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Thranduil: Your mother loved you, Legolas, more than anything. Probably for the best. Thorin Oakenshield: Tell me, Mr. Baggins, have you done much fighting? I'm patient! Gandalf: One of them was carrying a message. Elrond: So this is your purpose, to enter the mountain? Thorin Oakenshield: Betrayed by my own kin... Bilbo Baggins: N-no, uh. Thorin Oakenshield: Axe or sword, what's your weapon of choice? A token of our friendship. I suspect something more prosaic. I gave my word. This had been when Thorin Oakenshield had taken part in the Battle of Azanulbizar in TA 2799. You nearly got yourself killed! Take it away from me, please! If we are to be successful this will need to be handled with tact, and respect, and no small degree of charm, which is why you will leave the talking to me. Do you remember it Balin? In time all foul things come forth. Thorin Oakenshield: One of them has taken it. And every time I look at it, I'll remember. I'm patient! Character Analysis Thorin Oakenshield Thorin is the leader of the dwarves, and he takes himself very seriously. "I must feel the wind on my face soon or die.”. Thranduil: [to Gandalf] You started this... you will forgive me if I finish it! Thorin Oakenshield: I would take back my words and my deeds at the Gate. I laid low your warriors of old. He maybe my King, but he does not command my heart. The Trial of the Chicago 7. We're on! Dwalin: You were always my king. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Tell this rabble to leave or I'll water the ground with their blood. Attempted burglary, or something of that kind. Forgive me. 30+ Thorin Oakenshield Quotes From Thorin Oakenshield That Will Get You Through... 30+ Colonel Walter E. Kurtz Quotes From Apocalypse Now Movie, 100+ Napoleon Dynamite Quotes From Napoleon Dynamite Movie, 80+ Carrie White Quotes From Carrie Movie, 100+ Walter Sobchak Quotes From The Big Lebowski Movie, 25+ Sallah Quotes From Indiana Jones That Will Pump Your Inspiration Levels, 10+ Bill Lumbergh Quotes From Office Space That Will Make You Love His Works, 26 Greatest Thanos Quotes From The Marvel Cinematic Universe And Comic Books, 100+ Witcher Quotes That Are Sure To Inspire And Motivate You, 40+ Terminator Dark Fater Quotes From The Science Fiction Terminator Movie, Another Photo Released From Jurassic World Sets, Simon Reveals About His Pitch About A Superhero, Hawaii Five-0 To Bid Goodbye After 10 Years, Holland Reveals An Important Information About Back To The Future. Thorin Oakenshield: You can listen to this naysayer, but I promise you this; If we succeed, all will share in the wealth of the mountain. Thorin Oakenshield: Well done, Master Burglar! “If more people valued home, above gold, this world would be a merrier place...”, “This is a bitter adventure, if it must end so; and not a mountain of gold can amend it. And we will have our revenge! No, I may be a burglar, but I like to think I'm an honest one. And Durin's Folk do not flee from a fight. Quickly! Stand your army down. You will forgive me...if I finish it. Do we sit back while others claim what is rightfully ours? [leans closer to Bilbo, lowering his voice even more]. So go, stay here and rot. Greatest Thanos Quotes From Avengers: Infinity War That Fans Will Never... It’s Confirmed: A New Firefly Series Is Coming.


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