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It is pretty darn flawless. Damon loves going after young, hot girls and growing old doesn't exactly seem like something he would be very fond of. But Damon shows an uncharacteristic soft side by helping Rose find peace and happiness in her final moments. The cure is makes more rounds than a cocktail waitress during Happy Hour but winds up in Elena's hands She wants Stefan to have it because "The only person worse at being a vampire than me is you." By season 2's "Rose," it's the worst kept secret that Damon is in love with his brother's girl. Damon: Well, that is the fork in the road between me and you, my friend. In later seasons, Damon is essentially a hero but in the early days, he rarely let anyone figure out that he had a good heart, underneath layers and layers of snark. To lose the brothers to her doppelganger motivates Katherine to drive a wedge between the brothers. Of course he does. I mean, if you look up brooding in the dictionary, you will probably find his profile photo. Even though Damon was seen as the villain at the time, that didn't stop him from spouting off some good old sarcasm. The dialogue was so on point. Stefan then responds by asking Damon if he believes Julian doesn't deserve to die. As the show progressed, Damon became more likable, but in this episode, he is most definitely the bad guy. Bonnie then said what we were all thinking: "you're disgusting." Jeremy Gilbert was one of the members of the group of vampire hunters and had the tattoo on his arm, as well. Damon says the easier route is to just turn them off and that its a vampire's instinct not to feel. My life is over, Stefan. One of the reasons people were so drawn to Delena is because Damon fully accepted Elena as a vampire or a human, he accepted her both ways while Stefan didn't want Elena to be a vampire. Damon's feast of choice at the time were blood bags and Stefan told him that he was thankful that he was feeding himself with those instead of sorority girls, as Damon had done in the past. One of her best lines was in season two after Elena and the Salvatores managed to lock Katherine away inside the tomb. He got away with some awful things and we still loved him, but it's mostly because of his personality. We can't get enough of the doomed love triangles, tragic deaths, witchy loopholes, good guys doing bad things and bad guys doing good things. He's reasonably good looking, charming accent, and he would be the most amazing wingman if he just got rid of his martyr complex.Enzo: That's not how you play 20 questions. I was just asking Peter what's the worst thing he's ever done.Alaric: Well, mine was not making sure you were permanently dead. Matt Donovan, the last living boy in Mystic Falls. How else could Stefan respond after all that sacrifice, redemption and love? He also went through a difficult time when Elena was put under a sleeping spell. There is some fantastic humor and some surprisingly profound moments throughout. She was very wise and could always tell what Stefan was really feeling at any given moment. 15 "If I see anything I haven't seen before I'll throw a dollar at it." The class the three decide to attend was then being taught by Professor Shane. This quote uttered by Damon was poking fun at that. They put her in the safest place since Klaus can't get to her in the tomb, and at the end of the day, all Katherine cares about is saving her own neck. I don’t deserve you ... but my brother does. Stefan's weakness is his lust for blood: his Ripper tendencies that leave him feeling brooding and plagued with guilt after every bender. Damon: You're choosing that woman over me?Stefan: No, I'm choosing myself over everyone else. In a season 4 episode of the show, Damon, Bonnie and Elena decide to attend a class at Whitmore college about witches, formerly taught by Bonnie's grandmother. In season 4, when the gang was dealing with the group of vampire hunters called the Five, one of the hunters, Galen Vaughn, captured Damon and bound him with vervain ropes to a tree in the woods. The Twilight series made vampires popular, thus The Vampire Diaries series was created and greenlit at The CW. He's a vampire, his relationship status with his ex-girlfriend and brother are "complicated," but  Elena loves this lonely "Ripper." After spending the night together just talking on season 2's "Night of the Comet," Elena realizes both her and Stefan might not be ready for one another. Disney, The Office and Cougar Town are the loves of her life. ", RELATED: The Vampire Diaries: 5 Reasons Why Kai Is The Best Villain (& 5 It's Klaus). Ever since you took... Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. Why? Damon responded with "that's for me to know and for you to dot dot dot," adding his own flare to a common phrase. On season 1's "The Turning Point," Stefan decides the risk of loving Elena is too much, and he's not wrong. Stefan was then curious, as he asked Damon what he was up to. It is a quote that gets used in countless fanfiction stories and edits made by the passionate fandom, particularly the last line. Fans will never know what might have been between Damon and Rose since she suffers the agonizing death brought on by a werewolf bite. I intend to be your last, however long it takes.” Too bad this ship never really sets sail. It's one of those lines that stays in your head, reminding you what true love is and how  you know what you've got it. See more ideas about Vampire diaries, Damon salvatore quotes, Vampire. Stefan, I love you.". In one of the first few episodes of the series, Damon is reading a book from the ever so popular Twilight series, which is why The Vampire Diaries took off in the first place. Stefan is a little surprised by Damon's remarks and asks him when he started to think logically. The reason this line is so funny is because Stefan was the king of brooding. During one of Damon and Elena's many heart-to-hearts. We've compiled a list of our favorite quotes from Damon over the 8 seasons of the show and we hope they will make you smile and maybe even giggle. Stefan is obviously annoyed by this. I told him it was... About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. As an homage to the brothers' complex relationship over the years, "Hello, Brother" the title of the first episode of the last season. Most importantly, it's the final words spoken on the series finale: when the mortal siblings find peace and each other in the afterlife. He tried to convince Stefan to feed on her as well, but Stefan refused.


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