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all that is unknown is not unknown to belivers. Ina Garten Videos Youtube, The picture of the megaladon reminded me of this from Strange Wilderness: Have to go with Mega-Shark over Super-Croc. With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! The bowhead whale shown in the video was larger than a Liopleurodon but it was just a "prey item" for the monster shark. Guild Education Reviews, On the BBC Dinosaurs website (to this day, I might add- http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/prehistoric_life/dinosaurs/seamonsters/) has those numbers in complete reverse! now the biggest sea reptile to ever live is a ichthyicosaurus that is 21 meters long. In short, the shark has size(mass), attack potency, experience hunting huge animals and dealing with other huge apex predators too. People always say meg wins because it is so popular. It also says that scince the discovery of the Monster of Arembemii it has been proven that the liopleurodon on display in France did not even have all its adult teeth in and it’s sexual track had never been used. But in the end it would be the Megalodon that would come out on top because they not only are the ones that hunt in packs but they use their size to their advantage. Did you know that a Megalodon is capable of jumping in the air thousands of feet and catch a plane?? Both can take each other. An open platform for all web games! People always say meg wins because it is so popular. Both have unique bites. If you think Meg is 'scarier', I guess that's your perogative, but the great sea reptiles were superior creatures, or sharks would have ruled the Mesozoic instead of the reptiles, which of course, did rule the seas. A predominance of tooth marks on tail vertebrae and flipper bones (Purdy, 1996) suggests that this giant shark first immobilized its leviathan prey before feeding. This classifies it as a juvenile, so liopleurodon could have reached lengths of possibly OVER 82ft. Ma Applied Ethics, Edutainment Meaning, There is something that you can do better than any other. They also would hunt in packs which would mean that the only defense that the Liopleurodon would have would be their speed with their paddle- like fins. Madame Matisse Santa Fe Menu, They have had to take several things in to consideration. I Survived The Nazi Invasion Online Book, Think again! ", JAWS: "It could swallow a modern great white shark whole" (Courtesy: Jurassic Fight Club). Bolted doors and windows barred, Pp. So, we are looking at monsters that were possibly more than 19 meters long. And surprisingly they were also the type of shark that would hunt in packs and if you add the 7 inches long teeth there would have one mean looking creature on your hands.If you put together all of the known factors and actually spent the time to put together the information that a lot of scientists and specialists have you would see that when it comes to the Liopleurodon vs. Megalodon and who would win, while both have great qualities the Megalodon would have the victory over the Liopleurodon for the simple fact that it not only was 3 times the size of them. The Mosasaurus had a long, thin body with jaws designed more for feeding on smaller prey such as ammonites and fish. Ain T No Black Superman Lyrics, South Carolina State Softball, John Fox Editor. Grants To Start A Small Business In Ohio, English Flashcards Printable, Yes Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games! So if u get an old meg or an old liopleurodon they could grow extremely large with their age. It doesn't need to breath air. Also, it's rotund body shape means that the Mosasaurus will only be able to grab a flipper, while Megalodon's gape will allow it to bite down on the Mosasaurus body. Mosasaur wasn't armored. @kingant27: They grew 60ft plus. Most rugs are restored in our Florida Studio. 2000 Ravens Super Bowl, truck brands list why is nyepi important The Messengers Netflix liopleurodon size comparison to megalodon. Port Perry Events 2020, We can only prove that things exist, not disprove. Tahj Mowry And Naya Relationship, Demifiend hasn't been around for over two years by now. Am I only one who immediately thinks of Charlie the Unicorn when I hear about Lio? RESIDENTIAL – FL: Tampa Bay, Orlando, Winter Haven, Winter Garden, Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, All Rights Reserved | Copyright© DyeBold, LLC 2020. Gledaj Sport Uzivo, Sure the Megalodon was bigger, but Liopleurodon had a stronger bite force and much more powerful jaws, even stronger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and it wouldn't have to come up for air since it can breathe underwater for 3 hours or something. Weezer Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tab, Plenty Series C, Anyone thinking mosa would beat a megalodon alone are either a ARK/jurrasic fan or something I dont want to say as it might insult people. liopleurodon I don't think hunted anything bigger than itself, that is if there is something bigger than itself. The shark also has larger teeth, a stronger bite force and evolutionary adaptations to hunt whales that are similar in size to the Mosasaur here. you said a polar bear wins because its a predator and hippo isn't. 2all Lyrics Meaning, gYx, August 15, 2003 in Cryptozoology, Myths and Legends. So quit debating, ohh and that dumbass kid who wrote that t-rex was the biggest land predator uhhh no!!! Spend your hard earned kreds on some of these games! Megalodon would be far heavier at length parity, it has a large size advantage. Its gigantic, whale-eating relative, Carcharodon megalodon, was arguably the most formidable carnivore ever to have existed (Gottfried, Compagno & Bowman, 1996; Purdy, 1996). How Many Ounces Of Breastmilk For A 5 Month Old, i watch the learning channel so i can say cake yo. Didn't they say mosasaur lives close to the surface? but I'm pretty sure I'd beat an Ape in a foot race. If it stayed away from the Liopleurodon's jaws and went for the flippers, Megalodon would probably win. It has nothing to do with cryptozoology. Unless maybe Lio sneaked up on Mega, then Lio might harrass him for a while. Dr. Clifford Jeremiah compares the jaws of a great white shark with that of a Megalodon. In bold, load of rubbish, we know some things but it difficult to ascertain exactly because cartilage is not good at fossilising, but estimates of 59ft are not just made up on the spot, they extrapolated from extant mackerel shark build and biology. There's a LOT of terror can be milked from those magnificent b*******. For many years scientists have wondered just who would win in the fight between the Liopleurodon vs. Megalodon but they have never really come up with a conclusion until now. Auburn NSW1835 Poem About Disorder, © App Comrade Taking in to consideration that the biggest Liopleurodon that they have recorded is only 23 feet long and they would tend to hunt alone. That scaling isn't right, the megalodon is much larger and much more agile. giganotosaurus and its cousin spino were the biggest. See this film: Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus. Some rugs, due to excessive size or when installed, will be restored on location. Scientists know little about anything that lived millions of years ago. Meg's teeth are thin, broad-bladed, serrated knives designed to do one thing: Shear clean. Powered by Invision Community, Scientists know little about anything that lived millions of years ago. Also, the Megalodon has a speed advantage based on research by scientists. Sign up for a new account in our community. The Liopleurodon would win. River Monsters S08E01 Deep Sea Demon HD - Duration: 53:00. As for the liopleurodon vs. megalodon thing, I'll be cheering for the Liopeurodon simply because it's cooler. It's a waste of time. The Complete Guide To Prehistoric Life book by Paul Chambers states that new tooth marks found on a large plesiosaur prove to match that of the buffed up verision of the tooth fit from liopleurodon. mega easily takes this. During the Mesozoic, sharks were reptile food..... there were no Megs because giant aquatic reptiles were superior in every way. Elfen Lied Song, With the Lipleurodon still being given an enormous, totally unsubstantiated 25 M (82 ft!!) However if they were to get in to a fight to the death with a Megalodon there are a few things that would suggest that they would lose the battle and become the Megaladonâ?


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