toyota tundra rear differential recall

I going to check out the lemon law, I have a 2011 tacoma there is a problem with my clock spring its not covered under recall. This problem need to be fixed!. Dealer took possession of the vehicle in April.

I really hate the loaner Camry I'm stuck with and am miserable driving it :-(" We have deleted the expletives. Airbag Propellant Degradation: The front passenger airbag inflator in first-gen Toyota Tundras lacks a chemical drying agent that absorbs moisture. 【NO RATTLE】This tray fits the inside shape of the center console tightly so it wont make rattle. In vehicles today, there are two different systems when it comes to locking differential. Their vehicles today are selling only because of past reputation alone. Rusted frame at front right sway bar. I am so disappointed in Toyota’s quality and response to known issues that I’m contemplating going for lemon law and moving back to GM. The consumer iis on their own. I have 2015 Tacoma with 225,000 miles. statistics and reliability analysis of the 2004 Toyota Tundra, Manual Transmission Column Shift problems, Automatic Transmission Torque Converter problems, Automatic Transmission Control Module problems. I have put up with the loud noise coming from the rear differential for some time.

I also feel that a company that I had a lot of respect for because of their reputation for quality and safety has let me down. Drove for two weeks and it still leaks or seeps on one spot. Adjustment bolts are seized. On 9/27/13 when my 2004 Tundra was being checked out for a recall for severe frame rust the ri Toyota dealer brought to my attention the rear differential was rotted through and leaking oil and said that this rust is not covered by recall. This site is supported by our participation in affiliate programs. I personally took it upon myself not to drive this vehicle because I feel it is unsafe and not road worthy due to rust. Rust on everything under the truck as well as the rear bumper. Pretty bad when you can hear the noisy rear diff over the radio at highway speeds. Rust issues started while vehicle still under 3/36 warranty. The contact stated that there was corrosion on the casing of the rear differential that caused the differential fluid to leak. 2005, TOYOTA TUNDRA The whole axle has to be replaced.

Generally speaking, the wheel that gets the most power is the one that has the least traction. Another mystery to mechanic.

