seagull 1963 real vs fake
But I am trying find a decent Nato or Zulu strap to replace the standard strap, could W&W advise where I could find a 17mm (as it seems 18mm is too big for this watch?) How do I buy from him instead of another site like watchunique? The Chinese versions are very, very different from the ones for export and are actually less like the original watches than the export model, because they reflect modern Chinese tastes. Everything shimmers and shines in a unique way; there are flecks of gold, blue, silver and red in every angle. Besides, if I need to know what day it is, I’d look at my cell phone or the menu bar of my computer. (304 was unsigned; mine is signed with the Sea-Gull logo. The movement in your watch probably comes from ETA, Ronda, Miyota or Seiko (yes, making big generalizations, but wait for the point). It is the sort of movement that is hypnotic to look at: reminding you of the brilliant intricacies that go into every mechanical watch. Moving in, there are large golden hour markers, comprised of a mix of numerals and triangular markers. Picture. Many assumed the parts were made back in TianJin Sea-Gull, but there was never any proof. Between the weight from the mechanical movement and generally bulbous shape of the acrylic crystal and case-back, the watch has a definite arm presence, one that is increased by a NATO strap. Is both the 38mm and 42mm ones 'fakes'? Crown can be unsigned, signed with a star, signed with the Sea-Gull logo, singed with the PLAAF logo. (304 said 19 zuan and was 19 jewel; mine says 19 zuan even though the movement actually has 21 jewels.). These are essentially project watches, fun watches, not to be taken terribly seriously IMO. Before diving headfirst into the world of watches, he spent his days as a product and graphic designer. Discussion. EDIT: I "dealed" twice. Thanks for the answers. Mighty pleased with it and it sure gets a lot of attention. The watch measures a mid-small 38mm with an 18mm lug width, but is approaching 14.5mm tall. I rotated from my Omega Speedmaster 3570.50 today to my 1963 Chinese Airforce CCBack. I’m not confident that this clasp will last long, even though it, like everything watch-related from China, has some over-the-top perlage etched into the grooves (you can just make it out in an earlier photo). 179 months. The movement itself is an elaborate lattice of golden gears, jewels, blued screws and “Seagull striped” bridges. The Chinese gov't wanted a watch for the People's Liberation Army Air Force that was fully Chinese. I just started to seriously consider getting one of these. The watch arrived a week later from halfway around the world. If you had a good experience I will probably go through Long Island as well. 0.4sec @ ƒ14, iso 100, 62mm. Also if you look at the pictures on the 42mm version you can see that they just repurposed the hands from the smaller version and the minute hand doesn't even reach the chapter ring. I must add, tonight, I could not find one for sale on the usual second hand outlets, or, with a quick search, none to be seen anywhere for sale. There was also a lot of speculation when it was on their website; Tsinlien Sea-Gull is only an office in HK. I should mention the dial is not entirely original. This image is nothing to write home about as I only take unboxing photos to document how to return something to its original packaging.The nice thing about a tripod photo is that long exposure times don’t matter (as long as the watch isn’t running). However, besides the overall look, there is the coolness of owning a pretty-much-nonexistant-today column-wheel chronograph as explained in this video: In a world with smartphones and digital watches, a mechanical chronograph is more for the cachet and styling than any practical use. 175, here is a slow motion video I shot of display back with the chronograph engaged (shot on an iPhone 6): Here are some variations of the Seagull 1963 you can find out in the wild: Watch freaks love to talk about how the watch “wears on the wrist.” I never really understood it because even though I have a small wrist, I sometimes wear a 49mm watch! The mishmash of colors works very well on the dial, and the applied gold markers and polished steel case do add a touch of class. I guess they ran out of commemorative tins. 1/15 sec @ f/2.2, iso 640, 4.15mm (35mm). It is easy to remove the back and adjust the timing of them if it gets bad. Bahram, don’t ask this guy. Where did you guys source the green NATO strap? To see that this is just a decorated version of the Venus cal. It has a slightly antique feeling to it that suits the 60’s vintage well. Currently, through the 1963 website, the available model is a 21 jewel, sapphire crystal model that will run $389 or more with the multitude of strap options. They can be quite reliable, if you're lucky and get a well-assembled version. And as Z. D. Smith, the owner of this 1963, demonstrated in his Pairs Well With, the watch’s styling compliments contemporary fashions very well. [Seagull 1963] Apparently all 42mm versions are fakes. At 9 there is the seconds sub-dial and at 3 is a 30-minute counter for the chronograph. (mine came in a plain wooden box). It is sewn from higher gauge nylon than typical and has stainless steel hardware with a substantial buckle, unlike my chrome-plated brass piece-of-shit olive strap I stupidly bought from J Crew eight years ago. (I suspect it was the popularity of those orders that caused Sea-Gull to re-issue it and call it commemorative.).


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