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So, you know, it hurts him. Or does it take his powers away? Barry mostly avoids mucking with the timeline following this crisis, but not entirely. Roy Harper credits Oliver with giving him purpose after a hard start in life. Eventually, Curtis quits the life, but remains available for research and intelligence. If all of the hero's Powers are of Rm(30) rank or lower, the player can convert a Fatal Weakness to an Incapacitating Weakness. This dissatisfaction eats at him, no matter how much he loves Oliver. The first step to being a superhero is to have a superhero catchphrase to yell out when you are in battle to scare your arch villans! An alien from the planet Krypton, Superman derives his powers from his presence on Earth. Merlyn trains her to become a killer using League of Assassins methods. Numerous superheroes carefully ensconce their entire bodies in armor but neglect to cover the lower halves of their faces. : The Physics Of Hollywood Movies. Ava Sharpe is recruited by Rip Hunter to work for his Time Bureau, in order to protect the timeline with a rigid set of rules. However, the return of her seemingly dead twin sister Beth as the psychotic criminal Alice repeatedly leads Batwoman to make major mistakes. Choose Speciaties -> 5. ?Today’s list was suggested by Quixotico, one of the winners of the TR Daily List Suggestion Contest! A Weakness is a cause-and-effect situation. Upon learning they're superheroes, she gets even more excited. When Courtney Whitmore discovers the cosmic staff among her stepfather's belongings, everything changes. And as our class gains more and more vocabulary, perhaps one day we’ll return to the superstudent and say: Does your father/mother/sister/brother also have this superpower? His ring’s power comes from “green, growing things” or something like that, and so he can’t use his powers against them. Rex and his wife were murdered by Solomon Grundy, though Rick was told they died in a car crash. He later struggles with anger at Oliver Queen for putting all new members under surveillance, the dissolution of his marriage because of his double life, and his distaste for ARGUS' tactics. Required fields are marked *. When she realizes that she has superpowers, she keeps them hidden so she can figure out what she is capable of in private. Normal Humans have so many we don't even think about them, aside from heeding such warnings as "Poison" or skull-and-crossbones symbols. This makes him a decent person, but not always the best superhero. This oversight would likely make secret identities that much easier to deduce and, most importantly, give foes an obvious spot to target with weapons and bare hands alike. (Also of note: Alan Scott has yellow in his costume. As a result, Rick grows up angry, alienating everyone around him. Shoot them then, and don’t wait for them to finish! While he's warming to the role of parent, he is wary of the responsibility he now shoulders. However, he's wary of his ancestry, being born into the Brainiac clan, descendants of one of Superman's most relentless enemies. So the only thing that can puncture it is a fictional, indestructible metal that is stronger than any other metal. This attitude can be nice to be around, but it also makes him hard to depend on. The Arrowverse has greatly expanded since its 2012 debut, comprising heroes of all stripes. To get the most out of our superhero generator make sure you fill in the 'adjective' and 'animal' fields. Laurel Lance of Earth-2 wasn't lucky enough to have a loving father around to raise her. Zatanna, for example, needs to be able to cast her spells out loud. Eventually, she becomes a force for good. Contact to request permission to use, duplicate, and/or distribute any content from this website. Advertisement. Just ain’t no denying it, folks. The survivor's guilt Kate feels over the fact that she stopped looking for Beth years earlier is simply more than she can bear. Her naivete has faded after these experiences, and she's become more battle-hardened and confident. Nate, Ray, and Behrad form a sort of sub-fraternity in the Legends, goofing around together and exchanging many high fives. In fact, it more or less killed him during Final Crisis. ?People love to rag on kryptonite. Instead, there is Zari Tarazi, the highly-pampered social media influencer. ?Luke Cage has skin that’s as strong as titanium. She's been on the run from her sisters Atropos and Lachesis ever since. That's especially true if the stakes are personal. The more Powerful the character, the more common the Stimulus should be. View classic catchphrases | Lil' Fingers Storybooks | Getting Older Stinks. Your Name: I Am The, , Of !!!" Make Origins Adjustments -> 4. They think the different color variations of it, like the red kryptonite that has a different effect on Superman each time he comes in contact with it, are silly. Our superhero name generator creates names and aliases for double-identity protagonists in your story. Eons ago, she was Clotho, one of the three mythological Fates. You can strengthen your muscles all you want — but your joints are going to face certain inherent constraints, says Sebastian Alvarado, a post-doctoral research fellow in biology at Stanford University who’s studied the science of superheroes. This makes him a major liability. That even includes his best friend Barry Allen, as he creates a weapon to stop him, just in case he turns