sony x800h vs samsung q60
This means, their color gamut is wide enough to show HDR images colorfully the way they should in HDR. But even so, overall, their SDR pea brightness is equally good. As we have mentioned above, Samsung RU8000 and Sony X800G use different panel technology. Advanced Sony TVs will come with Google Assistant integration, PS5 pre-orders: all the latest stock information and updates ahead of launch, Stop saying the Xbox Series X controller hasn't changed. And this certainly is not suitable when used for watching big games with wide seating arrangement. If you often watch movies in a dark room or HDR performance is your main consideration, the Q60T certainly is better. Special for the X800H, it also has analog audio out (Mini Jack 3.5 mm) and IR In (IR Blaster) while the Q60T doesn’t have this port. Special for the Q60T, its peak brightness in 2% window (2% of screen is white while the rest is black) is darker than the rest, which is around 250 nits. Except in 4K with 10 Bit HDR, their input lags are around 10 ms, which is excellent. The VA panel on the Samsung has a much better contrast ratio and black uniformity, so it performs a lot better in dark rooms, where blacks look black. This certainly makes the picture displayed on its screen looks less natural. With around 500 nits, HDR images displayed on their screen actually is fairly bright. Sony, however, isn't far behind – and the Japanese manufacturer is still a force to contend with. There is different types of panels like OLED, LCD or Micro LED and different sub-types of LCD like VA or IPS. But unfortunately, they both don’t have any local dimming technology that can improve their performance in a dark room. Meanwhile, with HDR contents, the peak brightness of the Samsung Q60T is relatively same. And just like with SDR content, their peak brightness is relatively consistent at any window sizes. But even so, once it is set in a bright room where the impact of native contrast ratio is not too sensitive, the picture displayed on the screen of the X800H will look much better. On the other hand, the use of IPS panel makes the X800H low native contrast ratio, but on the other hand, it has good side viewing angle. On the screen of the Q^0T, black level will degrade started at around 15 degrees off center and front and is worse as the angle is increase. Their interface is equally smooth and easy to use. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Samsung the Terrace vs Q90T (QN55LST7T vs QN55Q90T, QN65LST7T vs QN65Q90T, QN75LST7T vs QN75Q90T), Samsung Q90T vs Q80T Review (QN55Q90T vs QN55Q80T, QN65Q90T vs QN65Q80T, QN75Q90T vs QN75Q80T, QN85Q90T vs QN85Q80T), Samsung Q70T vs Q70R Review (QN55Q70T vs QN55Q70R, QN65Q70T vs QN65Q70R, QN75Q70T vs QN75Q70R, QN82Q70T vs QN82Q70R, QN85Q70T vs QN85Q70R), Samsung Q60T vs Q60R Review (QN43Q60T vs QN43Q60R, QN50Q60T vs QN49Q60R, QN55Q60T vs QN55Q60R, QN65Q60T vs QN65Q60R, QN75Q60T vs QN75Q60R), LG SM9000 vs Samsung Q70R Review (55SM9000 vs QN55Q70R, 65SM9000 vs QN65Q70R), 75SM9070 vs QN75Q70R), LG OLED B9 vs Samsung Q80R Review (OLED55B9 vs QN55Q80R, OLED65B9 vs QN65Q80R), Sony X800H vs Samsung Q60T Review – (XBR43X800H vs QN43Q60T, XBR49X800H vs QN50Q60T, XBR55X800H vs QN55Q60T, XBR65X800H vs QN65Q60T, XBR75X800H vs QN75Q60T, and XBR85X800H vs QN85Q60T), LG OLED BX vs OLED B9 Review (OLED55BX vs OLED55B9, OLED65BX vs OLED65B9), Sony A8H vs LG OLED CX Review (XBR55A8H vs OLED55CX, XBR65A8H vs OLED65CX), LG CX vs C9 OLED Review (OLED55CX vs OLED55C9, OLED65CX vs OLED65C9, OLED77CX vs OLED77C9), Sony X950H vs Sony X950G Review (XBR55X950H vs XBR55X950G, XBR65X950H vs XBR65X950G, XBR75X950H vs XBR75X950G, XBR85X950H vs XBR85X950G), Vizio P Series Quantum X vs Sony X950G Review (PX65-G1 vs XBR65X950G, PX75-G1 vs XBR75X950G), Sony X800G vs LG SM8600 Review (XBR49X800G vs 49SM8600, XBR55X800G vs 55SM8600, XBR65X800G vs 65SM8600, XBR75X800G vs 65SM8670), Hisense H8F vs TCL 6 Series (R617) (55H8F vs 55R617, 65H8F vs 65R617), 43 Inches (XBR43X800H), 49 Inches (XBR49X800H), 55 Inches (XBR55X800H), 65 Inches (XBR65X800H), 75 Inches (XBR75X800H), 85 Inches (XBR85X800H), 43 Inches (QN43Q60T), 50 inches (QN50Q60T), 55 inches (QN55Q60T), 58 Inches (QN58Q60T), 65 inches (QN65Q60T), 75 Inches (QN75Q60T), 85 inches (QN85Q60T), Object-based HDR Remaster, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer, TriLuminos Display, Live Color Technology, 4K X Reality Pro, Object-based HDR Remaster, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer.


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