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I always take the time at Thanksgiving to look back on the previous year and express gratitude for the things I’m truly grateful for. Perhaps it will persuade them to reject the radical and hypocritical Senate Republicans at the polls. You can read it here. Between those who embrace science, innovation and a green future based on sustainable alternative energy….. and those steeped and mired in fossil fuel’s dirty and unsustainable past. research, debate and certain longstanding values. A few voices within the old party tried to speak up at times but were drowned out by trump cult sycophant’s in congress and by far right media. Between the cast of characters Trump has assembled for his administration and the temperament and apparent unfitness of the President elect himself, there’s a 50/50 chance this administration may not make it past the 2018 midterm elections intact. Unfortunately many of those are not living wage jobs. The plane never flew a single combat mission, even though they already had 187 planes built. This is harmful on many levels. He tweeted the same of other states with Democratic governors and said the Second Amendment was “under siege.” It was as though Mr. Trump saw himself as another anti-government insurgent. The 10’s of millions of children who now have healthier and more nutritious lunches. Seriously. On a 2019 trip to Ireland, Vice President Mike Pence stayed at a Trump resort located on the far side of the country from where his official meetings were being held. The president himself has voted by mail, and there is no evidence to support his claims. “Sue if you must,” Matthew Sanderson said. “Mission accomplished”! It is the flip-flop of the century, undertaken by the Republicans for one reason: Barrett’s confirmation ensures a conservative majority on the high court for the foreseeable future. In spite of staunch opposition from the Republicans in Congress, they bailed out the auto industry, which has increase production each year since 2009 and reached a new record of 17.5 million last year. President Obama led global efforts for the International Climate Agreement in Paris in December 2015. I think it’s simply about the economic philosophy of the Republican president and his cabinet and not due to random acts. That ain't no rose. The Republicans were adept at framing their obstruction, as handcuffing an out of control socialist spendthrift and as being beneficial to the economy, where in reality, it just exacerbated America’s widening income inequality. The urgency of these essays speaks for itself. In 2012, Ornstein, along with Thomas E. Mann of the Brookings Institution, called the Republican Party “ideologically extreme, scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science.” Today, Ornstein says the problem is worse. The full scope of his misconduct may take decades to come to light. During Mr. Trump’s term, we have called out his racism and his xenophobia. [Chorus] Mr. Borelli said he has no insight into “polite society” but noted that Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner “are always welcome on Staten Island.”. Take a whiff on me, that ain't no rose! on Difference in class and empathy between President’s Obama and Clinton, Joe Biden and trump, GOP lawyer: ‘My party is destroying itself on the Altar of Trump’, Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere, MLK jr, Trump just signed an executive order letting him purge thousands of federal workers for disloyalty, Barrett and the zombie tots of the apocalypse. Number two is cutting programs started during the FDR New Deal era, especially for those who simply can’t afford it (attacking Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid). At the presidential debate last month, Mr. Trump was asked to condemn white supremacists without equivocation. The only legislation of any consequence is the one single bill passed to give the super-rich, corporations and the powerful and connected even more than they need or deserve. “The Nov 3rd Election result may NEVER BE ACCURATELY DETERMINED,” he tweeted. Last year, Mr. Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to announce an investigation of his main political rival, Joe Biden, and then directed administration officials to obstruct a congressional inquiry of his actions. var opts = {


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