senghenydd mining disaster 1913 list of dead
It was a catastrophe that could have been avoided had the pit’s wealthy owners taken precautions already ordered by Act of Parliament. East Mafeking. Thomas Jenkins who supported his old mother with his brother The only other possible means of ignition were safety lamps or matches. He said that when he got into the Main West Level and worked along to the east, “It looked exactly like a furnace.” He was then told by the manager to go to the East side with a party of men whilst he and some others remained on the West side. 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The whole time we have been working unceasingly to abate the fire. each set consisted of a trembler bell which was protected by a cast iron cover but was not gas tight and a battery of six to nine dry cells of the “Dania” pattern delivered about 1.5 volts per cell and two bare wires which were described as No.8 galvanised steel wires supported on insulators which in turn were secured to the side timbers. William Sullivan who left a wife and four children, Thomas Hearne who left a wife and three children These heavy falls exposed seams of coal and beds of hard rock, and an outburst of gas may have come away at one of them. “The older children would say that if you look up to the mine at night you would see the dead miners coming down to haunt you. The overman informed him that he had withdrawn all the men from the East side workings. Having given this account of the work below, Colonel Pearson hurried off the make another descent. Thirty-eight bodies were found in the mine during the past twenty-four hours, and the total dead passed through the mortuary up to last night is forty-nine. A fund to relive the suffering of the victims dependants was set up and captured the imagination of the public. I staggered along the ground, but once I got fresh air I was in the pink.". There was a trained Rescue brigade at the colliery but there was no breathing apparatus kept at the colliery. William Jones who supported his old mother The bells and batteries were in the engine houses. Jones who left a wife and two children Henry Davies who left a wife and three children A. Williams who supported his old mother One of the rescue brigade named named Stiles was overcome by fumes this afternoon and nearly perished.". John T. Lewis who left a pregnant wife and five children. Davies and P.T. D.T. Richard Hunt who left a wife and five children, one of whom died 8th. John White who left a wife and two children. ", Evan Moore, the eldest son, said: "I fell down and was unconscious for some time, and then I got up again. He and others knocked down the planking and extinguished the fire. They went on to the crab engine and the timber there was on fire and every collar that I cold see ahead was blazing. At the inquiry, the Commissioner, Mr. Redmayne, had serious doubts about this. The explosion was the worst in the history of British mining. The inaction of mine manager Edward Shaw created the perfect conditions for an inferno. Evans concluded in the report no hat disaster by pointing out the importance: That provisions should be made for the preventing the accumulation of coal dust and for the regular and efficient watering of the roads, roofs and sides in the main haulage and travelling ways in mines which are dry and dusty. Mafeking. The seams that were worked at the colliery were the Four Feet, the Universal and the Nine Feet. Not a single house was unaffected. UNIVERSAL. 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As far as I could see there was no earthly reason why they should not have been got out much earlier. It was not until stoppings were constructed to control the fire, problems with gas had been overcome and the ventilation restored that the exploration of the workings was undertaken. returns in good condition. the secondary haulage was performed by horses but in a few cases mechanical haulage was fed right up to the face in the Pretoria and Ladysmith Districts. Joyce Slade, 75, is the daughter of the young girl holding a baby on a hill above the mine entrance in our main picture. he had 44 stalls to examine and claimed that he could do this in the time. Mr. Redmayne wrote: Undoubtedly electrical signalling wire was being used in a part of the mine in which there was likely to be inflammable gas in quantity sufficient to be indicative of danger. 20 men saved. I was coughing continually on account of the dense smoke. Mr. Leonard Llewellyn, one of the time officials replied that the ventilation was bad. John L. Benyon who left a wife and two children ", "THE EIGHTEEN MEN COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED EARLIER". He then visited half a dozen streets in Senghenydd where the relatives of victims resided and personally conveyed his condolances. Frank William Waddon who left a wife and child. William Ross who left a wife and two children.


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