smallest freshwater eel
You also can’t keep an electric eel with other tankmates. Since these eels don't swim a lot, it's commonly thought that they only need small tanks. When it comes to conditions, the temperature needs to be between 73 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, with a pH level between 6.5 and 8, and a water hardness level between 5 and 15 dGH.

Caecilians shed their skin, so don’t freak out when it happens. Moreover, these are skittish animals and require a lot of safe hiding spaces. Since that’s a 9 inch blue lobster, it’s probably big enough to not be threatened by the eel. That being said, most expert fishkeepers choose to keep this eel alone so that it doesn’t attack other fish. We would not recommend keeping any freshwater Eels in an aquarium less than 30 gallons. The spiny eel is known for being active swimmers, exploring the tank, and even hanging out with other tank mates. Dangling the food right in front of the moray eel's eyes will make the food extremely easy to spot and quite tempting to eat. The half banded spiny eels enjoys burrowing itself in the substrate, so a fine sand substrate is needed. Unlike the rest of the eels in this order, however, freshwater eels are those that first spawned in the ocean before moving to freshwater. Do not worry if you see something that looks like a snake skin floating around because the rubber eel sheds its skin regularly. This aids in predation as well as helping keep themselves moist outside of water increasing efficiency of cutaneous respiration. Within an aquarium, Eels can be found mostly inhabiting the lower regions of the tank. At some point, most eels will need to relocate. All Rights Reserved. They should not be housed in tanks any smaller than 125 gallons. Therefore, the hypothesis stating that A. ignota is the ancestor to all freshwater eels is strongly supported. There are some smaller and more peaceful ones which are pretty simple to care for, but many of them get very big, require lots of space, are aggressive and hard to keep with companions, and care can be quite expensive too. These fish are not for the faint of heart as they can produce at least 500 volts of electricity. Because of this, your freshwater moray eel's tank will need a lid that contains no holes. They have relatively well developed eyes and pectoral fins compared to saltwater eels that they use to navigate and maneuver through river bottoms and shallow water. It is also known that they will burrow down into mud so having the capability to exchange gas outside of water is highly beneficial to this family. They have large, pointed heads and their dorsal fins are usually continuous with their caudal and anal fins, to form a fringe lining the posterior end of their bodies. You … There are also marine Eels which for some months breed in freshwater rivers. These fish are found all throughout the world in different habitats, both tropical and temperate climates. Welcome to Fishkeeping World. [6] However, upon further inspection, the fossil only displayed one synapomorphy of snake eels, and possessed morphological features more congruent with an ancestral anguilliform. The electric eel is a super difficult fish to raise – unless you’re a specialist, that is. Lobster: Differences In Taste, Appearance, & Habitat, The Devil Fish (Mobula mobular): A Big, Endangered Ray. Making constant changes to a moray eel's tank is a good way to stress them out and keep them from eating for several days up to several weeks. While moray eels are very hardy creatures that can survive a month or more without food, they're often kept in quarantine and in a store for multiple weeks without proper feeding. Eels will pick on smaller and weaker fish, and many eels will even eat smaller fish too, so anything small and peaceful is completely out of the question to keep with a freshwater eel. You also need to maintain pristine water conditions. Although they have the potential to grow quite large, most zig zag eels remain smaller in captivity – usually remaining around two feet or so. One thing to note about the Asian swamp eel is that it does not play nice with other fish at all. While most of the people believe eels to be highly aggressive creatures, many aquascapers appreciate them for their intelligence and long term memory. Gymnothorax tile eel ()When it comes to freshwater aquarium eels, one of the most common types to own is the Gymnothorax tile.. [17] These planktonic (free floating) eggs and translucent, leaf-like larvae are dispersed via ocean currents and migrate sometimes thousands of miles. One experiment talked about the driving force that is seen in Anguillidae. The temperature of this water should stay between 73 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why they should only be kept with species which are too large for them to swallow. Many species have variegated skin which means they will vary in color depending on their environment so that they can maintain the highest grade of camouflage. There are several other species of moray eels that can be found in brackish and fresh water, often being referred to as freshwater moray eels. When all is said and done, each individual Kuhli loach requires around 20 gallons of space. They are found in shallow tropical waters throughout the world. Eels are carnivores for the most part and while they may eat plant matter on occasion, they usually eat fish, small crustaceans, and insects. They can come from different parts of the world and different climates meaning there are tropical, subtropical and even temperate species. But have you given freshwater aquarium eels a try? It is believed that the family Anguillidae has higher concentrations of slime than other families. However. You need to make sure the fish has plenty of space to stretch out, and you also need to keep the water quality in check. Unlike other species that are mistakenly labeled as freshwater species, eels cannot ever learn to adapt. Freshwater Eels are found throughout the world in tropical, subtropical and temperate climates. If you happen to find your moray eel on the floor, scoop them up with a net as soon as possible and place them back into their tank.


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