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A review of psychological journals reveals that people leaving a fundamentalist faith, not just the Jehovah’s Witnesses, report a sense of isolation and depression because leaving the faith often costs them all of their friendships, familial relationships and associations (Friedson, 2014). [Strobe Models]. I said no.’”, Rizzo later clarified, “She didn’t specify who asked for sex. More pictures of Sarah Kellen (probably) on the link below. She said they asked for sex.”. Is it wrong? In August 2020, NOS4A2 series was canceled after two seasons. Was she a 1099 (independent contractor, responsible for paying her own taxes) or a W-2 (employee, where employer contributes to FICA and employee contributes to FICA)? In the United States, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have tax exempt status as a charity organization. I’ve listened to multiple podcast from former members clearly discussing their experiences and the belief system. Their website,, lists very plainly their beliefs, addressing controversial issues such as Salvation and their own Bible. John Carney. It is not illegal. Jehovah’s Witnesses main goal is to please Jehovah (God) through submission and service. A seemingly disinterested Jeffrey Epstein chats on the phone, as a young blonde woman, thought to be be his assistant Sarah Kellen, massages his shoulders, smiling at the camera. Jeffrey Epstein's Been … Does abuse take place in the JW church? Sarah was brought up as a Jahovah’s Witness, married at 17, lived in Hawaii, divorced and pursued modelling. A summary of Sarah Kellen’s life to date. As a group is the JW sexist? She then moved her hand to show off the gap. The have active worship centers in 240 countries. We have both been wrongfully accused of things in our personal and professional life before, so this always resonated for us.”. The allegations against Sarah are grave, shocking and extremely serious. In the newly updated section of Vickers’ website, he has added FACT, The Sunny Centre and APJ to the list of organisations he supports. Sarah (front left) in a family portrait source – Facebook. In other words, her one client was Epstein. She should be charged with child sex trafficking and probably many financial crimes. The term “cult” is considered a pejorative term for offshoot or unique religious practices and would not likely stand up in court. She chose to live against the values of her faith and took up modeling. If one was to claim that they suffered brainwashing and mind control from a conservative religious group, then the actions they were programmed for would be fundamentalist versions of morality, sexuality and gender roles. Ayoola A. Ajayi acknowledged he planned the death of 23-year-old Mackenzie Lueck, whom he met on a dating app and arranged to meet in a park in June 2019, Jacqueline Fischer wrote she hoped President Donald Trump would die after his positive coronavirus test and has now resigned. That her family shunned her when she began nude modelling? If one is a “victim” of a cult for being raised in a fundamentalist household, then would people raised in any of the above mentioned religious or cultural sects also be “victims” of a cult? Friedson, M. (2014). Here’s the probable cause document as a reminder: There have been other serious allegations against Kellen. This is not to diminish the claims of sexual abuse in the religion. This again is a choice as part of that religion. The legal system website states that the U.S. First Amendment rights protect religious exercise, no matter how odd or non-mainstream they may be. Psychotherapy and the Fundamentalist Client: The Aims and Challenges of Treating Jehovah’s Witnesses. She’s been known to sport different hair colours in her attempts to reinvent herself. Did some people cover it up? His online presence was updated recently and the charities he supports have an overall justice theme. “And at that point, she said she was threatened,” Rizzo testified. It’s well over the legal limit for a gift. Agent Hades on Twitter found these shots from her model portfolio. We found some new information recently concerning the alleged Jeffrey Epstein coconspirator via her husband’s website. It’s time that Sarah Kellen Vickers climbed down off her penthouse high horse and was arrested by law enforcement. From what I’ve seen it seems as if women do not play a leadership role in the group or in their own households. I have encountered several JW missionaries and I would not call them overly happy (think dancing girl in the Woodstock film from the  ‘60s). You see this sometimes inside the justice system but the justice system also has other systemic problems.”. According to the International Cultic Studies Association, the three main characteristics of a cult are undue influence, fraud and misrepresentation. Daniel Prude was from Chicago, Illinois. How would one claim they were a victim of a cult? If was the prosecutor, I would challenge the establishment of the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a cult. Obviously, the Jehovah’s Witnesses tick a few of these boxes, but not all of them. Ghislaine Maxwell Arrest & Court Documents. Neil Jones, 38, has gone public with his new girlfriend Luisa Eusse as he shared a romantic snap of them together for the first time. I would also go through her taxes with fine toothed comb to make sure those payments were reported and how were they reported? We don’t know whether to have the opinion that Vickers is a poor deluded soul or absolutely full of shit. Yes they do. The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince & the Pervert Podcast, climbed down off her penthouse high horse. I make cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake cups and more. These include: a single charismatic leader, the demand for significant amounts of money, overly happy people, vague information until you get to a meeting, declarations of being the “only true religion”, hiding the teachings from the public, restrictions on who you can associate with, door-to-door solicitation, no questioning or debate about teachings or practices and demanding submission to the group. Scheduling teenage victims, laying out sex toys and preparing a massage room does not seem like something one would be brainwashed to do having grown up in the Jehovah’s Witness faith. How does any of this have to do with an alleged cult? Shunning is not limited to the Jehovah’s Witnesses and would not be unique.


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