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Mustang, 2009-02-13: 19:15:00 Great word! According to the King James version of Genesis 5:25-27, “And Methuselah lived an hundred eighty and seven years, and begat Lamech. Jabberwocky, 2009-02-13: 10:29:00 great sentence. You ask how long I’ll love you; I’ll tell you true: Until the twelfth of never and that’s a long, long time. You were not even a twinkle in your mother's eye when that photo was taken. a twinkle in your eye From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English a twinkle in your eye a twinkle in your eye HAPPY an expression in your eyes that shows you are happy or amused a kindly, white-haired old gentleman with a twinkle in his eye → twinkle Examples from the Corpus a twinkle in your eye • And Beth walked between them, a smile in her heart , and a twinkle in her eyes . twinkle eyesunknown. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see. Just when Rita thought all hope was lost, Jared got a twinkle in his eye that told her he had a plan to get them both out of that sticky situation. Having the hots for someone, in the sense that one becomes so entranced by another that their eyes might as well be twinkling. silveryaspen, 2009-02-13: 01:14:00 Sweet Valentine’s Day to all. n. A couple which has been together for a long, long, long time. At this point, space-launched weapons were still only a gleam in his eye. Perpetualove: /pehr-PET-you-luv/ Even into their advancing senior years Clarence and Bertha enjoyed each others company and maintained a robust romantic relationship which Clarence celebrated by providing Bertha with expensive, decadent chocolates and Bertha ‘encouraged’ by spiking his evening cocoa with viagra, preserving both his vitality and his ego…and they lived blissfully ever after. Hold me close, melt my heart like April snow. Throw in some of the hardiest canine crusaders in God's garden adding greyhound racing to the punting mix, and you've got every right to walk around with a. Mustang, 2009-02-13: 19:16:00 Very nice word, terrific sentiment. They might not have all the answers but what they do have is lovegevity. 2. To see more verboticisms for this definition go to: You ask how much I need you, must I explain? Etymology: love (an intense feeling of deep affection) + longevity (long life) Created by: artr. The part of a vagina which you pee from. Nosila, 2009-02-14: 23:11:00 Love lovegevity! If his wife was still giving him children when he was 782 years old, theirs was an enduring passion and love!!! twinkle in your eye phrase. ., Buy Viagra:, Ergo: Methuselovers would be a couple that has been together a long time, so long they might even be together after death, and perhaps as Johnny Mathis sang “until the twelfth of never.” Etymology: A blending of the eponym methuselah and lovers.


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