soca 2019 playlist
Joined by Erphaan Alves and Sekon Sta, she delivers a declaration of patriotism to Trinidad and Tobago and love for our Carnival. To those who aren’t too familiar with French, there are some English words in there – don’t worry. V’ghn tells us about his encounter with a beautiful woman at a party and how much he wanted it to become an encounter at his house. Get pumped for the season and shed those extra Christmas pounds with our list (in no particular order) of 7 Soca 2019 hits of varying paces to add to your playlist, as well as some honourable mentions. Too sweet. Nailah teamed up with the Laventille Rhythm Section to produce this culturally rich track. He expresses his dislike of those who spread rumours, speak ill of others, and above all – those who mind your business. The chorus is actually taken from a song called ‘Cory Iron’ by Lord Shorty, her late grandfather and the godfather of soca music. We really tried hard not to have more than two Machel 2019 hits on this list, but he’s the indisputable King of Soca. 8tracks radio. Fun fact: This song was co-written by V’ghn. This hit comes straight out of the Spice Isle of Grenada. It’s a song people say gets better after each listen, and to be honest it’s kinda true. (*wink*) After all, it is on the ‘Morning After’ riddim. Cyah believe that is you! DJ Riddim. It’s sure to put you in a partying and/or drinking mood. Production, Pitch So to the non-locals, when she says “iron man”, she isn’t referring to Marvel. So fellas, you think you can handle her? Packs, DJ The 22-year-old placed third with this song at the 2019 International Soca Monarch competition. Thanks for this one Mr. Killa. Dizzanne is a Creative Director at Paradox Studios and LIFEINTRINIDADANDTOBAGO Marketing Limited. Can you relate, though? Software. Top ‘Groovy’ Must-Haves on Your Soca 2019 Playlist. Hardware, Music Recall that French Creole is widely spoken in St. Lucia. Popcaan and Preme’s New EP, ‘Link Up’ | REVIEW, CJ Fly Channels His Roots on New Song, ‘Bamboo Tree’, Serani Shares ‘Conspiracy Theory’ in New Single, with Bounty Killer and Agent Sasco. Independent ladies, this is a new anthem you should get familiar with. Machel and Bunji brought in Skinny Fabulous from St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a show of true Caribbean unity, proving his statement that Soca is “the music of the Caribbean.”, We want to know though Machel; what’s with the Iwer diss tune if we’re all one famalay…lay lay lay lay lay? In ‘The Road’, he teams up with international R&B super star, Ashanti for a sweet Soca love song. INFP. This one is not just a feel-good, hug-up-everybody song. Get pumped for the season and shed those extra Christmas pounds with our list (in no particular order) of 7 Soca 2019 hits of varying paces to add to your playlist, as well as some honourable mentions. Required fields are marked *. “Ah could feel it in meh veins and capilliaries.”. Sign up for the latest news, events, and unique stories. The track is very catchy and speaks of the power of soca music and how much it can make you lose control, or rather, how much it can control you. The Queen of Bacchanal does it again with this one. Trinidad and Tobago sends love to Grenada. The song placed 2nd in T&T’s 2019 Road March Competition. The San Juan youth is here to uplift and motivate once again. New Playlist 0. It is a lovely fusion of soca and zouk that’s sure to get you dancing. Serato Playlists. Popcaan and Preme dropped their latest collaboration in the wake of new single 'Comfortable', to share five more tracks... How did we get here? Aquarius. The instructions are pretty simple and effective. DJ, Expansion 71 Songs. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. ;) Instagram -, Serato Soca 2019 Mix. Is that you? He reminds listeners to be thankful for what they have and reassures us that everything will work out in the end. He placed 2nd in the 2019 International Soca Monarch competition with this track. In fact, the cover art is honey and he even describes it as love. In this track, Voice tells negative and envious people, “When yuh see meh, doh see meh.” He proclaims 2019 as being his year and expresses gratitude for having life and good health. Mandella Linkz wants “Jab Jab” written on his tombstone when he dies. Online, everywhere. We see strength, we see power. It describes some of the traits of a traditional Carnival character known as the Jab Jab. 2019 has been a great year for groovy soca, so we at CARIB VOXX have decided to compile our top groovy chunes of the season thus far. Doi doi! I’ve witnessed emotional reactions to this song. She has a chronic case of wanderlust and a mind that is a constant playlist of all types of music, from Bossa Nova to Broadway showtunes. Tell them we reach. Your email address will not be published. It highlights the beating of iron, a crucial part of steel bands and rhythm sections in Trinidad & Tobago. store, Legacy This one is not just a feel-good, hug-up-everybody song. Nailah is really shaping into the Soca princess! Playing Jab is more than just wearing the costume, it’s about fully portraying the character and its personality, and to some – it may even be considered a lifestyle. One of her greatest aspirations is to see Coldplay perform live. Overall, it’s a very catchy chune! Therefore, many Trinbagonians acknowledge Destra as the true Soca Queen. ’n Time, Record So if you’re looking for something to chip/sway to, or those songs for the perfect slow wine, we’ve got you covered. He is hooked… kinda like V’ghn in ‘Trouble In The Morning’. In this energetic track, Swappi describes and almost transfers ALL the vibes from the party he’s attending to the listeners. by Narissa Fraser. Which ones have you been gymming to? All rights reserved. Many persons have expressed the belief that this tune will take the International Soca Monarch 2019 and that you’ve deserved this since Rolly Polly. Team #Naiarmy! Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. . If the entire song is too much to learn, just be sure to at least know the most popular line, “…But yuh pack all meh clothes in a garbage bag!” Farmer Nappy tells us how his significant other kicked him out of the house and wants to end the relationship, but he refuses to give up without a fight.


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