Some owners are posting to social media that there is a six month wait time to get trucks back from dealers who have kept them due to safety concerns over differentials damaged by the leaks. Tailgate won¿t open/close without extreme effort because it is not aligned properly. We’re taking a look at the Tundra’s traction so that you can be sure your tires will keep you moving no matter where you are at. Discount Prices. Many Tundra owners fix this problem by installing aftermarket brake controllers. It's very disappointing. The TRD upgrades are the ones that can really improve the off-roading capability of your Tundra. Belt tensioner bracket, bracket mount and ball joints at 33,921 miles, sway bar linkages rusted through at 45,168 miles. 2003, TOYOTA TUNDRA Contacted Toyota customer care and basically told me there isn't anything they can do since the frame recall campaign ended in 2015. | IMPORTANT: Please measure your truck bed size before ordering. We accept returns; however customer will assume the return shipping cost if ordered wrong. 2000 2003, TOYOTA TUNDRA Now that you know what a locking differential is and what it does for your vehicle, we can discuss the Toyota Tundra and figure out if the set up will work for your off-roading needs. to see if the truck has the problem. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Toyota Tundra Problems and Common Complaints, Tundra Set Remote Engine Start No Start With Key Or Fob DTC B279a, Inadvertent Side Curtain Air Bag Deployment, 20in Tundra Gunner Wheels Chrome Peeling From Surface, Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter Inoperative, Driver Seat Leather Worn (1794 Western Package), Passenger Side Front Air Bag Inflator May Rupture, Rear Differential Whine Noise At 50 - 60 MPH, Flex Fuel Extended Crank Due To Alcohol Density Calculation, Secondary Air Injection System - MIL "On" DTC P2440 And/Or P2442, Seat Heater Inoperative In Extreme Cold Temperatures, Possible Improper Side-Curtain Air Bag Deployment, Driver Seat - LH Rear Bolt Cover Deformation, Passenger Side Air Bag Inflator May Rupture, Brake Pedal Force Gauge SST For Parking Brake, Rubbing Or Grinding Noise From Rear On Turns, A/T Oil Temperature Light On When Towing In Sub-Freezing Temperatures (Ab60e/F), MIL "On" DTC P0461 (Fuel Level Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance), MIL "On" P043e, P043f, P2401, P2402 & P2419 Due To Water Intrusion Into Charcoal Canister, Secondary Air Injection System - Water Intrusion: MIL "On" DTC P0418, P0419, And/Or P244#, Rear Driveshaft/Propeller Shaft Clunk/Thunk Noise, 4WD Rear Driveshaft/Propeller Shaft Clunk/Thunk Noise, Rear Differential Housing Oil Baffle Growl/Whine Noise, Remote Engine Starter (RES) ECU Parasitic Draw, Static-Laden/Distorted Bluetooth Sound Quality, Gap Between Instrument Panel And A-Pillar, Audio Bluetooth System Outgoing Call Volume Adjustment, Clunk Noise At Low Speeds When Stopping Or Turning, Air Injection Pump With Water Intrusion: MIL On DTC P0418, P0419, P2445, And/Or P2447, Front Power Seat Grinding / Groaning Noise, MIL "On" DTC B2799 "No Start" Due To Harness Water Intrusion, MIL "On" DTC P0552/P0553: Power Steering Pressure Sensor Malfunction, Front Differential Growl/Howl/Rumble Noise At 15-30 MPH, Rear Driveshaft / Propeller Shaft Clunk/Think Noise, Noise From Auxiliary Port With External Device With Navigation System, Transfer Case Not Shifting With Temperatures Below Freezing, MIL "On" DTC P2714 With Transmission Performance DTCs, Remote Engine Starter (RES) Cold Temperature Operation, Outer Rear View Mirror Interchangeability, Air Injection Control Driver - Possible DTC P0412, P0415, P0418, P0419, P2445 Or P2447, MIL On DTC P2714 With Transmission Performance DTCs, Tire Pressure Warning Light On - MIL On DTC C2115 & C2125, ABS, Brake, Or 4WD MIL Illuminated - Possible DTC U0129 And P0500, Tire Pressure Warning Light Intermittently Flashing "On" - DTC C2121, C2122, C2123, C2124, Tick Noise From Lower A-Pillar Area Over Rough Road Surfaces, 2uz-Fe Accessory Drive Belt Noise (Without A/C), MIL On DTC P0335 And/Or P1340: Intermittent Hot Soak No-Start, MIL On DTC P043e, P043f, P2401, P2402, & P2419, Transmission Extension Housing Seal Leak (2wd Only), Dismounting Tires With Direct System Pressure Sensors, No Start In Sub-Freezing Ambient Air Temperatures - Possible DTC P0300, P0171, P0174, Bedliner Tailgate Panel Warps/Distorts - Double Cab, MIL On - DTC P0705 With Unusual Combination Meter Operation, Jump Starting Vehicles With Crank Hold Feature, MIL On - DTC P0440 - Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction, Vehicle Pulling To One Side - S/M Supplement, Door Check Noise Reduction And Improved Performance, Trailer Towing Wire Harness Power Converter, Tire Inflation & Wheel Lug Torque Reference Chart, Coolant Leak - Overflow Reservoir Modification.

I have never had an axle rot out on any of my cars and because of the inability to simply repair a seal, the entire axle will need replacing? These days the diffs fail, the transmissions don't work right, the front diff vibrates, the 2.4L 2AZ-FE burns oil just outside of the warranty period, the 3.5L V6 has a nasty reputation for oil line failures and the latest version just doesn't seem to run very well and has had issues with stalling, the 5.7L V8 often has nasty piston slap and goes through water pumps/starters like they're going out of style, etc.

The differential was leaking. Rear differential has several pin holes causing fluid to leak. No Hassle Returns. Toyota does, however, know of one incident of a drive shaft slip yoke failure in a customer vehicle. Frame is corroding from rust. Toyota quality is rapidly becoming a distant memory.

You’ll also see “TRD” listed on a different number of upgrades and options from floor mats to performance shocks. One owner tweeted recently, "When is the Tacoma differential recall part coming in? Replaced rusted brake lines and calipers. Integrated Brake Controller Failure: The factory integrated brake controller (IBC) in newer Toyota Tundra models doesn't provide enough braking power for trailers.

One of the first things that people want to know about their off-roading vehicle is about the traction the vehicle gets and will it be able to tackle tricky situations on the trail? The list below shows all known recalls from Transport Canada's database. Front of rear differential is flaking apart.


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