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Same! I would like a season 2 potentially, because if there is the red moon way to switch bodies, there must be so much more out there that can be explored or has been explored by Ukon. Worried about Zenko, Koshiro, Kaga and Ayumi search for her. Ratched Ending Explained. When the series ends there’s a sense of satisfaction as each of the main players are given a decent arc including a well written ending although as a personal gripe Kaga doesn’t quite get the send-off he deserves at the end, playing second fiddle to some of the other characters. Sometimes less is more and there’s a constant niggling feeling that the show could have benefited from a more minimalistic approach here to really squeeze as much drama out of these scenes as possible. And also Kaga didn't do it just to end up with Ayumi. Ayumi accepts and when she goes to meet up with him for a date, she get an unknown call from Zenko (the thicker girl). Anybody knows why did Kaga say that Koshiro suffered the most? I didnt realize there was something after the credits! Koshiro and Kaga reveal that they switched intentionally, and they have a plan for everyone to get their bodies back -- but they'll need Zenko's help. Both Ayumi and Zenko are determined to live thier best lives but each have totally different goals. Double Dad. Yes, Umine’s scheme to take Ayumi’s life is pretty evil. and Kaga has such a beautiful smile omg. Our Call: Stream It, because it’s an interesting story and a good insight into how we have more in common with other cultures than we think. Kaga reveals his feelings for Ayumi, and Zenko is not happy about it. He is the light hearted fun loving friend who kept me sane throughout this tales. It’s ultimately these themes and the emotional drama between the four main characters that makes Switched such an enjoyable venture and one well worth watching through to its satisfying finale. Ayumi goes to school in Umine’s body, and confronts who she assumes is Umine, occupying Ayumi’s body. Switched focuses on four main characters: Throughout the course of the season, we dive into twists and turns of the character Umine. Then in comes, Kaga. Now they’re running for their lives. 6. It takes the usual body-switching story and gives it a dark element. After her father left her at a young age, she began being abused by her mother, mocked by everyone at school, and convinced she’ll always be perceived as “ugly.” On the other hand, Ayumi has everything Umine could possibly dream of: a happy family, friends that love her, and most importantly, Koshiro. Ayumi (Kaya Kiyohara), the popular girl everyone loves in school who seems to be living the perfect life. 477, This story has been shared 457 times. She just isn't in love with him. Zenko refuses help and only wants Ayumi to watch her die. What Time Is 'The Good Doctor' on Tonight? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! So, as a thicke chick, I avoided this one. What did you think? 2,551, This story has been shared 1,548 times. Yes, Kaga stood by her, but in the end, when Ayumi said it was wrong to lie to Umine, although Kaga went along when she begged him to, Koshiro actually wound up agreeing with her on ethical grounds. Lies ( Log Out /  Despite me advocating for Koshiro here, I'm not gonna lie, I went all KAGAAAAAAAA MY BOI~ for like, 97.6259% throughout the series. Based on a true story. "There's only one red moon left. The title says it all. Explore an array of unique competitions, from the quirky to the bizarre, and meet their passionate communities in this docuseries. We just have to trust that they really love each other and they do. This whole time he works behind-the-scenes to learn how to switch Ayumi and Umine back to their original bodies. It’ll make you rethink how you treat the ones around you. Opposites attract at Christmas as cynical Dash and sunny Lily trade messages and dares in a red notebook they pass back and forth around New York City. What makes Switched such an endearing drama is the way its characters are allowed to grow and evolve in such a short space of time. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Is that the secret you're talking about? ... Photo: Netflix. As Ayumi is heading to her first official date with Koshiro during the day of the Red Moon, she receives a call from Umine, who lets her know she’s going to commit suicide right in front of Ayumi. Koshiro pretends that Ayumi-as-Umine is just being crazy, but when she tells him about his admission of his feelings to her, the recognition is seen on his face. Just watched this all in one go, really glad I accidentally clicked on it, it was a really good watch. If "House of Cards" is still the representative of Netflix originals, its ending exposes far more questions for the service than it answers for the series. Netflix greenlit the production of Switched based off the manga series Sora wo Kakeru Yodaka by Shiki Kawabata. We learned that this isn’t all the time. The how of this switch isn’t too hard to accept due to the great acting, though there were some reaches for me but so minor most won’t notice. 