sbts faculty layoffs 2020
This too, is forbidden by the Law/Word of God. However, it should be noted that while I understand a loyal son being upset, Dr. Fuller himself has not commented yet. If he were ridding the seminary of conservatives, why not choose Bruce Ware or Tom Schreiner or Shawn Wright or Andrew Walker or Jon Pennington? & SBTS Does Reparations? It is true that Fuller wrote the book that I and many other Hebrew students have used. Nothing I’m saying is proof of anything, nor are the theories presented in this article. Christians should not lean into sensational click-bait hype, Christians should be very slow to condemn their brothers and sisters, Christians should be wait until all sides are considererd, Christians should speak slowly until concrete evidence (or any evidence at all) is provided, Christians should attempt to be aware of their biases and should seek to check themselves, Christians should show discernment when sharing publications that feed on controversy and strife; even when those publications post something true, Christians should show charity and give the benefit of a doubt when it comes to the personal motivations of theological opponents. To besmirch them in this way is to reveal ignorance and/or dishonesty. Albrrt Mohler is now owned by Satan, and the SBC Is chained to hell. It could turn out to be a devious plot, but we should be much slower in coming to that conclusion than those spending all of their energy eager to cause further strife and division. image/svg+xml. But then again, to write something as sensational as this, requires all credible, or half-credible sources to be left out and for overt conspiracy theories or what have you to be inserted with the use of colorful language. However, we only have his feelings regarding this. What had occurred to me is that there is another narrative that seems more likely to me. A fourth may be laid off soon, but his employment status is not yet definite. SBTS has the stats backing up which classes students take with certain professors. - Titus 3:10-11, executive meeting of the SBTS Board of Trustees, a short, level-headed, and charitable note. The Gospel shows us another way with all of these issues. This too, is forbidden by the Law/Word of God. ", We know that one of the professors (who is supposed to be a victim of persecution) is taking a strong stance against the fundamentalist uproar, We know that the staff cuts were made along with major budget cuts and restructuring. Trained in Truth. He did not. ... October 31, 2020. Anyone not in middle school would know the difference between analysis and “reporting.” Citation to the original reporting included. According to Enemies Within the Church, “Critic of ‘New Calvinism,’ Jim Orrick, along with Cabal, and Magnuson have all stood against the advance New Liberalism at the school. Before day’s end other bloggers repeated the falsehoods, but none consulted me regarding any of their content. Nice try shutting down discussion of a public matter–and the employment status of SBC entity employees is a matter of public interest for everyone in the SBC. God's Law/Word forbids this kind of political partiality. The rest of the piece got worse, presenting many Southern Baptists I love and respect as if they were heretics. As for Wittmam, he only has one rating on the website since he is a new teacher and while it is a 5, I have heard some complaints around the school about him being kind of stern/harsh. Mohler still employs people who actively promote CRT/I. SBTS and Boyce Faculty, Staff and Students can download Office 365 for free using their SBTS email address. According to Tim Dukeman, “Something you might not know because you didn’t go to SBTS: Fuller WROTE the textbook that most of the Hebrew profs use. A train wreck and dumpster fire…. YouTube Video UC3S-Zc7cwIFv0eNGs4ZaRyQ_43q_4OGsVxE. Follow and Support Me Here. Mohler is purging conservatives. It’s sad that you are promoting something for the fame of your own name rather than for the truth- at least that’s all I can infer from reading some of your articles. If SBC Elites have nothing to hide, then why require NDAs? The staff cuts at SBTS happened the day after this meeting. Responding to a question from Baptist Press, Mohler declined to provide details on the number and nature of faculty and staff layoffs, saying the “implementation is still underway” in some cases, and that he wanted to respect private personnel situations. It is so common that a guy running for SBC President this year called for ending these secretive documents. SBTS’ 2019-20 budget ($53.2 million) will be trimmed by $16 million, to $37.2 million, for 2020-21. I do not want to leave out that the son of one of the men laid off has publicly stated on social media that he believes that the firing of his father was unjust. I affirm my SBTS colleagues and the others I know to be exceedingly fine Christians in purity of life and doctrine. Fuller is a signer of the Dallas Statement, and according to one SBTS graduate, the guy who wrote the book everyone uses when teaching Hebrew. Some Christian marketed tabloids are claiming that Albert Mohler personally fired "the only remaining" conservative professors. As someone who attends one of the SBC seminaries and who before coming to Christ was a flaming liberal, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. Without choosing sides on the major point of the article, a question is asked that deserves and answer: “Aren’t Christians called to abstain from even an appearance of evil?” The answer is, “No.” “Appearance” derives from the KJV translation of the Greek word εἶδος Paul uses in I Thessalonians 5:22. Read. Something about a camel and a gnat comes to mind, and I think both have a bit more than a gnat to fit through that needle (Matthew 23:24). However, I want to offer a word of correction to those