summa theologica articles
3 - Whether there is free-will in the angels? Article. 2 - Whether the soul understands corporeal things through its essence? 3 - Whether a man who is excommunicated or suspended can excommunicate another? Question. Article. 5 - Whether what is said of God and of creatures is univocally predicated of them? Question. 181 - OF THE ACTIVE LIFE (FOUR ARTICLES). Article. 61 - OF THE CARDINAL VIRTUES (FIVE ARTICLES). Article. 8 - Whether Christ paid tithes in Abraham's loins? Article. Article. Article. 4 - Whether to be everywhere belongs to God alone? Article. Article. 1 - OF THE FITNESS OF THE INCARNATION (SIX ARTICLES). 6 - Whether liberality is the greatest of the virtues? 5 - Whether the Son is in the Father, and conversely? 2 - Whether it is proper to the rational nature to act for an end? Baptism of Water, of Blood, and of the Spirit? Article. 114 - OF THE FRIENDLINESS WHICH IS CALLED AFFABILITY (TWO ARTICLES). 77 - OF THE TIME AND MANNER OF THE RESURRECTION (FOUR ARTICLES). 6 - Whether one and the same external action can be both good and evil? Article. 46 - OF ANGER, IN ITSELF (EIGHT ARTICLES). Article. Article. 160 - OF MODESTY (TWO ARTICLES). 6 - Whether Christians are bound to obey the secular powers? Article. 7 - Whether one ought to dispute with unbelievers in public? Article. 3 - Whether the exclusive word “alone” should be added to the essential term in God? 5 - Whether a character can be blotted out from the soul? 2 - Whether this is true: 'Man is God'? 4 - Whether the superior angel enlightens the inferior as regards all he himself knows? Article. Article. 5 - Whether every sin includes an action? Question. Article. Article. 3 - Whether constancy pertains to perseverance? Article. 165 - OF OUR FIRST PARENTS' TEMPTATION (TWO ARTICLES). Article. Article. 6 - Whether after Christ, it was proper to the Blessed Virgin to be sanctified in the womb? Article. 1 - Whether a species of prudence is regnative? Question. 2 - Whether the hair and nails will rise again in the human body? 4 - Whether there is only one heaven? Everlasting blessedness consists in the vision of God; this vision consists not in an abstraction or in a mental image supernaturally produced, but the divine substance itself is beheld, and in such manner that God himself becomes immediately the form of the beholding intellect. 6 - Whether there was any reasonable cause for the ceremonial observances? Article. Article. 10 - Whether man possessed of grace needs the help of grace in order to persevere? 3 - Whether confession opens paradise? 3 - Whether sacred doctrine is one science? Article. Article. 5 - Whether Christ opened the gate of heaven to us by His Passion? 1 - Whether men would have been born in a state of righteousness? Question. Article. Article. Article. Article. Question. 2 - Whether any preparation and disposition for grace is required on man's part? 8 - Whether man's happiness consists in the vision of the divine essence? Article. The Summa, Part 2, part 2 is divided into parts, the first made of 114 questions and the second part 189. Article. 2 - Whether there are waters above the firmament? 1 - Whether vengeance is lawful? Article. Article. Article. Article. 2 - Whether children should suffer any loss through being illegitimate? Article. Article. Question. 7 - Whether fear is the beginning of wisdom? As the Apostle says in 1 Corinthians 3: 1–2, as to infants in Christ, I gave you milk to drink, not meat, our proposed intention in this work is to convey those things that pertain to the Christian religion, in a way that is fitting to the instruction of beginners. Article. Article. 5 - Whether restitution must always be made to the person from whom a thing has been taken? 3 - Whether an angel speaks to God? 8 - Whether suffrages profit the saints in heaven? 1 - Whether the lights ought to have been produced on the fourth day? Article. Article. Article. 16 - Whether prudence can be lost through forgetfulness? Article. Article. Article. Article. Article. Question. Article. Article. Article. Article. Question. Article. Article. 8 - Whether before the public denunciation witnesses ought to be brought forward? Article. 2 - Whether it was fitting for Christ to be baptized with John's baptism? 20 - OF DESPAIR (FOUR ARTICLES). Question. Article. Question. It was never completed, and yet is considered a classic of the history of philosophy. Article. Article. 2 - Whether it belongs to the human law to repress all vices? 93 - OF THE ETERNAL LAW (SIX ARTICLES). Question. "[2] Among non-scholars, the Summa is perhaps most famous for its five arguments for the existence of God, which are known as the "five ways" (Latin: quinque viae). 3 - Whether the true and being are convertible terms? Article. Article. 2 - Whether the degrees of beatitude should be called mansions? Question. Article. Article. 4 - Whether there was any need for a Divine law? 10 - Whether the fulness of grace is proper to Christ? Article. Article. The distinction between these two is that pity may stand either for the act or for the virtue, whereas mercy stands only for the virtue.]. Article. Article. 2 - Whether there is anything voluntary in irrational animals? 