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Also, place a towel over your legs, as this protects you from accidental scratches and can make the guinea pig feel more secure.". So to keep your guinea pigs calm, it’s best to have your pets separated sometimes. It all depends on the individual guinea pig so have patience when trying to figure out what works best for them. As you know, their cage is a big deal for them and after living in it for a while they’ll know every inch of it. They can freak out pretty quickly, and thus their owners need to calm them down. Last Updated: September 2, 2020 I don't know whether my guinea pig is happy, excited, stressed or scared when he's running around inside the cage fast; all the sounds are similar to each other, so I can't tell the difference. Guinea pigs need a stable living environment. Hello, I am Saurav the founder of this blog that's all about guinea pigs. If you have to make changes in the guinea pig’s environment, take it easy and do it slowly. Helped me understand the introduction of a new piggy. Even though guinea pigs don’t like loud noises, they enjoy soothing music to calm down. Even if your other pets understand your guinea pig is a friend, your guinea pig might not understand it entirely and feel threatened all the time. You can take many measures to calm and safeguard their guinea pigs throughout thunderstorms and fireworks displays. How To Calm A Guinea Pig Down. Almost! Also, make sure that your cats or dogs don’t have access to the living space of your guinea pigs. might not be an excellent match for your guinea pigs. On the other hand, if your guinea pig seems too content to be scared, the vibration sound could also be a good thing - that she is calm or happy. Why Guinea Pigs Can’t Throw Up! Guinea Pig Back Leg Problems (Paralysis, Dragging, Weak & More), Can Guinea Pigs Have Phantom Pregnancies? My five guinea pigs are gonna watch TV! Fruits and vegetables (for vitamin C): melons, oranges, spinach, broccoli, kale, and cabbage; no lettuce. If they squirm or make any disapproval noises, however, then it's time to put them down. Try to do all of these things to the best of your ability and provide what they need, like the proper amount of food, water, and toys. How to calm down a stressed guinea pig? Bits of food that are rich in vitamin C, like melon and broccoli. When you first bring a guinea pig home, you will have to be patient as it gets used to you and its new environment. This happens because of two reasons: This leads to incredible amounts of stress for your guinea pig. M. music1530 New Born Pup. My motto with this blog is to help guinea pig owners understand their pets better so they can provide them with the life they deserve. If you’d like to contact us for any reason, feel free to reach out on our contact page. It also helps to talk slowly and gently to your guinea pig each time that you handle it. My guinea pig physically vibrated when I was petting her. When he does come for a nibble, he will try and take the whole leaf away with him so make sure you keep hold of it! Especially if there is more than one guinea pig in their cage. Guinea pigs are social creatures and will enjoy your company. Guinea pigs do zoomies around their cage when they have a sudden energy release, or burst, and it means they are happy and excited. Worry no more as we will make this simple for you and let you know what to do. Read on for another quiz question. (Causes+What To Do). Your guinea pig may also react to loud noises so then you have to try to draw their attention towards something else so the guinea pig can calm down and it won’t be that scared. Don’t pick them up or try to touch them. That means that they sometimes like to do certain activities throughout their day around the same time. This is evidently seen in their daily social activity such as interaction, relationship, communication skills, and even the way they entertain their owners. They don’t usually bite intentionally but if your finger is in the way when they are chomping down on their food it can happen accidentally. First of all, you still can’t put them in a small cage, because they suffer from it. Especially big ones, like dogs or cats. We recommend a pair of guinea pigs: It’s worth mentioning that guinea pigs that are in pairs are generally happier than single guinea pigs so we always recommend having two and this may help them feel a little calmer therefore aiding the taming process. All guinea pigs are different, which means something that stresses one guinea pig out won’t necessarily stress out the other. This is the ideal environment for your Guinea Pig. For more tips from our Veterinary co-author, including how to lure your guinea pig out of a hiding spot, read on! ", it should eat. Tepee for guinea pigs is so comfortable to guinea pigs that they start popcorning when they see the bed. You can always house a small group of guinea pigs together, considering you provide them with enough space. (Thunder, Firework & More). That's why I'm passionate about writing everything I've learned about them over the years. When you get a new guinea pig or move your guinea pig from one place to another, then they are likely to be stressed out. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Unconsciously, guinea pigs evidently understand this basic truth and philosophy of life for all the inhabitants of it, which they’re not exclusive. A close look into these three majors can be further classified into causes such as; fear of noise which is most likely the most obvious and experienced one, the guinea pig tends not to enjoy most of the sounds that utterly contradict their own, especially when it overshadows their sound pitch or range. If your guinea pig starts to make a purring sound (like a cat), this may actually mean that it feels nervous. (Signs+Causes+Treatment). If you have other pets in the house, keep the door closed to your guinea pig's room, so they don't disturb it. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years. ", am going to cover it with a sheet to settle him. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. Amid the current public health and economic crises, when the world is shifting dramatically and we are all learning and adapting to changes in daily life, people need wikiHow more than ever. Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. Guinea pigs can eat lettuce, but you should avoid the iceberg variety, as it's too watery and contains little to no nutrients at all. Some of the common symptoms to look out for are: Guinea pigs need to be calmed down when they are extremely stressed. Keep your guinea pig in a happy state of mind by taking great care whenever you handle it. For more tips from our Veterinary co-author, including how to lure your guinea pig out of a hiding spot, read on! (it will only bite you if you scare it because they are normally friendly.). Which of the following is a good snack to give your guinea pig? Of course, it’s impossible to live in a soundproof house and that’s not the objective here. It may involve muffling the sound with other soothing noises, like soft music. Guinea pigs are social animals, but that doesn’t mean they can live with any other pets. link to 7 Ways To Tell If Your Guinea Pig Is Mad. Handling a guinea pig is a great way to bond with them, but remember to do it right and for the correct amount of time. Guinea pigs are by nature very nervous pets but you can tame even a skittish and nervous guinea pig and get them to come to you using this taming guide.


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