chomping at the bit for a scandal. While NDAs are fine for secular business, it doesn’t look appropriate for the Southern Baptist Convention. He is a Hebrew elite! It isn’t very Christian to hide in the dark. Responding to a question from Baptist Press, Mohler declined to provide details on the number and nature of faculty and staff layoffs, saying the “implementation is still underway” in some cases, and that he wanted to respect private personnel situations. This includes approvingly sharing Facebook posts that spread lies, deceptions, misinformation, and tarnishes the good reputation of our brothers and sisters. As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him, knowing that such a person is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned. It’s really good. The idea that those remaining are heterodox shocked and angered me. I have also been laid off before, and though I can speculate on why I was chosen instead of someone else, professionalism and Christian charity would forbid me from speaking my speculations and feelings in such a way that warms the reputation of another person or institution. Further, considering this, I doubt your assertion that it is “required” is accurate: These layoffs come on the heels of Monday's (4/20/2020) executive meeting of the SBTS Board of Trustees. However, our opinions are one thing, but a Ph.D. and former ERLC scholar who says they are advancing those types of ideas is very much different. I hope it’s clear I’m not trolling, or liberal, or being defensive. In this meeting, significant structural and budget changes were made that included an unprecedented "budget reduction of 30 percent, which includes a 15 percent tuition decrease -- but also cuts in staff and other unspecified structural changes." They are not difficult to find. The other Hebrew professors have higher ratings because of the quality of their instruction in the classroom. But yesterday persons unknown to me described online my layoff as a purge of the last theologically conservative faculty at Southern. To besmirch them in this way is to reveal ignorance and/or dishonesty. He's way more qualified than everyone they kept, other than Gentry.This is absolutely a political move. I am just concerned for the unity of Christ’s bride. Some students, however opted to take different professors, making his classes smaller. May God guide us all in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. All those others you mentioned weren’t willing to do that and yet still keeps paying Matthew “I have feelings of White Supremacy” Hall and Jarvis Williams. Now, highlighting Mohler’s Woke bona fides, SBTS fired the lone faculty member who signed the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel. I am truly sorry for those who read this and are swayed by your ignorance and apparent lack of knowledge…and wisdom. If you think SBTS only has four conservative professors, I have some beautiful oceanfront property in Oklahoma to sell you. These layoffs come on the heels of Monday's (4/20/2020) executive meeting of the SBTS Board of Trustees. Mohler fires the lone faculty member on record as standing against the evils of Identity Politics by signing the Dallas Statement. What this means is that if you are showing prejudice with how you are reading into current events, interpreting news releases, or generally assuming ill intent, you are prejudicing truth. Branton you use the same phrase all radical anti-God anti-White fools seem to think is so clever,”dumpster fire”.Dumpster fire is such a stupid descriptive.As far as this site,its great.They give information on things your Satanic side prefer remain hidden.If you want middle school writing try Rep Hank Johnson or Rep Sheila Jackson Lee who I’m sure you adore. This article is sensational at best and shows a remarkable amount of ignorance. The SBC is preparing to merge with the new Bill Gates forced vaccination Mark of the Beast world government. It’s sad that some of your readers will take you with higher authority than they do the Scriptures. Things have not always been very clear. My own quick take is that some criticisms of Mohler/SBTS are legitimate, but to then act as if these men are heretics or enemies of the Gospel is to go from a man offering a faithful correction to a shrieking man of division and discord. That doesn’t mean he is an elite teacher for the common MDiv student. The other professors were described as bulwarks of conservativism. This is a sure-fired way to take the SBC straight to hell’s corridors where the devil can walk into the teachings of God’s once beloved Baptist believers … anytime he wants. Regardless of your view or the side you take in this SBC kerfuffle, we should understand a few things about the Ninth Commandment. Have fun trying to defend the dumpster fire that is the SBC. SBTS dropped their budget from $53.2M to $37.2M. This group of conservative professors stood against the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention. As for the motive in letting go of certain professors, I must admit, I hadn’t considered that anyone (Mohler) could be using this as an opportunity to dismiss those who have politically differing views. One of Southern Seminary’s distinguishing features is its faculty, whose contributions place Southern at the forefront of evangelical scholarship. ), you would know better (my own assumption) . These "discernment" publications make a living off of click-bait titles and see themselves as the true remnant of "real" Christianity. Did Mohler and Company "purge the seminary of the last remaining conservatives"? SBTS’ 2019-20 budget ($53.2 million) will be trimmed by $16 million, to $37.2 million, for 2020-21. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. These are good respectable men, but not viewed as the best teachers.


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