7 Movies Like 'After We Collided' to Watch If You Can’t Get Enough Hessa, 10 Best New Shows on Netflix: November 2020's Top Upcoming Series to Watch, 'Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham' Release Date, Will There Be a ‘Barbarians’ Season 2 on Netflix? But what if the switch was done on purpose, because someone wanted someone else’s life? I'm crazy late to this discussion about the ending of "switched," but thought I'd share that while I really really wanted her to wind up with Kaga, I noticed that Koshiro was in the end the more compassionate one who matched with her morally. But there's a red moon rising over town, and her classmate Zenko's scheme is almost complete. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Ukon then has a talk with Zenko. He made everyone happy, he noticed Ayumi first, he is the person to rely on, and there wasn't a shred of doubt in his personality and character when ever he was on screen. Most Pilot-y Line: Kaga to Ayumi-as-Umine: “No matter how you looked, I’d know. ( Log Out /  In a voice over, we hear her say “A confession by the one I love…”, The Gist: The girl is 16-year-old Ayumi (Kaya Kiyohara), a pretty, popular girl in her high school class. This essential Spooky Season watch is now on @netflix #FilmTwitter #WritingCommunity We cut to a hospital bed. And it’s also good to see at least one character, Kaga, believes that it’s Ayumi in Umine’s body, mainly because he knows Ayumi so well. A Cast Guide To Netflix's Film Version of the Tony Award-Winning Play, Meet the Gay Pioneers Who Made 'The Boys in the Band' Happen, Will There Be a 'Queen's Gambit' Season 2 on Netflix? All Rights Reserved. I think Absolute Boyfriend ended up like that, if I remember correctly... Rewatched it with my mom, and I can see now why the viewer would want Ayumi to end up with Kaga and not Koshiro. 289, This story has been shared 267 times. Sleeper Star: Tomohiro Kamiyama and Daiki Shigeoka are both members of the popular Japanese boy band Johnny’s West, and they do a nice job as the guys caught in this rivalry between Ayumi and Umine. He was just being more logical in this situation but they already were in love for a long time before the switch happened. is a good, quick binge-watch before you head out back to school. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I think it was great that she didn't end up with Kaga. I can understand how you'd want to get the most use out of your visual effects budget, but it was a LOT to take in three times definitely. I would like a season 2 potentially, because if there is the red moon way to switch bodies, there must be so much more out there that can be explored or has been explored by Ukon. 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Because although he was so much in live with her, it's not about him being rewarded. Zenko Umine (Miu Tomita) is Ayumi’s classmate and the girl behind the body snatching. Release year: 2018. It's just unfortunate that the drama didn't give us more glimpses of Koshiro's elevated morals like that, and then maybe it would have made the ending more satisfying. Some unforgettable scares, and a powerful performance from @wunmo. Character Development: 10 1,378, This story has been shared 799 times. Decisions 44m. And even though Ayumi is in Umine’s body for much of the series, Kaga is able to see right through it all based on knowing Ayumi’s personality so well and what kind of person she is. But we also notice that Umine’s life is pretty awful. Let's discuss the Japanese series Switched on Netflix! Instead of going home to her beautiful house and nuclear family, she comes home to a cluttered flat and a slap from Umine’s mother for making her leave work. Sure, she’s popular and, as her girlfriends call her, “the cutest girl in school,” but we see hints that she held no ill will towards Umine before the switch and that she was a generally nice person. Trap I can't believe that the person who loved Ayumi for who she is gets NOTHING. But Ayumi isn’t the typical vapid cheerleader character. But the good thing about Switched is that we’re not quite sure who to root for just yet. https://t.co/OHxG38YoUi, ‘Rabbit and Robot’ review: Andrew Smith (@marburyjack)’s novel takes on new meaning in today’s world https://t.co/4rajOp3Ow8 via @theyoungfolks, Copyright 2020 The Young Folks.


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