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This is no criticism of the actor, Amen Igbinosun, because I’m sure he’s just doing what the director told him to do, and he does it well. 1836—Republic of Texas. So far, sexism aside, this is all good fun, and while not historically accurate, we’re dealing with an invented figure here anyway, so there’s no real harm. How he’s some ruthless villain twisting his mustache and committing cruelty and fraud against his population? Texas Rising Season 1 premiered on the History Channel on May 25, 2015. And she promises him that everything is okay, he’s really still her slave but they’ll just keep it a secret. That’s why we call what we write fiction. Do you have any recommended books or sources a writer should be looking at for this time period? At long, long last, the Texas Rising series is finished. Including shooting it in wide-screen CinemaScope and hiring Oscar-nominated Roland Joffe, "armies of extras [for use] in sprawling battle scenes, and getting Kris Kristofferson, George Strait and Jose Feliciano to add their own music along with the full symphonic score. But I don’t want to end there. Have you been wondering how the series would finally wrap up that sideshow? They concluded that "it would be impossible for a well-produced and entertaining series to leave a unique mark on viewers by interpreting events exactly as history experts would want. It’s a fanciful creation that we can add to the legends about her if we want to. And thanks to your son for being a teacher, especially in community college! Thanks for your reply. So, I tend to choose to be entertained and study the real history from a more reliable source. “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend”. mercifully, it’s gone, https://www.littlebrown.co.uk/Books/detail.page?isbn=9780316053730, Follow Samuel Snoek-Brown on WordPress.com. So that “heroic sacrifice in capturing the tyrant Santa Anna and liberating Texas” is, at best, folk legend — and in this case a legend in service of advertising the hotel. Texas Rising is een Amerikaanse serie van de zender History. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! But I'd be surprised if they do a sequel miniseries. But I suppose we have to keep at least some of these invented loose ends connected to the historical figures, so, fine, now he’s dying near Victoria at the Wykoff homestead. (I’d also bet that it’s more accurate than say Joel McCrea’s THE FIRST TEXAN!). Het zou jammer zijn voor mij mogen ze meer van zulke series maken . Here are three screenshots from Google Street View along Texas side of the Louisiana border today: the flat southeast coastal woods of Orange, Texas; the flatter eastern river woods of the Sabine National Forest; and the flattest open plains of northeast Texas at Texarkana. If only History wasn’t so busy playing Cowboys and Indians. Contact / Over ons | And, truth be told, Ray Liotta does his most effective bit of acting in this scene. The series was created on the order coming from the History Channel. What’s interesting is that, when Lorca arrives, we at last get a piece of genuinely decent writing. I did mean “overwrought,” though: “regarding a piece of writing or a work of art: too elaborate or complicated in design or construction.”. He maintained that it "juggles too many indifferently written, tough-talkin' characters, as if "Lonesome Dove" had experienced a sharp blow to the head." Therefore, let’s keep on waiting with our finger crossed. This number was garnered during the release of the first and so far the latest season. With the reviews from critics and ordinary viewers being pretty favorable, it is more than probable that the series will be revived for the second installment. The series features the Texas frontier and penetrates into particulars of the fight for an independent Texas. ( Log Out /  Greif also said that "The film was vetted by experts but does take liberties for dramatic purposes". MovieMeter.nl | But literally the final shot of the series is a freeze-frame of cowboys ahorseback, rifles and pistols in the air, as they ride “heroically” off to kill Native Americans. The actual content of Lorca’s speech is pretty empty — he’s certainly right about his own inner ugliness and darkness, but I haven’t really seen anything in Wykoff that would suggest love in her suffering or some magical light in the world. My first comment when I saw the screenshot saying Victoria, TX was one of “WTF?” That’s not what that part of Texas looks like. Thanks, “screwu.” It’s a fair point. As I said, they were mostly the invented momentsx but still. The Western has universal appeal, but it could only have come into being through the cultural blend and fraught history of the United States. Terrific resource well worth exploring. I’m glad you brought up the accents! Copyright © 2015 PremiereDate.News. I’ve enjoyed our conversation. . A lot of people did not were critical of it for being historically inaccurate (personally, I felt the excellent cast overshadowed that). And that rowdy would-be bank robber who shot a girl and fled town, he discovers a woman drifter asleep in his camp, and she likes to drink hard and live hard, and they settle into the campsite to get drunk together. Some of the work one would find is haphazard and needs some further fact-checking, but much of the work is the kind of fascinating personal perspectives and locally specific details one would never find in a larger, more general text. Maar als ik het zo eens lees is Texas Rising niet zo best ontvangen in Amerika . He regretted that because of the series on "History" people might confuse Hollywood for history. His name is Nate, and he’s the one who rescued Pauline Wykoff from the Comanche attack. "[21], The Inquisitr praised the series holding that due to the many dramatic representations of the fight itself the "focus on the aftermath of the 'Battle of the Alamo' was a brave one, and probably the best decision. Texas Rising is een behoorlijk groots opgezet epos geworden. In this series, the creators reenact the events of and those that led up to the Texas Revolution. Met onder zijn hoede Texanen die bereid zijn om voor hun leven te vechten en met de Slag om de Alamo nog vers in het geheugen, neemt generaal Sam Houston de leiding in de strijd tegen een grootmacht. Liked the actors but hated the show. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. My wife is an ardent DRT member. Wilkinson is now working on a Texas Rising sequel and a slew of other projects. TEXAS RISING gave this viewer a real lift and I look forward to the COMANCHE WARS sequel. [22] The Inquisitr admitted that the series had inaccuracies "such as [what] Texans believed about slavery prior to the Civil War and whether or not Sam Houston would have had a one night stand with the Yellow Rose of Texas." A lot of that padding rests in Victoria, where the Texas Rangers decide to celebrate their victory over Mexico and where, for some reason, they subsequently spend most of the rest of this episode. [19], The New York Daily News held that the show rekindled the excitement of the "Hatfields and McCoys", once you can identify all the players in the drama. I should have used the word “only,” as in, if Texas Rising had presented itself as a Western only, and not also as a version of history, I would have enjoyed it more. I believe this was meant to lean closer to historical fiction than a documentary. 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In fictional Mexico, the fictional Santa Anna trudges up steps in defeat, telling his compatriot that he’s been beaten and now he must face an angry crowd. There are no counterpoints, no other characters to compare this with, no mention of slavery in Texas beyond that initial execution in episode 1 and this portrayal. Remember the Alamo? And this is the ONLY representation of slavery in Texas we get. There is also special focus on a company of Texas Rangers under Deaf Smith and Henry Karnes who serve as scouts for Sam Houston. Change ). When Tom Mitchell asked for a job that idiot told him “if you short me so much as a nickel I’ll hack off your hand”. and accuses the Cajun Ranger of being a horse thief. Not a Texas “indentured servant” — a flat-out slave. It lasts a total of 54 seconds (I timed it.). So, that side story where she volunteers as an indentured servant to help free the widow Wykoff? That was mostly Thomas Rusk, and fairly early in the episode he entreats Sam Houston to run for president. He explained "Historically, the battles that occurred were true. That is again, more historical fiction as it is today, putting elements together that may not.


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