tower gin pole plans
Gin poles consist of a single pole--made of wood or metal--that has a pulley attached to the top. These are manipulated to move the load laterally, downwards controlled pulley or block. It is fully tightened and locked on the pole. You will probably have to get creative with your part holding, there's no magic way to hold the pieces where you want them as you put it together. is the cheapest insurance you can buy. 5. Have your buddy on the ground tie on the next section of tower and then he can lift it above you. It Also, if you live out in the country you may need to use this to build a TV antenna tower. This is a tougher part to make. 2 Designated person to prepare plan 75 A-Frames and gin poles Tower Cranes 100 Safety code for tower cranes. 6 months ago It was good to have done this once, but I'd be happy if the only other time I use this gin pole is to assemble this tower on a perfect 70 degree day. Very heavy and hard to handle on the tower even though the tower is up and running. The pulley may possibly be zinc coated. Get Price. See more ideas about Pole, Gin, Trucks. ECT 16; ECT 20D4; Military Spec Units. - Torque tightening inspection of bolts, inspection of erected towers as per drawings and standards. But I'm not going into the antenna mast removal business anytime soon. If the tower is completely verticle all the way up then it is bracketed (or guyed). Homebrew Gin Pole Erection Fixture for Rohn 65G. at the top, and the ever changing stiffness of the bridle and Attach the pulley near the top of the pole. Gin poles are also used to raise loads above structures too tall to reach with a crane, as placing an antenna atop a steeple, and to lift segments of a tower atop one-another during erection. When used to create a segmented tower, the gin pole can be detached, raised, and re-attached to the just completed segment in order to lift the next. First, assemble the pole when you get on-site. buckling factors provided in Chart B-1 of the Gin Pole Standard. Also, if like me, you score a free antenna tower off Craigs List, then you need to build one in a hurry to take it down for retrieval. Next put the mast mount onto the pole. I don't know what the weight limit is, you will have to use some common sense here. large scale gin pole load testing. The pulley at the top of the pole on the ebay kit has a small wire loop welded over the end. Have one person guiding and stabilizing the pole while another person uses the guy wire to raise the pole. Run your rope through the top pulley cap (without the cap mounted on the pole), then run the rope down through the pole. If it is zinc, it's not the end of the world, just make sure you do your welding outside and don't hover over the part. Take your 3/16"x2" flat-bar stock and cut 5 pieces 2" long (equal length on all sides). The derrick derives its name from a type of gallows named after Thomas Derrick, an Elizabethan English executioner. Tower sections don't weigh much; I have carried 2 sections of Rohn 25 in each hand with no problem. A smaller diameter pipe, with the wind turbine mounted on top, is winched up through this sleeve. Glogal Engineering Documents. Gin pole kits go from $150 to $250 and on up (no pole included). Attach the "wings" so they look as shown. Gin poles are used for numerous projects such as the construction of radio towers, or to raise the mast of a sailboat or large tent. Make sure your 3/8" carriage bolts can pass through without catching. ANSI/TIA-322 & ANSI/ASSE A10. of BTTi Bringing a tower down. Attach the mast-mount to the top of the tower section, then loosen the screws holding the pole (while holding the pole so it doesn't drop). 1 year ago. actual gin pole loading conditions. safe and the project easier. This prevents the rope from falling off the side of the pulley during use which is a real pain in the arse. My gin pole doesn't have this but I will add it before I use it again. Full You need to drill screw holes now. My pole is made from electrical conduit, and is not as heavy. In You use it the in reverse to assemble a tower. For models of gin pole type structures, along with small scale and With a 15+ pound pole attempting to reach terminal velocity, the top pulley cap has no chance of stopping the pole as it hits the mast mount no matter how tight it's sinched (unless it's threaded into a hole in the pole or welded on). Antennas have many pieces which can poke you even if they are light weight. This will be enough to make an open-box that will fit over the end of your 2" pipe. A smaller diameter pipe, with the wind turbine mounted on top, is winched up through this sleeve. breaking strength) 50 ft Rope for gin pole lift line & ladder side support 110 ft (4000 lbs min. combination of both moment and compression loading, which represents Once you see rope coming out the bottom end, pull it on through and attach your top pulley cap. Gin poles are mounted on flatbed trucks as a primitive form of mobile crane, used for lifting and relocating loads, and salvage operations in lieu of a more sophisticated wrecker. Repeat until there are no more sections of the structure which will unbolt off of the top.


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