4 - Whether the Father and the Son are one principle of the Holy Ghost? Article. Article. 3 - Whether a religious order can be directed to soldiering? Article. Article. 6 - Whether the image of God is in man as regards the mind only? Question. Article. Article. Article. Question. 3 - Whether those to whom Christ's birth was made known were suitably chosen? Question. 3 - Whether an angel can be the subject of penance? 4 - Whether Adam's sin was more grievous than Eve's? Article. Article. 44 - OF THE PRECEPTS OF CHARITY (EIGHT ARTICLES). 3 - Whether the will is a higher power than the intellect? Article. Article. 4 - Whether indulgences can be granted by one who is in mortal sin? concludes that, although theology does not require philosophy to 10 - Whether God knows evil things? Question. Article. 3 - Whether the whole Christ was in hell? Question. 104 - OF THE JUDICIAL PRECEPTS (FOUR ARTICLES). Article. Article. 83 - OF FREE-WILL (FOUR ARTICLES). 2 - Whether there are only three habits of the speculative intellect, viz. 1 - Whether there is anything voluntary in human acts? 6 - Whether death and other defects are natural to man? 3 - Whether compulsory consent invalidates a marriage? Article. For example, you might write: While intellect is clearly a power possessed by humans, the question is whether it's an active or passive power (Aquinas 1.79.2). 3 - Whether original sin infects the will before the other powers? 4 - Whether Christ was a perfect comprehensor in the first instant of His conception? Question. 5 - Whether a man ought to have contrition for another's sin? 11 - Whether the will of expression is to be distinguished in God? 6 - Whether religion should be preferred to the other moral virtues? 1 - Whether the Old Law enjoined fitting precepts concerning rulers? Article. Article. 92 - OF THE EFFECTS OF LAW (TWO ARTICLES). 6 - Whether a religious order that is devoted to the contemplative life is more excellent than on that is given to the active life? 5 - Whether nocturnal pollution is a mortal sin? Article. Article. 3 - Whether the Order should be divided into those that are sacred and those that are not? Article. 53 - OF THE IMPEDIMENT OF VOWS AND ORDERS (FOUR ARTICLES). 5 - Whether all are subject to the law? Article. 1 - Whether penance can be in the innocent? 107 - OF INGRATITUDE (FOUR ARTICLES). 4 - Whether an excommunication unjustly pronounced has any effect? Article. Article. 3 - Whether Christ can be called a lordly man? Article. 2 - Whether the human soul is something subsistent? Article. Article. 46 - THE PASSION OF CHRIST (TWELVE ARTICLES). Article. 4 - Whether Christ received knowledge from the angels? 3 - Whether anything false can come under faith? Article. Article. Article. Article. 4 - Whether drunkenness excuses from sin? 1 - Whether it is necessary that every being be created by God? Article. Question. 1 - Whether counsel is an inquiry? Article. 7 - Whether Christ's flesh in the patriarchs was infected by sin? 2 - Whether truth resides only in the intellect composing and dividing? 5 - OF THE ATTAINMENT OF HAPPINESS (EIGHT ARTICLES). 3 - Whether consent is directed to the end or to the means? Question. Article. Article. St. Thomas attempts to remove the difficulty of a sensuous thing producing a creative effect, by distinguishing between the causa principalis et instrumentalis. Article. 2 - Whether a tie that is an impediment to marriage is contracted through adoption? Article. Article. Question. Question. Article. 2 - Whether relation in God is the same as His essence? Article. Question. Article. 5 - Whether for the justification of the ungodly there is required a movement of the free-will towards sin? 8 - Whether one miracle is greater than another? Article. 1 - Whether satisfaction is a virtue or an act of virtue? then, at some time, nothing did exist. Article. Article. 8 - OF THE GRACE OF CHRIST, AS HE IS THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH (EIGHT ARTICLES). Article. 5 - Whether it was fitting that God should become incarnate in the beginning of the human race? 3 - Whether the New Law directed man sufficiently as regards interior actions? Article. Article. Article. Question. Article. 2 - Whether the human body was immediately produced by God? 2 - Whether to enjoy belongs to the rational creature alone, or also to irrational animals? 2 - Whether prudence belongs to the practical reason alone or also to the speculative reason? ... Aquinas, Summa Theologica 1.65.4. Article. Article. Article. "The Revival of Scholastic Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century." Article. Article. 1 - Whether the matter of lust is only venereal desires and pleasures? Article. 85 - OF PENANCE AS A VIRTUE (SIX ARTICLES). 4 - Whether providence imposes any necessity on things foreseen? Article. 3 - Whether piety is a special virtue distinct from other virtues? Article. 59 - THE WILL OF THE ANGELS (FOUR ARTICLES). Article. 6 - Whether it was fitting for the Son of God to assume human nature of the stock of Adam? Article. Question. 9 - Whether children should be baptized? Article.


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