinion made in a purely private conversation should not ordinarily be charged. Maybe that’s far fetched but after seeing and hearing what I have seen so far, nothing is far fetched anymore. Instead Ciaramella subverted the formal process and transmitted his hearsay complaint, derived from material provided by Vindman, directly to principal officials who could assist in the removal of the President. Most seniors I know are well informed. On Tuesday, Nov. 19th, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is scheduled to appear in an intentionally shortened morning congressional session along with his ally Jennifer Williams, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence. Apparently this tweeter person has been scouring the released transcripts for references to Vidman, My God, Adam Schiff is so weird. (I am sure a few don’t like POTUS—–but POTUS also has some strong military giving him physical protection 24/7 Else he would have been JFK’d by now) IMO. If so, we should look at Boarding Gates for Russia or Tehran, since he most certainly was involved with Obama giving them $ 150 billion, and he’s a “convert” to Islam. They could care less if Biden and son go down…but if Crowdstrike is exposed, so are they and what they did leading up to and beyond 2016. Then the lawyer shutdown that line of questioning. This game ain’t over. Ditto with the Army and it’s Divisions, it’s tanks, it’s arty, and air arm, the USAF, Marines, and Coast Guard. “Leonid Vindman, Iran & Libya Smuggler” > George Webb YouTube Has anyone looked at Haspel? (1) That the accused was a commissioned officer of the United States armed forces; (2) That the accused used certain words against an official or legislature named in the article; (3) That by an act of the accused these words came to the knowledge of a person other than the accused; and, (4) That the words used were contemptuous, either in themselves or by virtue of the circumstances under which they were used. He campaigned on draining that swamp. three brothers, all CIA traitors. One of those rules (the explanations of Article 90 and 92, UCMJ, in the Manual for Courts-Martial) actually defines what “competent authority” and “lawfulness” mean. CIA is not using a “weapon” to take down a sitting President, they are using RUMORS AND PROPAGANDA they have refined over the course of the years…Time to BURY THEM ALONG WITH NSC and all the OTHER AGENCIES!!!!!!!! These Military Offenses Will Get You Court-Martialed. A heaping load of rotten wood, ghost employees and poisonous partisans were sent packing. With all due respect, Sundance, but isn’t it a bit presumptuous to think that you/we think we know more about what’s going on, more so than even VSGPDJT? Van Hack- How is it that DOJ recently PROMOTED this bastard? CIA Agent Eric Ciaramella never delivered his dossier briefing to the upward chain-of-command within the CIA. I think Trump ‘intimated’ to Erdogan that we are cleaning house, and he has documents and stuff that we need, and he should bring them in person, tout suite . It is standard operating procedure for the National Security Council to provide readouts of the president’s phone calls with foreign leaders,” deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley said.


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