evil, goes insane, or otherwise loses control of his powers. Her strong ideals are backed up by her courage and steely resolve. Moreover, PTSD often makes him hesitate in combat. She turns on him in time and becomes a member of Team Arrow, but dies later on. When Hancock throws a beached whale back into the ocean, the resulting recoil ought to send Hancock flying into orbit, says Adam Weiner, author of Don’t Try This At Home! Curtis Holt is an Olympic decathlete, a genius engineer, and an academic, possessing 14 different degrees. Barring that, the hero should try to find ways to avoid the Stimulus or circumvent the Effect. Of all the heroes in the Arrowverse, Kara Danvers is surely the nicest. Does it simply mess up his telepathy power? She's also willing to see the good in nearly everyone ... which can be a liability. You can see the Duration descriptions here. These character flaws are present in everybody. We've, Kalen, Ryan, Dan, and Tyler talk about the Playstation, Ryan, Tyler, Brooks, and Dan talk about Ubisoft, childhood, Dan, Brooks, Ryan, and Tyler talk about Tony Hawk. In many ways, Nora Darhk is the most unlikely Legend of all. Despite all of this, Ray Palmer shows her nothing but kindness, seeing only the good in her. But I’ll ponder it. It's almost as though he knows his form of leadership is no longer viable in this new world. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! So before we go any further, I’ll just say this for you: “You forgot Spider-Man’s greatest weakness: Bullets!” We know. He can't change his domineering ways ... and so he makes one final, sweeping choice that takes him out of the equation. And we’ll explore that idea. He believes himself to be the last of the Green Martians, who were wiped out in a genocide perpetrated by the White Martians. ‘Cause you certainly can’t find another sword just lying around somewhere. He receives the special lotus formula to counteract this effect, but the lingering influence of the Mirakuru continues to urge him towards violence. (Powers are the next step.). After all, being allergic to pieces of your home planet is a pretty weird vulnerability to have, especially when its radioactivity is so weak that humans are largely unaffected (Post-“Crisis” Lex Luthor excluded, of course). This starts to affect his judgment, his marriage, and even the foundations of his heroism. We'll use those to find related words, from which we'll create powerful names. Unlike Jefferson, who is something of a battery, Jen is a generator. When the Tornado Titan ran over a high friction surface, he would become a highly charged object moving at high speed. Kinda boring, but it makes sense, at least. She's a clone who had her memories wiped, which were replaced with fake ones. And, you know, instead of like, locking it up somewhere in some impenetrable chamber where no one can ever get the one sword that could completely kill him, Wolvie just kind of keeps it around, lets Cyclops look after it, whatever. Once she is cured of this, she takes a job in Oliver Queen's mayoral office and makes some ethically dubious moves. He's just too in love with his own patter to take a hard look in the mirror. No matter how many terrible songs Three Doors Down makes about it, kryptonite will be number one. He’s so fast, in fact, that one time, during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, he ran so fast that it killed him by pulling him “permanently” into the Speed Force, the energy field that gives speedsters their power (he came back, because, you know, comics). Oh, and sometimes he’s not vulnerable to it. Everybody has an Achilles' Heel, a weakness that can really mess up his day. His deciding to leave the group in order to start a new life with Nora makes a lot of sense: As much as he enjoys hanging out with his friends, he's not a lifelong soldier. ?Daredevil sees with his ears. While he betrays the team more than once, he eventually settles back in as a cornerstone of the group — albeit, one with a room full of stolen riches. Pretty straightforward. He is so overjoyed to have superpowers, in fact, that he starts to use them for the wrong reasons. Though he eventually comes to terms with his anger and jealousy, he leaves Central City — he just never manages to feel like he fits in. Grant knows the value of taking risks, and his growth is the result of unmistakable passion and an incredible work ethic. When she is scratched by a werewolf-like creature called the Kaupe, she is transformed into one herself. It takes a persistent Courtney Whitmore to convince her to become Wildcat and join her new Justice Society. It is the weakness upon which all other weaknesses are built. For example, pick any gene related to immunity, design a strategy to “break it” (Virus, Cas9 nucleases, etc.) She drifts through life until she gains her sonic scream, at which point she signs up with Zoom to help him try to conquer Earth-1. When she learns that Oliver's arch-enemy Malcolm Merlyn is her actual father, her life is upended. Rick Tyler was raised by his uncle Matt. He doesn't stay with the Legends for very long, and though the reasons why aren't related to his particular ways, he likely knows he's too fastidious to be a long-term fit with this group of misfits. He’s absolutely right. Given the number of caped superheroes running around, surprisingly few villains have followed the bank robbers’ example.


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