tedashii and his wife
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If you were approached by a fan who is a Christian but is going through something really difficult that is challenging their faith, what would your advice be to them? That’s what I learned: That in this moment, I’m going to give everything I have and open myself up so that I could help someone in a real place, not just in a formulaic we-all-mess-up way, but in a specific no I wanted to quit my marriage, I wanted to run out on what I had with the label, I wanted to give up on everything type of transparency. Tedashii is a Houston, TX native and a Reach Records hip-hop recording artist. Popular Song Lyrics. On his latest album, Never Fold, Tedashii is transparent about his own personal struggles, grief and fears, but there is a common thread throughout the songs: hope. And he’s really honest. “I also knew it could be a societal overview of life in general when it comes to living here on earth. If you are not prepared to face that challenge, you’ll find yourself being swept under the current of everything you feel. In 2015, Tedashii appeared on the song "I Have a Dream" for Manafest's album Reborn. Why did you want to make an album around those themes? By That will never change,” he said. He recorded much of his spiritual struggle during that time and based his fourth studio album, Below Paradise, off of his experiences.[7][8]. We have hope. that was one of the motivations for me, looking at David’s life and just going, “There is a real God connection with somebody who can just sit in their own mistakes, and sit in the weight of those or sit in the pain of actual persecution and just kind of go, ‘I’m still going to go to God.’”. Tedashii talks about having a child and how that effected his life and marriage. So, I am more mindful of how I train him now.”. He hopes that the presence of his middle son in heaven will point his oldest—and one day his youngest—toward eternity. Coming to Him is relationship-building, but its yoke is what you’re going to carry forever. “I want them to be concerned about what God is concerned about. nobigdyl with his wife Chelsea. Because hardship, trials, tribulation, pain — they come and they challenge that. And I tell people that I never believed in love at first sight until I saw my oldest son for the first time. I experienced that again as each child was born. No. We recently spoke with Tedashii about the album, what it’s like being so vulnerable as an artist and what he learned from reading the writings of David. I would die for any of my children,” he said. Franklin Graham on Life Lessons from His Father, Will Graham & Cissie Graham Lynch: Teaching Children Fearless Faith, ‘I Am Set Free’: Abuse Survivor Finds Worth in Christ, Adoption Q&A with Edward and Kristy Graham, Cissie Graham Lynch Explores Work & Motherhood from a Biblical Perspective, 1 Billy Graham Parkway, Charlotte, NC 28201 On his latest album, Never Fold, Tedashii is transparent about his own personal struggles, grief and fears, but there is a common thread throughout the songs: hope. That is more satisfying than me knowing anything else. I’ve learned, in just being around other older people who are in the faith, they’re like, “Man, Godliness begets Godliness.” If you’re hiding things and living with secrets and in darkness, then that will foster a certain type of atmosphere because other people will be inclined to do the same, because no one is really diving deep. And I will fight to make sure that I’m fully known, and I do that not because I’m afraid that God might be against me at some moment, but I do it really because in that moment—when I’m fully known—then you can really help the real me. [6] In March 2013 Tedashii's one-year-old son died. He is learning that even when the why is not answered, the Who is enough. ©2020 BGEA I have to be okay with the fact that God is enough of an answer. Discography We see it with the Savior. And then God basically said, ‘I’m not giving you an answer; I’m giving you Me. [3][4] Then in December, Suzy Rock and KB joined him for the "No Boundaries Concert Series". Toll Free: 1-877-247-2426. Rapper Tedashii knows what it’s like to wrestle with grief. Tedashii performed during the Will Graham Central Mississippi Celebration in March 2014. [citation needed] He joined the "Man Up Tour" in 2011, taking a brief break in early 2012. [1] The "Don't Waste Your Life Tour" followed in 2009, after which he took a brief break. This month Tedashii’s family suffered a terrible tragedy. Lyrics. Will Graham Central Mississippi Celebration. “We love our kids so much. And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the pres. Contact Us. Yeah. Like Job, I honestly think I can say that I love Him more now.”. The first thing I would say to anybody is, your pain is real regardless of what other people call it. I want them to be able to say, ‘Daddy was with us every moment he could be.’”. In March 2013 Tedashii's one-year-old son died. Tedashii performing live at Ichthus Music Festival in June 2012. “God has now adjusted my heart to be more mindful of my children as souls—souls that have been given to my care for a season. 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