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But there's no escaping the hand of industry: About 122 wells sit on and adjacent to their ranch. Despite forecasts showing little chance for recovery anytime soon, the BLM will "continue to lease as industry submits notifications of interest for certain oil and gas parcels," Jillian Aragon, spokeswoman for the BLM in Farmington, explained. Just before the deadline, BLM listened, and pushed the comment deadline to late September, a 120-day extension. “Gas looks pretty bright,” Ozkan said. Atencio, who works with the environmental group Diné Care and is an adviser for Daniel Tso, a Navajo Nation council member, said the Bureau of Land Management is often unclear about the health and environmental risks of drilling. Gas from the Marcellus Shale in the Northeast, for instance, is more economical to produce and easier to transport to the East Coast for export, said Alexandre Ramos-Peon, a shale analyst at Rystad Energy. There are currently 687 natural gas wells and 197 oil wells shut in there, according to the state’s energy department. “That’s the most dramatic thing that’s happened to us on the ranch.”. New Mexico regulators said Tuesday they plan to reevaluate recently granted approvals that would allow Houston-based Hilcorp Energy Co. to increase San Juan Basin oil and gas development.

A few winters ago, Sam Sage started getting strange phone calls. Obviously, the Permian Basin part of the state, where the oil and gas industry is in full boom, is the oil and gas area where most of those jobs have been created.

The National Guard loaded potable water into tankers the morning of May 2 in Tierra Amarilla to provide Chama residents with safe drinking water. As more residents learn about the risks from fracking – from the air pollution to the disturbances to wildlife and Native artefacts – opposition to expanding drilling has grown, Atencio said, and the oil and gas checks aren’t as important as they once seemed. The oil field traffic sounded like a “circus coming through your driveway,” Don Schreiber said, with all the horns and the rattling. Burning off the excess from natural gas wells, or flaring, is the primary cause of this pollution. In fact, she added, it has a congressional mandate to do so. They could also reduce the risk that companies might just walk away, leaving their abandoned wells to fester, which would help people like Schreiber. McHugh Sr. worked on these wells as a wellsite geologist and authored this  Oil & Gas Journal March 7, 1955 article. Turner said researchers don’t fully understand fracking’s potential for archaeological wreckage. Operators in the San Juan Basin, which is primarily a natural gas field, packed up and left.

Overall, there are currently more than 20,000 oil and gas wells in the San Juan Basin. The basin cover 7,500 square miles and resides in northwestern New Mexico , southwestern Colorado , and parts of Utah and Arizona . “The absence of that sound is truly remarkable.”. New Mexico Hilcorp has more than 5,000 active wells and 54% of its assets centered in the San Juan, where the Blanco-Mesaverde is its primary development. The spectre of drilling’s dangers became real in 2016 when oil tanks owned by WPX Energy exploded near Nageezi, New Mexico, causing a huge fire that burned for days.

The changes reverberate across the entire economy, leaving local governments with millions in budget shortfalls. Local communities and environmentalists resisted the new development—especially when the federal government began approving leases for exploratory wells near archaeological and sacred sites, such as Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Led by $1.00-plus increases in the Northeast, thanks to a fast-moving cold front, NGI’s November Bidweek National Avg. If it means we will have other complementary industries come up that can help other areas of the state, then that is good.”. Those like Sage, who have spent their life on the lands where fracking has become widespread, point at everyday health and security risks that come with having drilling operations nearby. “That shifted in 2018 and ’19.” From high points in their land they can look straight out to Colorado, to the shimmering La Plata Mountains.

Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. That ship has sailed,” he said. Right now, there are over 30,000 wells in the San Juan Basin, but only about 20,000 remain active. McHugh Sr. worked for Keener Oil in Tulsa as his first job out of college.

But people in the oil and gas industries had high hopes. “In February? However, “Diversification doesn’t mean that we have to take a backseat to any industry,” McEntyre said. But New Mexico has another longstanding oil and gas-producing region up in its northwestern corner: The San Juan Basin. Be Proactive. “(Skilled and specialized workers) are here, they’re trained, they’re experienced,” he said.

Here, well pads are visible from an airplane. Eisenfeld was less optimistic. Since the rise of the oil and gas industry in the early 2000s in the San Juan Basin, where the Schreibers’ Devil’s Spring Ranch is located, they had not seen a wild turkey within a … PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK.

"It's all the same assets," Schreiber said of the wells and pipelines that get bought and sold. “We have been dominated by oil and gas here at every level in our state for 90 years,” Schreiber said. “Most people would agree the state is heavily dependent on oil and natural gas, and it will tend to be that way for the foreseeable future. “It would be a revenue revival of gas receipts and royalty to the state,” said Fine, who was a research associate at MIT and a project leader in new energy policy for the state of New Mexico from 2013-16. “And unfortunately, we can’t turn that off as fast as the crash happened.”. In 2016, ConocoPhillips sold its stake in the region, which consisted of about 10,000 wells, contributing nearly 75 percent of Colorado’s entire natural gas production, for $3 billion to Hilcorp San Juan LP.Two years later, Williams Partners LP sold its stake in the San Juan Basin, which spans La Plata County and northern New Mexico, to Harvest Midstream for $1.123 billion.And perhaps the biggest shift came in August 2018 when B… Help keep local journalism fighting for you.

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