salt and sanctuary cleric build
IncantorI've been trying to make an Incantor build using Incantations. Builds for Salt and Sanctuary are player-created combinations of equipment and stats to adapt to specific playstyles. Now, you're probably looking at the skill tree and saying something along the lines of "But why is it okay to hike through the Mage tree from the central point when it's so bad to do the same thing with the Cleric tree?" Weapon buffs adds attack to weapons based on their base damage, not their total Attack. At the Village of Smiles, after securing the sanctuary, go to the area where you get the Pumpkin Helm, and kill the four Saltless there. You'll want to be able to wield 5lvl swords.In parallel, even sooner than lvl5 swords you'll want decent endurance and carry weight, go for light armor.During this process, never use a shield. Good Prayers for Low Wisdom Characters (and High Wisdom Characters, Too)The prayer you start with, Mending, is a nice solid replacement for a health flask and you can cast it three times right off the bat without crippling your stamina, thanks to the Crystalmoat Ring that Clerics start with. Make sure to reach cleric class 4 before the castle of storms and reach reaper class 3 before the dome of the forgotten. A notable heavy armor available in The Watching Woods is the Leather set (Heavy Armor 1), which is pretty light for a heavy armor and has the best balance/weight ratio in the game, which helps you avoid flinching and having your attacks interrupted when something hits you. Enjoy wrecking the game ! Ultimately, though, I guess it depends on the type of player you are. If you are going to create blend of european and japanese style, then this is what you will like. This build is primarily a cosplay/for fun build. enjoyed the run alot, NG+ is quite hard now tho... i am lv 56 stiil cant kill tree of men even wit lv 51 team mate IT IS DUBM. rings: anything goes, but the bloodluster's ring really fits. You can have a Wisdom of 10 and get a ton of mileage out of these things. It is otherwise mediocre on other defenses except for Slash which is still less than 100% defense. Designed for the "Naked" and "No Blocking" challenge runs. Spend your gold on upgrade materials and Blessed Pages. The Third Lamb might give you some problems as well, cause it is hard to dodge through and usually shoots a lot of blue lasers.Do not charge in that fight while being full of souls.After you defeat Carsejaw the Cruel craft the Scharfrichter with the greatsword. Salt and Sanctuary is a game that you learn, not one that you understand going in. This build is easy for NG and NG+ and beyond as well. The last 1000 souls you'll use to remove your sin. ". Better wisdom scaling damage than Purifier. Light of Devara dependant for exclusive prayers. The betrayers religion has the curse pots that stack and truely shine with more hits. Then I went magic to cheese. Divine Blessed Weapon is a 4th tier prayer, so it's pretty far into the Cleric tree, requiring a total of 15 levels worth of investment before you can cast the spell once you find it in Haegar's Cavern (or buy it from a cleric if you're a follower of Devona, which I recommend as a starting faith to get orange potions and early access to purchase more advanced prayers if you level up your devotion after placing a Leader in a Devona sanctuary). MADE BY: CBZMA very simple build. Cosplay of Ken Kaneki from the anime "Tokyo ghoul". Cleric is a Class in Salt and Sanctuary.. Cleric Information. I assure you that on the second playthrough you'll be better than anyone who did use one, cause you'll know exactly how and when to dodge. You'll need 4000 salt so make sure you have that when you get there. Cleric is the only Class that begins the game with the Light Armor Skill and is the only Class that can use Prayers from the start. And when you hit, you'll hit hard.By the second playthrough you'll be basically untouchable and will deliver consistent and solid damage.this is not a glass cannon build, cause you'll actually have to learn how to avoid damage.I assure you that once you get the gist, it feels awesome.First off, drop as many points as you can in STR in the Sword Skills. Get potions on your way up and use grey perles to remove unwanted stats). Joke Builds Okay? It means that you are halfway to wielding it. use stamina boosting rings charms. Do I need to register to this wiki in order to use their template for my build? Once you reach Castle of Fire and Sky, join the order and get to level 7 with the order to get DragonFire, now use Dark Coil to Stun lock and DragonFire to obliterate the game. The armor in this game is situational, so switch it up however you need. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Devara's ligth with a few orange vials and ligth scrolls (i got 3 and 3 and it worked fine). It can also be acquired incredibly early. For prayers, Any healing prayer, Cleanse, Revive, Blessed Weapon (any form), Ray Of Searing, and Guardian Blade. Compare this to a Knight or Paladin, which get ~25-33% damage reduction from physical attacks at the cost of fat-rolling, and the Cleric has them beat hands down on staying power.


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