sig sao trigger
The trigger on the Legion SAO is… well… it’s somewhat of a sticking point with a handful of eagle-eyed SIG enthusiasts. When compared to my other SAO Sigs (All X5’s and P220’s) this didn’t feel normal so I started inspecting things part by part. Nor can it be fitted to any other SIG non-Legion SAO pistol, as apparently it’s mated to a customized SAO action sold only in the Legion line. The rearward momentum of the slide created by the gasses from the fired round has enough force to (among other things) push the hammer and sear back to their cocked positions. It cannot be fitted to the Legion DA/SA (or any other DA/SA pistol). As far as I can tell, it’s a custom flat trigger made exclusively for the SIG P226 Legion SAO. I have nothing bad to say about people who do. CZ Magwells. Hopefully this article has given you the information you need to help with your decision, but which Legion you should get is a question only you can answer. All Rights Reserved. The sear then re-engages the hammer to hold it in its cocked position and the trigger “resets” forward ready for the next shot. Progression of SIG Sauer Hammer Strut and Mainspring Assemblies, SIG Sauer Classic P-Series (P226, P220, P229) Internal Animations, SIG Sauer Sight Heights and Sight Numbers, the safety will only engage when the firearm is cocked. But hopefully this “abbreviated” version of how a DA/SA action works will give you a brief overview of the basics of what happens. SAO or DA/SA?” And the answer is (or at least should be) always the same: it depends. Read on to find out. Sig X5 X6 X-Five X-Six Pistols & Parts. My P938 safety lever does not move. All rights reserved. Whether or not they choose to sell the SAO SRT Kit separately as they do their DA/SA SRT Kit remains to be seen, by I imagine that if they did, it would be very well received (hint, hint!). Because the SAO version doesn’t have a decocker it must be manually decocked by pulling back the hammer with the thumb, squeezing the trigger, and slowly lowering the hammer to the uncocked position. But that also takes a lot of practice, as those new to DA/SA actions tend to put their first shot low and to the left unless they train past that. The pistol is now ready for a “single action shot.” Because the action is already cocked, only 4.4 pounds of force is required to move the sear enough to drop the hammer on the firing pin and fire the round. You would think someone from Sig would be monitoring these forums and would have some response. SIG P210. “Which SIG Legion should I get? But don’t trust anyone else to tell you which is “best,” because “best” actually should mean “best for you” and should depend on your personal preferences and how you plan to use it. Mine has the same issue. If you want a flat trigger on a SIG, you’ll need to buy an SAO pistol. Si vis pacem parabellum, and stay safe out there! Note: I am a certified Sig Armorer so I’m not voiding warranty with these next steps. Like the requirement to disengage the safety on the SAO, the longer and more resistant DA pull is an additional safeguard against bad decisions and possible negligent discharges. I see this question asked all the time on social media like the SIG Sauer Legion Facebook Group and SIG Sauer Facebook group. Mine was born on February 28 as well, love this gun!! Just because the DA/SA Legion doesn’t have an external safety doesn’t necessarily make it “less safe” than the SAO Legion. Questions about whether you can put the Legion SAO’s flat trigger on other SIGs come up all the time, so I’m going to say it again. For those just now coming across this model, how has it stood up over the years? Sig didn’t break the 226 and fix it but improved it by going back to their roots and giving their loyal customers something they asked for. And the addition of striker-fired actions (like the Glock or SIG P320) to the conversation hasn’t done anything but fan the flames. Someone suggested the grip screws may be too long. The DA/SA comes with SIG’s traditional (and extremely popular) standard SRT KIT. Sig also makes the SAO P238 in.380 and P938 in 9mm. But in single-action mode, after firing or manual cocking, pressing down on the decocker lever safely uncocks the action by moving the trigger bar (and therefore the trigger) back to its fully forward position and lowering the hammer without impacting the firing pin. The action must be cocked manually before its initial round can be fired. When the SIG P226 Legion SAO was first announced, this was the photo of the Legion SAO trigger on SIG’s website: SIG Sauer P226 SAO marketing photo from SIG’s website, circa 2016. This safety can be difficult to deactivate when ambushed. So for those who wish to defensively carry an SAO firearm, training so that flicking off the thumb safety is a natural continuation of the draw stroke and presentation of the firearm is vital. I don't know if any of this means anything or not, but it does not seem right to me. The 10 pounds of force and additional trigger travel required to discharge a DA/SA firearm from Condition 2 are an essential part of its safety features. I had my GS just put my name in the queue for the next one he has available.


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